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How To Unlock Lg Phone!

I'm going to show you how to unlock the LG g2 X so that you can use it with any other GSM SIM card in the world. Okay, it's a very simple procedure you will only need your computer and internet connection. I’m your phone so in this case, I have an LG phone How To Unlock Lg Phone from T-Mobile. I want to unlock it to use it with T with AT& T alright. And so I show you step by step how it’s done. We're going to do it together and so make sure you have your phone on hand without a SIM card inside. Let's get started okay so the first thing we're going to do is get the phone’s IMEI number to get this number. You go to the phone application as if you were making a call and you click star pound zero six pounds. As you can see the IMEI number will appear on the screen.

That's a very important number that is unique for every phone and we're going to need this number. Later to generate the unlock code okay so keep it near How To Unlock Lg Phone the next step is to go to that computer. You open your internet browser and you go tounlockriver.com. You can see it is the website and on this website, we're going to need to fill in the information of your phone to generate the correct unlock code. Okay so first it asks for the original carrier the Reno’s carrier or your phonies a Korean company. Which you are using it so and in my case is the United States and this T-Mobile. So I'll just scroll down and look fort-mobile and it's here in your case can be any other Rogers Bell. Oh to T-Mobile or any other and then you select the brand of the phone. This is an LG and then you select the original exact model of the LG brand.

Okay so, in this case, is a g2 X so you will scroll down until. We select the exact model and then the next step is the most important one. It will ask for the IMEI number does number. So make sure you insert this number correctly into this box. So I'm just going to copy and paste it here double-check it makes sure everything is correct and once. You’re sure you How To Unlock Lg Phone click on the Unlock Now button and then you will be redirected to the checkout process and once your payment is completed. We’re going to email you the unlock code to your email okay. So I'm going to show you my email account so that you can see exactly how the email will look like. So you will receive an email just like this with a unlock code. You click on it and here are the instructions yeah here's the email with all the instructions and the unlock code. So I'm going to show you how to insert the unlock code in your phone alright. So we're going to switch back to your 2-day phone and we're going to turn that off actually.

How To Unlock Lg Phone

So let's hold on to the button and click power off you click OK, and you're going to insert a SIM card. That it's different from the original carrier for example my How To Unlock Lg Phone is from T-Mobile. I'm going to start off with a SIM card from another non-accepted carrier. Okay, it can be AT& T or any other alright. So once it's inserted we're gonna turn on the phone take. I'm just going to put the back cover back on and let’s just wait for the phone to load up and to start again. Ok, this will take a few seconds and after the phone is turned on it will ask for the unlock code. As you can see right now we're gonna say no service no SIM card. Because it’s so I'm going to open it and it will ask for the sim network unlock Pinal right. So here is where you need to carefully insert the unlock code you receive an email here. Ok, so we're going to go ahead and insert a code this exact code will not work for your phone. Because it's unique and only works for one phone.

So it's 43026 for seven nine three five two six four zero three eight double-check and make sure it's correct. Then you click done and unlock now How To Unlock Lg Phone you should get a network code successfully unlocked under it. That's it guys the phone will now restart after the code was successful. Inserted and once the phone loads up is going to be unlocked ready to use with any GSM SIM card worldwide.

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