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Red Cartoon Characters

It's the incredible steel awesome here you already know that I’ve done some pretty amazing feats. Yes I did that and I could do it again but instead, I've been working hard on the most amazing stunt. The world has ever seen more amazing than BOTS yes Red Cartoon Characters amazing than that. So I would like to invite anyone with a thirst for thrills to come and see me. Before my new stunts live Friday at the wheel-fired venture park. OH, it'll be awesome steel did he say he was being wheeled
foot. Oh did he say Friday uh-huh isn't today Friday again we should go one at a time? Yeah starting with me I can't okay I want to see his drift okay hope it's some kind of combo that would be awesome. Wow, it's not something weird I sharpening Oh No your back tire is flat no. It can't be flat suffered like to need a big hurry to see steel. Awesome see not fat let’s go we got you to sue Maxwell's there's still time. If we hurry come on I’ll give you a lift finally here carrying you is grinding my gears.

Yeah, a little creamy garlic dipping sauce in that soon what are you doing here my tire is flat. I need Maxwell to fix it I'll be right with you loop as soon as Red Cartoon Characters I fix up your brother. Yep I ran over an extra-large with double pepperoni and anchovies. So we’re getting started but I can't wait that long we have to get to the park to see. Stay awesome Zeus ton steel awesome here it Wilfred well. Now does it happen every day OH hurry in the meantime loop try to stay off? That back tire we don't want you to make it any worse do we look like I'm stuck. Yeah, you guys should go ahead without a way buddies never leave a bike behind. You’re coming with us nope need to work out how to get you there waiting. I have an idea guys in a hurry did you know steel horses in town. Yeah if the Floor rick Oh wagon gives us the shower we need to clear up the angle.

I'm about to show this Rose whose box it's been bus we made it didn't miss the show sail. I told you we'd get you here in time OH No Lupe's gone he must have fallen out on the way. Here come to think of tithe tree that did feel lighter I thought I was getting Red Cartoon Characters stronger. We have to find him if we hurry we can still have him back in time to stunt. That was fun Ricky DJ Scotty oh where is everyone where is wait a minute. I'm not I didn’t make it at all I'll get there somehow leave it to loop. Because there's nobody else here to leave it to bikes don’t cheer like that for anybody. That was beast - awesome got to the park you can't do stuff like that. Where we’re not there somebody tells me we're not there I have to find a loop. We will miss the show, no matter if we have to watch it. Let's zoom out I could do this all day these tire marks are fresh loops we’re getting close. Wow, who we're looking for you oh then you’re missing still climb on leap.

Red Cartoon Characters

And let’s not believe we did the best thing I ever saw still awesome is a legend well guess missed it all. Because of my flat tire, I guess we should go yeah it’s Red Cartoon Characters all overcome. Lee let's get you back to Maxwell don't you sigh effects whoops sorry kid that's what. They call me sometimes they call me the incredible steal awesome. But you don’t have to I'm your biggest fan you’re amazing hey thanks right back. At how'd y’all yes the show we didn't we weren't I had a flat yeah pretty amazing right. The best of me, but the goal is to choose something. You later do that again kid you mean this thing I was looking for Detroit right now. You guys want to watch he got that from you it's still awesome even more awesome. That was some serious thing I ever say thanks for getting him here. You know, a bike is nothing without a crew, and you look pretty cool. See you around best day ever getting a flat tire was the best thing that ever happened to me. John Rabbi campus sorry Maxwell I'm in Jerusalem to tidy up. You know it's like they don't want to stop that's fine scooter the place could use a good fixer up. Anyway, today’s an exciting day you’ll have a chance to earn your rescue badge rescue batch.

That'll be easy for you who were born to be a rescue bike this isn't any only rescue badge. It's around camp Club solid gold rescue badge you have to be extra strong and fast. Yeah, Ricky zoom here I'm extra although stairs hey work together as a team. That’s me Red Cartoon Characters to team Ricky and all we gotcha see rescuing is easy Ricky Scotty. Oh, loop and DJ report to the emergency training area for rescue testing come on skip ups. How about you could leave them here they ‘resaving. You want to sweep up okay I’ll put them on the automatic investigator. Okay, guys relax today we're going to see how well you work together in rescue situations. Yep, we've got some pretend rescue jobs for you to do completely with a bike to rescue thing. This branch is scrunching my spoke boy he's good. If you can complete these tasks you'll all get your rescue badges. Now let's rescue blip I've got it we did it going to get up at higher phone what we did it don’t worry gang. We'll set everything up again and you can give it another try we pass the tests. Already we did I was pretty sure all right it crushed a bunch of times. Riki, you passed the tests, Riki, you did great, but let everyone win their rescue badges. You have to work as a team sorry kids it’ll have to wait don't worry Maxwell.

We'll be right there aren't automatic they won't listen to me. Don’t worry kids we'll handle this come on Hank let's stop the scoop run. Oh, why can't we go me cuz we do not rescue bikes but we could be. If we went to the helps they'd like to see what great rescue Red Cartoon Characters crew we are and give us all our solid gold. So you will let us do stuff this time what of course Maxwell you okay my lunchbox scope box chewed up everything. And yes, this place is one of the most beautiful of years. But at what cost Podcast well let's get you down from there it might take a little. While to get a ramp-up to you where did the scoop pops go? Oh, when everything was cleaned up they rode off on our suppose in search of another list of clean. Be able to get them you don't sound fine no fair escapes go on freaky. You’re a great lifebuoy, but sometimes you can save the day when you need it. You like to ME’s that’s not what I meant you need a team your parents are a team right.

Yeah, and you’re part of a team to Oz you're right we are a great team I bet. We can stop those stood bots together whites so blue is adapting okay rescue bike. What's the plan nice love DJ that will hold the net in place now take a position. Until my signal back Red Cartoon Characters up now face three distraction wait hold it that’s still moving too much rescue bike. They're having the net for desserts oh no way the fight buddies always make their rescue. Wow, nice work Ricky yeah you saved the day if it wasn't me it was all us. We're a team ah okay they’re off automatic they should listen to me now. So can we try to earn our rescue badges again it has a team? I'm sorry, Ricky, no, because you've already won them all. You know who wants their badges it's all about the teamwork you.

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