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How To Use A Wok?

What we do is anything from private cooking lessons. To corporate events and gastronomic walking tours of Chinatown. What we're going to do here is I'm How To Use A Wok going to show you how to make a few different recipes okay. So I’m going to show you how to use a wok and how to cook with a walk properly. Yeah, the traditional walks are actually the round bottom. But the Western world domestic hubs aren't really made for walks. So they’ve created these flat bottom walks for that reason what they do is they bash the wok out and they flip it inside out. So it's still got this curvature inside and that's really important with when you're coming to. When you get to what cooking and ideally you want a nap sort of curvature. So that you can have a complete circulation of heat throughout the stir-fry, okay and there’s a number of things. That is important a thin cast iron wok is important.

Because it changes heat very quickly so it's all about what we call wok. Hey, which is the height of the fire if it if you turn your heat up your work within 10 20 seconds. What will come to that heat if you turn it down it would do the same but the opposite How To Use A Wok way yeah. So I’m going to put my fire on and it’s always good to have everything organized and ready. So that when you come to throwing things into the wok you're not waiting too long. Because it's a very quick process stir-frying realistically no stir-fry should take any longer than five minutes. Even if it's chipping because everything's cut up nice and thin yeah. So I've got a bowl here of oil ready for me I've got all my sort of prepped goods. Here a few onions some Chinese guy LAN or Chinese broccoli some ginger and a bit of chicken. I'm going to show you how important it is to sort of use oil bit by bit and push things aside and use the space of your wok. You don’t want to put anything into your walk until your oil is smoking hot that's key.

Okay and I'm going to add oil bit by bit so that it keeps that nonstick. But you don't get too much oil taken in by the first ingredient okay. So small bit of oil in the pan and the works very hot so it's smoked up quite quickly that's the wok. It takes another sort How To Use A Wok of five to ten seconds for the oil to smoke up and then I'm going to put my onions in. Okay, so my onions in the pan now when you’re stir-frying it's always good to understand. How to cool your walk on yeah if you can see it's really smoking hot now. So there are a few ways you can stir it with your spoon. You can turn your knockdown and that will obviously call your walk down. But the other way is keeping it on high heat to give it a good toss. That's a long push forward and a quick flick backward long push forward quick slip backward. Okay, that's not just showboating that really helps to circulate. That heat that's really important so I’m going to put my hard vegetables in next.

How To Use A Wok

So that they cook through nicely and don’t come out too raw okay. Just a little bit of oil in the pan as I say you’re adding oil sparingly bit by bit. Just to base your pan and my greens are going to go in okay. Because they're a bit harder and they'll take a few minutes to cook up so again stir fry through the next tip is that. You don’t want your onion to burn so you How To Use A Wok want to take those over the bed of your greensand. Then start throwing them in okay you see the leaves of my greens wilting a bit. So I think I'm ready for my ginger and chicken now. So I'm going to push those to the back again take a little spoonful of my oil not too much alight. Don't want my stir-fry to greasy I’m just tilting my work up a little bit. So the oil gets hot that that doesn’t burn yeah and the idea is to get that oil really hot. I’m going to put your finger in and a little bit of chicken. So it's smoking hot my gingers in the take five chicken thighs straight into the oil again. Just as we did earlier I'm going to fold this over the top. So that doesn’t continue to burn and then I’m going to carry on stir fry okays.

You can hear that sizzle every time. I’m flipping that wok so a long push forward quick flip backward alright. That's the real technique so what cooking is all about technique it’s about not bubbling things in a pan and cast rolling. It's about really circulating How To Use A Wok and stir-frying at all times. So the last thing that goes into most of the fries is a little bit of sauce. The sauce will really cook through the chicken and all the ingredients in the pan. So here goes you get a good double treat there’s still a high heat. I'm going to turn it down slightly just because it’s chicken. You want to make sure it cooks through nicely yep this is something that. you've got a gauge you can't really read and recipe books because of every single stir-fry. You do you will be slightly different depending on how you cut things. So once your chicken is cooked it should bounce straight back at you. If you push it with a little spoon and you can just serve it up and that ‘show to use a wok or how to cook with walk okay.

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