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Stardew valley How To Use Bait

You ask well we’re going to be examining the difference between bait and wild bait. Because for a long time I've been told that wild bait is that much better than regular bait. And it's definitely worth it to gain access to it and make it but today we're gonna
Stardew valley How To Use Bait
finds out for sure. And the facts will be everything I'm going to be doing this at fishing level for to start and that’s a pretty easy number. Most of you they're fishing along the way and we're going to buy the fiber glass rod. Because that's also accessible to everyone and that's the middle rod and it's the first rod. That you can use lures and bait on and it’s all about the bait if you're going to be doing lots of fishing. Definitely get the upgraded rod always use bait no matter what kind of bait. It does it so the regular bamboo pole that you get for free 500 gold. If you happen to lose it because you're stupid you have to buy another one upgrade to the fiberglass rod for 1800 gold.

As soon as you can and my mistake you cannot use lures on it only bait. But that's okay bait is the main thing simple bait will increase your by chance. By 50%now simple bait reduces the time for a nibble by 50% so that more or less means. You're going to catch Stardew valley How To Use Bait twice as many fish and you have to wait twice as long. Before the bite which is huge because I hate waiting for stuff it only costs five gold. For one so 2,400 gold that's easy 20 fish in the day that’s not an unthinkable. That’s actually good money you'll make your money back on bait don't worry buy when you want to fish. Don’t spend millions of gold on it you’re not going to catch hundreds of thousands of fish. A very also they can also be crafted out of bug meat right here one bug meat turns into. I can’t remember how when he paid let's find outright so one bug meat turns into five bait. That's easy if you ‘redoing anything in the mines any bug you kill is going to drop you bug me.

There you go easy bait and spend a bit of time in the mines and you can fish for free that's. Extra profit like I said it's worth buying the bait anyway because of any fish. Your catch is going to be worth more than the bit you use if you try to make as much money. As you can in the early season or get your fishing skill as high. As you can as fast as possible definitely get the fiberglass rod and the bait. It will make it a lot easier it's well worth the money that eighteen Stardew valley How To Use Bait hundred gold. You spend on the rod you're going to make that back within a day. As long as you’re fishing all day in the right my favorite spot for fishing is right here. Beside the lake cast toward the log, a lot of people like to go up to the top of the island and fish downward. That works too you're a little bit closer to the log I don't know. If it makes a difference I make a ton of money to standing right here or even right here. If you're feeling special either way fish here now the way I'm gonna do this is. I'm going to fish for a certain amount of time two hours with regular bait and then I'm gonna switch. To the upgraded bait to see what difference it makes I don’t know. If it's even actually going to be noticeable but we'll see so I'm going to wait till. It's 12 o'clock even and then start fishing but many fish I catch in two hours says.

Stardew valley How To Use Bait

A lot alright so twelve o’clock right now let's start fishing of course. We should go more so by bitrate rather than how many fish. We actually catch because there are a few extra factors that bait has nothing to do. With like my personal fishing ability lose a few Stardew valleys How To Use Baitfish whatever. If there's the first one it's a real fighter too if they all go like this will be easy. I don't even have to do anything what a nice surprise first fish caught also you might. Be saying well what if my fishing skill upgrades along the way well I can reset it back to level four again. I have that ability okay that was another bite so that's two. I missed it I'm dumb those are one of those extenuating factors. I can’t do anything about well I can I don't because I'm stupid here’s number three. Okay well, that should count so that's three so far I got to write these down keep going.

Four and again it's actually hard to do this all at once this one's a little bit longer. A little bit longer the time of day isn't gonna make a difference unless. I pass into the evening and different fish happened to bite but I'm trying to do. This is balanced as possible here's the number five large mouth bass. I hope I didn't lose count already the numbers are going to change Stardew valley's How To Use Bait over. two hour period you need to do it for an entire day would be my theory. How to make a difference that was number six or green algae it's because my fishing cell isn’t. That high that I'm not catching anything I'm trying to write these numbers down left-handed too. So this is a lot of fun number seven is on the line and it was two o'clock right there. So that's seven bites in two hours so to get a definitive result we're gonna need at. Least a few more with wild bait I've frozen time I can reset it back to twelve o'clock. I actually might do this to balance as possible. My fishing skill wouldn’t have upgraded from those few fish. So I had seven bites one was amiss three fish and three algae.

