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How To Upgrade Oppressor Mk2

So there's some crazy happening over that side some guys are shooting other cops. I don't want to get into anything with anyone so I’m staying behind How To Upgrade Oppressor Mk2 this wall and see. Because I don’t want to be shot in the head by that. How to add weapons to your oppressor mark see it's pretty easy and simple guys. It's simple and oh my gosh dude you hear that gunfire those the cops. They're everywhere alright so the first thing that you need to do is that. You need to bring out your phone because your phone is very important. What you're going to do is go to the Internet now there is some stuff that. You need to have before you’re able to do any of these the first things.

First, you have to buy a nightclub so I've already owned or bought a nightclub. This is this one right here but you can buy any nightclub right here. These ones are the nightclubs so if you want a cheap one you can buy a cheap one. One you want an expensive How To Upgrade Oppressor Mk2 one you can buy an expensive one. Once you get to the nightclub then we're going to go to the second step. We're going to go to travel and the transport scroll down to war stocks. And you're going to need to buy yourself a terabyte. Now I've already bought one and this is what it looks like it's pretty cool. It’s like a truck with a bunch of stuff turret station drones weapon shop. But once you finish purchasing that then we’ll have to buy ourselves a mark -well. I'm going to scroll down this is the oppressor mark.

So it costs 3000 my bad it costs three million eight hundred and ninety thousand. So make sure that you have the money to buy the art - so I’ve already purchased one. And I won’t have to do that again once that is all done once. You've got everything that How To Upgrade Oppressor Mk2 you’re going to need during the press the start button. And you're going to go to motorcycle club then you're going to request a motorcycle. That is the mark - I'm not sure that I want to request a motorcycle right here. Because that guy is going to come and kill me but I'm going to request the mark. There are these guys this is the mark - I bought it recently it’s a lion bike. Yeah, I'm going to get away from the madness that's happening over that side. I don't want that guy to come and kill me I guess here is pretty good. Okay so the next step is you’re going to press Start again then you’re going to go to services.

And you’re going to go to terabytes you’re going to request the terabyte. Buddy terabyte is going to pop up somewhere on the map. I'm going to have the map open to it where the terabyte bonds. So the terabyte is all the way over here I'm gonna get on the How To Upgrade Oppressor Mk2 oppressor. Okay, so now that we're inside the terabytes I realized that I didn’t customize the terabytes. That's all so what I'm going to do know is that I'm going to go back into my phone. And I'm going to go back to the internet go back to work travel under transport go back to war stocks. Go back to the terabyte and then I’m going to click on all these things. And I'm going to optimize the words yes run yes workshop yes specialized workshop for vehicles. Yes, apply to renovate okay so the reason why I had to do that a while ago by buying all these things. And optimizing at the terabyte was if you don’t have these things. You won't be able to edit the bike so if you bought a terabyte like I did you have to buy also the things customize to the bike. Like a set of ears and what's inside of the terabyte, we're going to do know is that. You’re going to go onto the bike then you’re going to press the button.

How To Upgrade Oppressor Mk2

And then you're going to customize your oppressor now I'm going to max out everything. But I'm going to go down to the weapons show you guys How To Upgrade Oppressor Mk2 goes to the weapons you have explosive mgs and homing missile. All you have to do is item and add them and to the bike and you’ll be able to use any of them. So unfortunately you can't have the two of them at the same time either you have the explosive MGS. Or the home wiener I’m going to go with the exit the terabytes with my oppressor. Yeah, guys, it looks cool let's check it out my gosh it's fast faster than. How it was when I got it dude it’s super fastened my gosh bro it's so fast. That is how you add me zeroes are tracking missiles to your oppressor mark.

Can You Upgrade Oppressor Mk2 In Bunker

Today I'm going to show you guys how you can change the color and not the tire smoke. But the smoke of the pegs oppressor and k2 which I have Can You Upgrade Oppressor Mk2 In Bunker I and to change actually in the game. You need to actually have the terabyte and to get the terabyte. You need a night club and I don’t have either but I'm going to get them at one point. The first thing you have to do is download this app right here the eye fruit app. It's downloadable for Android in iOS so all you have to do is put I fruit food and then. When you come here there are two ups pick the good firestone it says action.

It's a grand theft auto I fruit and when you download it so my app froze and they couldn’t it couldn't work. So I restarted my app so now that we're in Can You Upgrade Oppressor Mk2 In Bunker I don't know why it took so long. But this is the app it's going to tell you to log in when you log in it's going to show up with this little note. That says tournament condition and privacy policy click on those then click. Close on both of those then you click either accept or continue or next to one of those. And then it’s going to take you to this page right here and it to do this. Now all you have to click is Ellis customs at the top left and you could also skip. That by clicking the page so here as you can see. I have Franklin’s cars Michaels and Trevor’s and I also got my cars and vehicles.

Well, my vehicles here too and as you can see here is my vortex. No that's my zombie chopper the vortex the I figure out this one's cut. Whatever you the sultan Can You Upgrade Oppressor Mk2 In Bunker Twinsburg cork it and here it is the presser mk2. You click on it then you go over here go to I'm going to change it mine too. I swipe and I already did this but and then you go here and you could change the plate. And then you click order right here I'm going to do this again because of the process. Because it didn't change O has you can see I said right here it says. There is an order already pending so you want to override this order no.

Because I already bought it but yeah so that's how you do that and if you have the oppressor McKay. No the first oppressor which my cousin has it in if you don’t have the mobile operation center. Which II do but he doesn't so to do that you can also do it on Can You Upgrade Oppressor Mk2 In Bunker here and you can also change your vehicles. Like my Truism, I could change the color right there to pay for them. So it's not and if you did not unlock some things like I’m level like 81. I'm almost at 82 on the level in GTA 5 online so if you don’t have some things unlocked. Then you can’t get on here either when you're in level 90 then you could get the armor 90% right here. That’s why I said sorry-this item is unlocked will be a lot as you progress to GTA 5. And here you can also reset your vehicle at the top right you can reset it.

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