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How To Turn Off Fire Alarm?

We are in the main electrical room on the first floor. Okay for that panel there’s a 4100 as it does just about it monitors. The whole fire alarm in the building is caught on the alarm it will shut down all your air handlers. It will sound all the horns and visuals How To Turn Off Fire Alarm everywhere you have a pull station behind you and we also monitor the elevator. So if you have an alarm on your elevator it will shut down your elevator or recall it to the individual floor. That you need first off basically the way the system works is that you see a flashing light on this thing. You hit the button under it and that will tell you what the problem is okay and for some reason. Everybody doesn’t like touching a firearm they're afraid of it. You know I don't I have not understood that yet this one's your firearm. If the horns and visuals are going off in the band the building’s making noise.

You hit a lot of silence that will shut up the horns historic the strobes will stay flashing okay. If it goes off first thing everybody needs to do is get the heck out of the building fire. The fire department likes to see this thing making noise and everybody out of the How To Turn Off Fire Alarm building. If they need somebody they will call somebody in to come in here and handle the panel. If they can't handle it okay so you need to shut up the panel to make it. So you can talk in here first thing you do is hit alarm silence that shuts the noise up strobe stay flashing. If you want to see it we can hit a pull station right there, and we can. I can show you how that works next thing you do is that red light will be flashing right here. Underneath right above that you hit the button and it will tell you across here. What it is where it is and the address of it okay and that when this thing starts making noise. All the events are being transmitted into monitoring. So if you have an alarm monitoring has been notified fire departments on the way.

Okay when you want to clear all the strokes from work you want to put it back to normal hit system reset. Nate will after about 45seconds to a minute the stroke stops flashing and your panels back to normal. Your air handlers will turn on okay if you have an How To Turn Off Fire Alarm alarm at a duck detector. It’s not going to cause an alarm it will give you a supervisory and will shut down. That air handler only everything else stays up and operational and once you clear. They once the alarm is cleared on that duck detector you hit system reset again and that will get that. That will reset the alarm Supervisory alarm and get the air handler back up and running again. Supervisory also tells you about your water flows and tampers through the valves. That shut off the water if somebody closes a valve you’ll get a supervisory alarm that's. If you have water flowing you're going to get a fire alarm with all the bells and whistles going. So that means you have water flowing somewhere in the building. If it comes across on your water flow if you have a ground fault or an open circuit on a wire or a bad AV.

How To Turn Off Fire Alarm

Something then you're going to get trouble okay when to trouble. When the trouble comes on you don't need to hit alarm silence. Because that's not going to do anything for you and you're not going to Brittan resets not going to do anything for you. Okay, hit the How To Turn Off Fire Alarm trouble hit the button underneath the flashing yellow light on trouble. That'll shut the panels up and will tell you what the problem is when you get somebody out here to fix it. Okay because no matter how many times you hit alarm silence and system reset. It won't do anything to clear the alarm yeah I've got to hit the trouble to acknowledge. The panel beeping and Andy if it's a ground fault then it’s intermittent. It will come in and out all the time until the ground is fixed and these are five passes on the side. So if you want to do some stuff in the building bypass the panel. So it doesn't you know somebody’s working on the system. So it doesn’t make noise or anything then you can use the bypasses on deciding.

You can bypass the audible you can bypass the visuals elevator and any of the control points. Control points are like your air handlers and stuff like that do you guys anybody know. How to log in to a level three okay you want to try it it’s easier. Because How To Turn Off Fire Alarm I can show you all day long on it and everybody seems to run forget. How to make it work the first thing you do system is normal right now the first thing. You're going to do the login level three you have to be at level three to do anything. Okay, what is a little three-minute you're logging into the panel at level three to give? Your access to do things inside the panel okay first thing. You're going to do is hit the menu first thing that comes up is to change the access level okay. Then you hit enter right now you’re at level one so you're going to log in. So you'll hit number one now enter in passcode it's three number three’s three in your access granted. You are now level three okay it exits and if you want to bypass one two three everything is now bypass.

If you have an alarm on to smoke you won’t get the air handlers won't work the elevator is bypassed. So if you hit an elevator smoke in front of the elevator it won't do anything the horns. The horns won't work individuals won’t stroke okay. But if you do an How To Turn Off Fire Alarm alarm with this on you need to make sure you put your monitoring on the test. Because if you don’t put your monitoring on test and even though this is bypassed. Monitoring is still receiving everything and it will dispatch the fire department. If they get an alarm okay and did you have to call them first to tell the major. You should call them first before you do anything any kind of controlling of the panels. Okay okay and then when after a while after15 minutes this. Maybe will log back outfit will go back to 11:1 okay so if you want to turn these backoff. You have to log back into a level-three menu enter 1 33 3 enter get your grantee and you just hit the buttons again. These are toggle on/off buttons okay these are little lights. We have on here if this light is on the panel pies via the noisemaker on this panel.

