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How To Turn Off Nintendo Switch

Let me know if there are any specific games. I definitely should try out any accessories. I need all that good stuff so I want to go ahead and open this up to see. What's in the box real quick and then also go ahead and run through the setup process. It gives some How To Turn Off Nintendo Switch first impressions. Let's go ahead and begin did buy this from Amazon. Does go in and out of stock pretty often. I’ll link to that down below anyway. Let’s open this up plug it in set it up very simple. Let's go ahead and open it up and right away. You have the Nintendo switch along with your two joy on controllers. I'll set this aside for just a second to figure out what else is in here. Some quick booklets and a bunch of packaging to kind of protect everything that’s in. Here you go looks like your controller for when you have it docked. At least a placeholder for those controllers believe. You have anthemia cable right here nothing too crazy. Let’s see what else this looks like as part of your dock. I don’t think this is dock this is a bracelet to put on your wrist.

While you’re playing so you don't accidentally drop it continuing. You have your AS adapter and power which uses great to see. They have adapted USB type-c as well and then of course. Let's go ahead and take out what should be the dock didn't. Meant rip that no big deal that was just packaging and slides it on out. Here we go Nintendo switch dock slide it right on in there. You should be good to go so. Let's go ahead and power on the switch that looks like this dock. Opens up right here which is where you put your out slot and an AS adapter as well finally. Let's go ahead and grab those controllers controller is smaller. I kind of expected it to be expected to be a little bit larger grab both the left and right ones. Here they are is just a bit of a closer look button on the right side looks like. You have plus and minus buttons well and then your right and left triggers up top. Your offset joysticks down at the bottom right and upper left. Now as I mentioned the How To Turn Off Nintendo Switch controllers felt a little bit small but I think. Once I connected to something and I kind of want to find out. How easy this is so that's slide righting and connects that was very simple didn’t seem cheap at all. Now it locks in like this when you're holding it so yeah that helped make it feel. A little bit bigger in your hand however I mean even these buttons are still a little bit smaller. I'm used to I have been playing the Xbox consistently.

I ‘mused to I believe this would be the release button right here. It is you just go ahead and press it in slide ion up so very easy to dock inside this controller and then finally. You have your console of course so let's go ahead and boot this guy up find the power button. As I mentioned I haven’t seen too much coverage on this device. Power buttons in the upper left-hand corner booted on up there we go Nintendo right away. Let's take a look at some of the outside design features of it. So you have a USB type-c slot right there for your power. You'll see it wants you to go ahead and dock those controllers. I'll do that in just a second you have volume rockers along with that power button up at the top looks like a vent right. Here also have a slot for your game cards along with a headphone jack. So if you’re on the go you don't have to use the speakers. Listen to the How To Turn Off Nintendo Switch music and that’s pretty much it right there. Let’s go ahead and dock these controllers and run through the setup real quick. I'm also going to go ahead and connect it to a monitor as well to make sure. We get the kind of full experience when setting it up so there. We go docked it recognizes that I’ve docked it and intend to switch booting. Once upend of course English selected.

How To Turn Off Nintendo Switch

I do want to make note that if you have any tips tricks anything like that. Go ahead and drop a comment down below. I'm going to accept the license agreement hopefully. Nothing soft park-related happens to mesa check. For Network so it looks like it’s going to connect to a Wi-Fi network alright. So it is attempting to connect to my Wi-Fi network seems like it’s doing a good job. I do want to make a note while holding this in using it using that keyboard to type in my password. It’s a lot wider than I kind of expected it to be so it kind of didn’t notice. A lot bigger bezels than I had expected as well of course it is a touchscreen. I can just go ahead okay without going without using my controls. I don't want to know let’s go ahead and set the time I am in Chicago press a connect the TV. I'm going to Togo and do that later like. I mentioned I'll do that all at the end detach enjoy. Conn controllers from the console hold and release the button. We already actually How To Turn Off Nintendo Switch went over that let’s go ahead and do it. I guess and of course, it lets you know it doesn't need to be docked. Controllers and you can go ahead and use. There’s a stand on the back that reveals the micro SD card slot for those of you. Wondering or you can go ahead and use the stand prop to open a prop up.

You’re a Nintendo switch and then of course use your controllers. You'll need the following to set all of these up let’s go ahead okay. Once you open the day you can go ahead and like. I mentioned those slots that are in the back fit okay next. I’m going to go and do that should be very easy to do so now alright. Here's the back of our dock. I'm going to go ahead and plug in that USB type-c slot along with the HDMI into the HDMI out port. Our dock there we go so plug that in and of course. You can go ahead and wind whatever cables around have a nice little opening. So it seems like it's not going to interfere at all. Now that’s plugged in let's go ahead and grab our switch try right next to me. It says go ahead and dock it so I don’t know exactly there's a specific method to do. I need to be careful if it’s going to click in. I feel like this I just set it down so I just set it down it looks like. I might display it worked so it didn't necessarily snap-in or anything. You just set it down and it went ahead and transmitted the image. I’ll show you alright so I went ahead and docked the two How To Turn Off Nintendo Switch controllers. You can see the image that appeared on my display. I'm going to go ahead and run through hit success and we'll see set. I kind of nickname now going in next there are more options. I'm going to go ahead and go to that just. You can kind of see looks like you can change the background change. Your character there’s a ton of different ones looks like. I'm just going to go ahead and choose Mario. Now at the red background no big deal for me. There we go now change a user name. Let's try King 77 hit the plus button for okay and here we go you see user will be added hit okay. We're going to skip because I’m not going to add anyone else.

Now I know my roommates will be happy that they get a chance to play this. Anyway, parental controls don't need. Since it’s my setup completely press that home button. We are at the dashboard now so insert a game card or download software. I mentioned I'm in Botany games yet so go ahead and drop a comment and give me some suggestions. You have news about a shop album controller system setting. Let’s go to system settings real quick and see what there is airplane mode screen brightness. When it’s undocked screen lock parental controls internet data management. Users, I bow themes nice so you can change it to basic black instead of white. It’s a little bit different a is to select and B is to go back so a little different to get used to. At least the placement of those buttons sleeps,s mode controllers. You can change your resolution up to 1080p. I'm going How To Turn Off Nintendo Switch to select that which was already at screen burning reduction as an option. Then system settings systems update all that good stuff so now I'm going to go ahead and disconnect. My switch from the dock very easy go ahead and pop it out. You’re good to go you’ll see console batteries at 48% go ahead and hit back of course.

You can use this controller still if I'd like to navigate through so that was very easy. Now I'm going to go ahead and drop it down again like. I mentioned it didn’t connect feel like it connected to something like you would plug in a USB slot into it. There we go took a little bit of time. Once I docked it but it did go ahead and drop on upending. Let's go ahead and hit News and see what that is take screenshots quick intros. You a bunch of information on how to get things going and then a shop. It looks like a system update was required so shop to buy games. All that good stuff so that's my unboxing first impressions of being. The intent of switch pretty excited to try it out and use it. I'm going to go ahead and play less.

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