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Josie And The Pussycats Cartoon

How to steer this dumb spaceship yet Valerie stops moaning. If it weren't for you dear sister we wouldn't be in this predicament that's so perilous. There's no danger of running into anything that’s right there's plenty of space out Josie And The Pussycats Cartoon there in space. Not as much as you think to look that's pretty we're on a collision course with it Valerie Adam. Do something what should we do first Val this is no time to procrastinate Alan. Do everything and getting closer Alan to give me a hand hurry okay Val. So slow us down we’re trying Alex we're trying to fire the retro rockets Alan now. I knew I could get us down we’re safe it may not be earth. But I love it I love it what's the matter with you, Alex, my chicken brother met. The space bird that attacked me tried to bite my nose. Oh, Alex chickens don't bite noses where is it Alex it's out there. Let’s blast out of here that’s him is that the tremendous monster Alex.

Oh it's trying to be friendly isn’t he cute see he didn't try to bite your nose off. Alex, he likes to kiss oh he's adorable he says his name is bleep. He told you to call him, hahaha, I understand. Let's keep him as a mascot okay well one pet in this outfit is enough Josie And The Pussycats Cartoon and Sebastian is. It all in favor of keeping bleep is a space mascot say I know the eyes have it. You’re in bleep from now on you need one of Josie’s pussycats come on gang. We better examine the spaceship to see if we suffered any damage spaceship is okay. What are we waiting for let's go there’s no telling what we may find on this planetoid. That's what I’m afraid of Josie where are you he’s blaming you. Something this thing is right it's joseph oh come on slowpoke easy does it. Josie are you all right she’s having a nervous break up I don't know but someone sent this. Electromechanical lookalike back in her place yes an android and we wouldn't have known. The difference if it hadn't fallen into the water and short-circuited do.

We're fine now, of course, that's what we can not leave so far. We find the real Josie who is you and where are you taking meh uh not even a one-to-one communication. Josie where are you Josie are you in there answer me Val look space monsters space Josie And The Pussycats Cartoon monsters. There is nothing to fear welcome to the planet ouzel my name is jar this is the leader of my people orb. And this is the chief of the zed security force moons you must be tired come to you. You’ll see that my people are very hospitable, but we’re not sure if one of our group has disappeared. We must stay until we find her give us the details we will help you commons and his security force. I will explore your friend and mobilize all of us. Department knows you are concerned but moons are very diligent he will find her. I demand to know where you're taking me yikes and oceans and what is this place. You’re sure a gabby one let me show you around Zell core it may take your mind off your worries.

Josie And The Pussycats Cartoon

Hey, these moving sidewalks are handy you mean footy bowie. Who is that that is a statue of karma one of our former rulers sits looks at. So lifelike yeah it looks as lifelike as that copy of Josie that fell in the water karma had it erected. In his honor when he was in Josie And The Pussycats Cartoon power was in power where is he now karma was a mean and ruthless ruler. And was exiled to an island in the Zildjian sea we’ve been free of his tyranny ever. Since gives me creeps looking at him what is it Val I was thinking. About that statue, you mean that statue being as lifelike as the fake Josie right do. You think there's a connectionist worth investigating. Let’s go there it is Alan exile island doesn’t look very inviting who says. We’re invited must hover close by awaiting your return let's go I don't like this. OH don’t scare me like that Josie wait here I’ll make a test. If that's you, Josie, forgive me she's washed up oh for heaven's sake melody. That's not Josie lets he bleeping about now lee says to follow him must be. Something behind that door stands back m I happy to see you Josie are you okay. Josie is it you Josie relax Valerie you can be sure it's Josie bleep knows of course. It's me who did you think it was I’m not convinced OH, no short circuit.

She must be the realjosieal exedra what was that for we’ll explain later Josie right now. Let's cut out of here come one very body are we happy to find you hold it looks like. We're trapped all the doors are barred shut Alan that door is the closing toilet’s not Josie And The Pussycats Cartoon panic be calm pipes. A population explosion this don’t believe it’s spooky I’m scared. I’m scared OH boy let's split this weird scene gang here. We goal you real pussycats hurry to get out while I hold the androids off. Okay you're not the real Alana we know no in more trouble there's the way we came in Josie. This way bleep comes on Alex through this opening. Yeah, I’m glad to get out of here is everyone here yeah let's go wait where’s melody. Over here I am hurrying melody let's get out of here a six that's a relief. What was that all about I wanted to be sure that I’m the real me come on melody Jonah is waiting for us. Oh, melody hurry up well George we have Josie back. But we still don’t know what’s going on here. We have Josie back who cares and that's the whole story moons as soon. As we got away we came straight here tell me did you see the elk who kidnapped youth.

Yes, my lord, I live, I will never forget that this is only the face of this evil in your face. Today, the youth of this country has been the problem from the beginning. yes sir but and you jar you took these strangers to exile island all you have broken our law. Thus have no choice but to confine you for the duration of this investigation guards. Take them away juror you sure moons and orb are good guys of course Valerie. They have ruled my people since karma Josie And The Pussycats Cartoon was overthrown everyone loves them. What happened OH poor bleep I gave him a drink and look oh for heaven's sake melody. The fact that you need to get one of those things like you doesn’t really sleep.  Then the real bleep must still be okay oh what is it, Alan. They've moved our spaceship into town and it appears as though. They're gonna read our dummies into space and it could keep us a little locked up here. What can we do Alan anyone got a suggestion you mean like I hope he can get us out of here. Look around bleep see if you can find a way to open this door we are sad to see. Our young friends leave but they are anxious to return to their own planets. We must say farewell that’s it a fantastic idea think he'll do it you did it come on. Let's go join that going away party nice going bleep jar wait a minute. These pieces of dough are starting to fall into place and I want you to return to the island of exile. See if you can find our short visit, we are strong for your hospitality.

You folks mind if we join the party they are imposters guards seize them wait. We only want to liven up the party watch you're going to love this George. I’m going to enjoy this me too this should take care of those fakers what is going on it's a long story. Sir but Alan Allen look that's the man who kidnapped me the real Carnac. The real trainer is escaping guards Josie And The Pussycats Cartoon's this man can explain everything, sir. What have you done with our leaders connect look jar is back and Val and some friends are with him. They can answer that question our leaders the real leaders my people speak for moons and reclog as. Well as for myself when I say it is good to be among you once more car neck forced. Our foremost fabricate the amazing mechanical androids you have seen. Today then imprisoned us on exile island hoping to once more rules Elko with. An iron hand but thanks to Joel and our young earth friends his evil plan was foiled and the diabolical duple. Machine destroyed troublesome troubles to show our appreciation our scientists programmed. Your navigational computer son a course back to earth like. Wow, that’s the nicest going away present you could have given us.

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