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How To Uninstall Python?

I have python version 3 point 8 points on how to uninstall python on my Windows 10 machine. To delete this one first in the search bar of your Windows 10 type control panel C click on that in the control panel. You will see this kind of icon if you don't see it, please. You can change from the view by section. Maybe yours is a large icon or maybe yours is a small icon just change this one for the category version. If you change the category you will see this kind of option and then under programs. There Isa section called on to install a program click on that one. You will see the list of programs installed in your Windows 10 machine. I have a lot of programs and among them, you need to find the Python one. It can be very confusing the best thing is in the search programs and features part here see you can type Python. You can search for Python and click enter then it will automatically show. You the what pythons installed in your machine so click on python three-point eight zero.

Then whenever you click on that one you will see. The option is called on install so click on uninstall button, yes something will pop up. You should click yes and wait for the program to be uninstalled. Now it is initializing to uninstall it says uninstall is in progress. You should wait some time if you can see it is going through. Now it is uninstalling Python so guys how to uninstall python please be patient it may take some time to delete it. Now my windows 10 machine showing. Penton uninstalled was successful thank you for using Python. so you can close it and then we have the Python launcher so failure. If you want to delete this one also you may have or you may don't have. If you have it please also now go ahead and uninstall it. This vital launcher and click on yes and click on yes again. Now it is uninstalled so right. Now if you go to the search bar and type CMD. Click on the command prompt and here type Python minus v. So python is not recognized. As an internal or external command operable program or batch file so basically right.

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How To Uninstall Python

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The screw goes into the press resist a bar on the screen this way okay. This is the thickest material we have left and I want to get to a white flour screen got the screw going real slow. We ‘retrying to this is a good sign right here baby coos unit phone closed okay to close the cone. Where one bar 15 spinners of us know what it was to weight looked it up in. The Internet which is lemon oil night still able to adjust that heavy dose. It's got a lot of water in it we're going to take it up to five percent truss eight okay. We're putting in five percent by weight stirring. If this happens big coffee beans okay what we get it’s reading really well. I don’t even know what that means we don't know how much. I read the back there’s no dosing in this I could go buy this at a how to uninstall python convenience store. It just says do not use while operating a motor vehicle machinery. If you're pregnant or nursing is picked it up um and so these. I get concerned with this because not people necessarily use it in a way that does help them. Because clearly don't want to take away from what Chris and Susan have experienced in your own particular path. What I worry about is this if I can go buys have no idea what’s in it. I'm a kid or an adult quite frankly and I go pop a few of these and I end up under the bridge. I don’t think anybody here is opposed to control and oversight or selling to people under under-18 regulation so but think.

If you go backward instead of forwards. you're going to have people buying illicit substances they're more dangerous. It's going to be counterproductive and dangerous. I’m curious how far apart the two sides. Because again we're all hearing about this for the first time. You're not involved in this most people never heard. It is the biggest battle regulation or do you all believe in regulation. I believe 100% that this needs to be regulated I have a lot of experience in the supplement world you know. I did a documentary bigger stronger faster we did. We went in studied all these supplements so your cause. It could be dangerous and is dangerous to be regulated. I don't think it's like a documentary I used to run supplements for the FDA. A nice experience these are all illegal products. When they’re making claims to treat addiction to cure chronic pain how to uninstall python supplements don’t do that so the notion. They ‘reaccepting and embracing regulation is somewhat laughable. When they're talking about addiction they're talking about chronic pain. We have products for it like that in this country people they ‘recalled drugs. You know what people and if the data is that compelling on Crania working. It's to your advantage to submit that data for a full review by the federal agencies. They know those are scientific extra tickets. How does the yeah use to look at supplement right? It shouldn’t be it's not a supplement when you’re looking to treat pain and again. Even as a sub-girl as a dietary side there are requirements for safety that none of those companies.

Those companies that made considerable amounts of money have invested in putting that forward. Everyone’s hiding in the shadows why if it’s that great wouldn't you come forward with it. I think it's worth pointing out the way supplements are regulated. They're not supposed to make claims about treating disease exactly. I think the difference. You're talking about treating pain and treating depression which is what medical conditions does it manage. These types of conditions. we're not talking about treating or very little disease we're talking about your law. We’re talking about helping things. We’re talking about this as improving our health and well-being would not be from came. In the last two years if no hats 15 have not we all psychosis has side. Effects can do our detox QC everything every too much eyehole client coming in. It's not it's not large how to uninstall python amount you know we get forty clients a month. Our detox it's not large amounts of pregnant this when they do under drugs. We treat them the same as heroin or opiates coming witness that offense ignore. You're saying I’m not completely disagreeing with what you’re saying. Your personal experience but what I'm saying is we need more information yeah. Well and that's and that's why this debate is so compelling.

When you lack the information you're making guesses. I feel like I'm up here on the stage and I came into this debate completely open-minded. I feel like I still need more information because. I understand completely where you’re coming from. I'm drawn to the arguments that if there are absolutely no formal studies out there. We're just having people wing it that's scarcity. I think we can probably agree at least from the medical side that it sounds like. There is potential there's definitely a possibly nice role for this. But just it hasn’t been adequately studied we don't know the dosage. We don't know some of the other potential side effects interactions things. We like to know when we start to make the car any that normal studies. It's like you're starting to tell hereabout studies. At Ole Miss at the University of Massachusetts. Studies are going on right now on how to uninstall python Stanford Columbia. University waits to get things in the food supply even things like this. 

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