So I'd be curious also to see if the wild bait actually makes you catch more fish. As opposed to algae and we still have one undetermined. So miss one bite from the other bait I've realized on this file. I don't even have the ability to get wild bait so let's go through the process. Of how to do that and that actually, all starts with Linus here. Who is not allowed to Stardew valley How To Use Bait has fire we’ve been doing this before good morning, Linus. The crisp air of the wilderness is all I care to know well that's why you’re living in it. Because you don’t know anything now to get the wild eight is pretty easy. All you got to do is make friends with Linus you need to be four hearts with them it's. The four heart event after that you'll get the wild bait recipe and if you're wondering. How to be friends with a little wild animal well it's actually pretty easy. You’re going to spend a lot of time in the early game going to the mines go into the carpenter shop. Linus is always available he's never behind a locked door he's always outside. So he’s accessible he's in an area that’s convenient for you he likes a lot of things. But in the early game if you want something to give him spring onions are the way to do it.

Because they grow here every day in many numbers except for today I'm a liar but here's four of them. Now the thing with them they're not particularly useful in any regard. Thirteen energy five hell that’s not a lot there was very little money they do work these on me for energy. If you want a little bit more but I usually use them as gifts for Linus. Because he Stardew valley How To Use Bait actually likes some and they're free they grow in the ground so give two of those to him. Every week don't forget his birthday whenever that is you’ll be four hearts with him in. No time and then you get the wild eight and you can make a whole bunch more money worth. The investment here you go my hungry little friend this is a great gift. Thank you see what I mean pretty much anything you can feed him. He likes it but I like the spring onions because they’re free and in enough. The part of the best use of them now instead of skipping to the next day or to actually get the recipe. I'm going to do it all today I realized that I cannot change days. Because I love different like the next day and the results will be all messed up. I don't know what my luck is today and I don't know if it's going to be the same tomorrow. It won't be what you need to know the wild bait is a crafting recipe it's made from ten fiber five.

Same and five bug meat which is quite a bit of resource the fiber is easy that grows in enough on your farm. If you can't find any fiber there’s never any too far away like I said it grows in enough on your farm. You can find it in the mines you can find it Stardew valley How To Use Bait everywhere you should hold on to it. Right from the beginning of the game, it's useless to sell and good for a lot of crafting recipes and the bug meat. Of course pretty easy to find kill bugs it does take five bug needs to make one bit of wild bait. That's actually pretty expensive about the really expensive part of making. Wild bait is the slimes you need to have five Sims to make one thing of wild date. And five slimes are not actually that easy to gather you kill one slime. You get one slime that’s not even guaranteed you kill another one you get another one five of those. To make one bit of wild bait I mean if you have a bunch lying around. That's easy but if you have to go mining every time you want to make it not worth. Your times again to reiterate wild bait made from five bug meat five slime ten fiber see.

Looking at it that's so many more resources and it has to be and is the benefit worth it. I'm starting to doubt it I used to always tell people it was but so. Now now that I actually look at the resources like I said if you have the resources and enough great Stardew valley How To Use Bait worth it. Do it but don't go farming the resources because it's not going to be worth your time. Does look kind of interesting once it's made though well bait a unique recipe from Linus. It appeals to all fish well we're going to go ahead throw that on the fishing rod. Take the bait away and then do the same experiment all I've got to do change. The time back to twelve o'clock I've got a unfreeze time first otherwise it won’t let me do that. Actually we're going to go back to eleven that way I have a bit of time building up to it. So again the number to beat was a seven items caught there was three fish three green algae. And one bite I'm going to catch everything that I can along the way. I’m not going to do the mist biting going to miss one anyway but for the sake of doing it.