This shut up you can weaken that we can get it to where we can shut up this panel. So it doesn’t beep this one is for the remote annunciator up there in the stairwell is. If the annunciators shut up everything still works the same is just it's not going to be this one How To Turn Off Fire Alarm here is. If it picks up a ground phone anywhere in the system this light will pop on all right okay. Let’s say now I'm going to just go to bring up a point that's a pull station. That’s the pull station behind you okay let’s say you're the fire department didn't find. Anything wrong pull station false alarm and it's broken it’s stuck in right. Now it's reading normal when it's in alarm and you have the red light on it will say a fire. Once you have verified that that baby is closed ok just normal and it and a panel won’t reset. You login level 3 you hit a button to look at that and then you hit disabled ok and it'll give you.

It’ll lock any troubles telling you that that pull station is disabled now. You can alarm silence reset to get the panel back to normal. So everything else will work everything else except for that whole station okay and then. If we get it fixed then you just renewable How To Turn Off Fire Alarm it and get it back online again with a new full station. Because sometimes you have an alarm like smoke or something floating around. That you can’t clear disable it and we can go on from there and you just do the same thing again. You look at the trouble and hit your Mable hit enter and it will count down now see. Where it says enable on here if it says enable it will enable like usual okay. If it says an alarm because they will set you if you have something else wrong with it. If it says an alarmist’s going to go back into alarm the moment you re-enable it. Okay, so you want to make sure you hit disable again to keep it disabled. So it won't cause them along that's about it okay you Can do much.

You can except for the major controlling functions here like logging in and be enabling and disabling stuff. You can only do that here because this is the main panel that’s just an annunciator up there. So all you can do the normal controls from here are there How To Turn Off Fire Alarm in the stairwell code. But you can't control individual points you can't do this up. There you have to be here to do all those functionalities okay upstairs by the elevators. You have callboxes yes first floor this is the other annunciator. The other annunciator is what this one is this is for this second-floor call box. This is the third-floor call box and you use this phone to talk. When they hit the button up there it will this here will start beeping at you. Okay, you hit the button to make it steady, and make sure you press this button on the side of the phone. You can talk to whoever's up there okay and if you want to make alcohol it’s this baby. All you don't want to use it this will give you all speaker seven in the whole Vale.

But just like you're going to get set to all the speakers in the evict mode. You'll hear that the evacuation tone going across all the speakers. Okay if you want to talk to everybody on through the whole building. Okay if that you see it you wait to legit screen test How To Turn Off Fire Alarm one two three that tells. Your announcement you can turn it off if you want to do the all speaker Yvette. That's all it go turn it off turtle this is only a test please disregard it. Thank you for the difference between this panel and the one Indianuncia or the one in the stairwell. As you will see it has a key lock on the front of it okay the buttons do not work up there until. You shove in a key you’ve got to have the just like a regular pull station key it's the same one-two resets the pull stations. You got to unlock it to do an alarm silence order system reset. You can do you can acknowledge troubles up there. But you cannot alarm silence and you cannot reset from there unless. You have a key and you got to turn the key you got to turn it on this thing is the best thing to do come in here.

You don’t need to keep those leaves I don't unless you got to have it. You can't get to heart that's why that's over there all right now to do a test fire are lower. Which we have to do three out of engineering the mode here notifies. Notify the monitor monitoring How To Turn Off Fire Alarm system okay and then pull the postage football section right back right here. Anywhere they come in here silence and solace the and alarm silent. I'm in a system reset reason fifty you fix after you reset the pulsation stage. Can you activate it without political decision it’s not programmed to do it? But yes the easiest is the easiest by far because if make it a button. You're going to have to log in okay the easiest by far is just doing to pull stations all of those station booms. You’re up and running every year you guys spark up the heaters in the air conditioning. The duct detectors come up as a supervisory they will not be transferred. They'll be transmitted to monitoring but monitoring does not send the fire department. On supervisory only on the alarms, that’s why the duct detectors are programmed is supervisory do.

They call do they come they will call you they ever everything happens here. They will call you guys we go if it's an alarm they’re calling the fire department first venue. If it's anything else they ‘recalling you okay so it Wendy it. When you get the air handlers How To Turn Off Fire Alarm all nice and warmed up and everything and everything’s clear. Yeah, it should be able to just hit reset into clips and the duct detectors are only with output and return. So as supply and return yeah okay so the only one that will really sound off of is supply.

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