I’m going to try and catch everything I catch it's all about the bit rate. The bit rate is what we're after I don’t think the bait makes you catch any more fish. I could be wrong but it’s a bite right so as many things. As you can reel in starting at 12 all the way to 2 our first thing a fish that. Actually took a little bit longer than I wanted it to its all about how long  Stardew valley How To Use Bait it takes for a fish to bite. There's a treasure chest this would have nothing to do with treasure chest that’s. A lucky extra find catfish whole head same thing all right this isn't eating up time. I don’t care about that so that's one I got to remember to write these down. Oh, right away a bite now no time for writing down even got to catch a fish number two. So that's two fish and two bites interesting another bullhead I didn't catch any bull heads on the other. One there's number three already so we're on pretty good pace that’s an algae and I wasn't paying attention to cast. That's okay didn’t lose too much time there pretty sloppy experiments. So far but I like it this is number four also a fish interesting. Because the fish will make a huge difference is are worth a lot more money. The algae useful I eat it for energy.

So I can take another cast catch another fish this one's taken a while. So again this is the same day the same time of day the same luck fish. Number five sorry bite number five, not fish number five got a cast again. We continue catching fish like I said the numbers are going to be different over a two-hour period. There's not a big enough difference between Stardew valley's How To Use Bait the bait and wild eight number six is also. A fish though so catching more fish unless there’s some hidden number mechanic formula. To make wild a catch more fish it shouldn’t be a factor so this will be number seven. Right now and it's another fish in the treasure chest I want to get that. It's fun to get those you never know what you're going to get it'll be a treasure chest. That was number seven can-do that there on time. Doesn't pause right there my mistake Oh an anchor there you go that's a rare artifact time. Does pause in the menus though so if I catch one more fish before two o’clock.

I’ve caught one more in the same amount of time and there it is. I’ll get another one before two o’clock strikes though to be fair. I did catch my last fish on the other one at about two o’clock so there's eight and there's two o’clock. Now so I'm going to rule Stardew valley How To Use Bait this one bad here is what we caught this time with regular bait. It was three fish three algae one miscellaneous which could have been a fish hard to say. But the numbers here are actually pretty defining with the wild babe for bullheads. One carp one largemouth bass one chub and one green algae so that was seven fish. Compared to three plus the miscellaneous and only one alga in comparison. Now the numbers there do tell something about the bit rate itself. Isn’t enough to make a difference that depends more on luck unless you’re going to fish. The whole day you’re not going to catch that many more fish but the fish to crap value. What the wild eight is all about because like it says a unique recipe from Linus. Now it does say it appeals to all fish so that has to say something in itself. I'm not sure what that means but that this means you catch more of certain fish.

Like the bull head, I caught for those and didn't catch any the first time around. So I would suspect that the wild bait does actually make. You catch more fish as compared to algae and other useless things. The actual numbers bait will reduce your nipple time Stardew valley How To Use Bait by 50 percent c-catch roughly 50%. More fish wild bait jumps it up to sixty-two point five percent. That's not a huge difference that's twelve and a half percent. So like I said over two hour period that's not even going to be one extra fish. That's going to depend on luck more than anything over the course of an entire day. Yeah, you'll catch a few extra things but if it helps you catch more fish and less crap. Then that's way better because the first time like I said I caught roughly 50% useless green algae. The second time it was like ten percent useless stuff so if those are the real numbers. If that's the way it works while the bait is worth your time that at this point is my opinion. There is a little bit of fact to back that up but still not enough to verify. That but it does look that way so those of you out there it might be worth befriending Lyn. As that can’t hurt anyway you get the wild a recipe gather the resources. You need fort to get it Linus will also send it to you in the mail sometimes. If not regular bait don't ever fish without bait if you can help it. Because you'll catch whatever it is fifty percent less fish anyways.

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