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How To Tell Partner They Fat

This is so unfair if he is into skinny girls why would he want to be with me in the beginning. Why would he put me into this if I am nowhere near what How To Tell Partner? They Fat he’s attracted to. I don't deserve this two years ago I met this cute guy. While I was studying at the local library he came in and browsed around on the opposite side of the room. I couldn’t stop looking at him he started walking toward me. I've never been so nervous, so I had to take my eyes off him and instead stared at my computer screen. So he wouldn't notice that I was looking but he was so cute that. I couldn’t let him walk by so I gathered up the courage to go speak to him. Hi I'm Nicole I introduced myself he greeted me back and told me his name I told him that. I'm new in town and looking for new friends. OH, I'm actually new here too he sat down on the opposite side of the table.

We got into a very nice conversation and even went out for a walk together at the end of the day. I found out that he was also my age we hit it off right away and exchanged numbers. After that day we spent a lot of time together and got to know How To Tell Partner They Fat each other better. I enjoyed his company and always imagined how nice it would be. If he was my boyfriend but one awful day he told me that he had to move to another town. I felt so heartbroken he asked if we could try to do long-distance and that he wanted to be with me. But I was so adamant that it wouldn’t work out so, in the end, we decided to call it off. But promised each other that if we were ever in the same place again and if we're both still single. We would try again as the days go by I tried to keep busy and hope that I stopped missing him at some point. And for a little while, I felt like I was getting better but I wasn’t found myself stressed.

And overthinking because I had been missing him so much I had never missed someone like this. Before-after a while I couldn’t bear with that feeling anymore. So I decided to call him it turned out that he also spent a lot of time missing me as well. So we How To Tell Partner They Fat both agreed that we would give our relationship a try even if it meant being in a long-distance. One we managed to make it work with a distance and would always visit each other. When we had a chance we introduced each other to our families he became part of my family. And I became part of his we did many things together like having dinner. And going on holiday with both of our families everything was going great. Until he started to go out a lot and see those beautiful skinny girls. Everywhere like that's when his words and his comments about my appearance got a little too harsh. One day out of nowhere he started telling me about the girls he saw in the club. You know those girls in the club have great bodies and they can wear nice dresses.


How To Tell Partner They Fat

Why don't you lose weight so you can look like them after that day he kept telling me. That he didn't like chubby girls and that he wasn’t attracted to me anymore. I didn’t know what to think or feel in one moment he'd be so affectionate and switched to How To Tell Partner They Fat being cold. The next I kept questioning myself thinking does he love me is he going to break up with me. Because I’m too big for his liking I was so confused so I told him that. I tried my best to lose weight and to look better but because he kept saying all these harsh comments. I couldn't help but get upset I don't understand why would you decide to be with me. From the beginning if you weren't attracted to me I snapped at him I didn't deserve this. Not when I've been a good girlfriend I took good care of him I never lied or cheated. But being nice doesn't have anything to do with being chubby, does it? He responded his words tore me to pieces after that day I started hating myself in the way. I look I tried everything I could so I could fit into his definition of beauty.

But I was struggling I ate a lot less exercise a lot more but my weight didn't seem to go down. So I decided to go to the doctor and get myself checked out it turned out. I was diagnosed with polycystic ovary syndrome which made it even. More difficult How To Tell Partner They Fat for metro lose weight and while I was miserable dealing with all this. I would hear from our friends about him being flirty with other girls and it made me feel. So insecure everything that happened made me stressed a little. While later I found out that he'd become addicted to medication he would keep buying them. And ended up spending all his money on them it got to the point. Where he had no more money and was late for his rent for many months at a time. Until he got kicked out but luckily it didn't take too long until he realized that. This wasn’t the way he wanted to live so he decided to go to rehab for addiction and get himself treated. After a while, my ex was able to get back in control of his life. So we decided to give our relationship another chance this time is a little difficult though.

He moved to a place that is quite far away from where I lived so he managed to talk to each other via Face. Time we would spend hours on the phone every day even though we talked a lot I'd prefer to be close to him. So I came up with a plan to get a place How To Tell Partner They Fat for him close to my place all he has to do is fill out the application. But due to his history with addiction and Stinson rehab, his application was denied. I was trying so hard so we could live together but everything was going wrong. I was exhausted from figuring out all our problems putting ourselves together. And so was he you know what let's call this off he said call what off I asked us will never work. I don't like big girls and you know that my heart shattered all this time. I've been trying to make us work it was for nothing he lives too far. I tried to move him nearby he doesn't like big girls so I am trying to lose weight can't he see. I’m doing this because of him because of us after that day we had a huge fight. He refused to talk to me again he blocked me on everything. I missed him so much and I even asked my friends. If they can talk to him for me because they’re friends with him on social media.

I do not realize that I have done everything I can to make it work for our friends who have never been seen before. It would he know that I have to cry myself to sleep every night we then broke up a couple days later. I was sad and lonely I didn’t feel like How To Tell Partner They Fat myself for a long time after everything that happened at this moment. I was starting to lose some weight hoping he will come back. Because I was looking skinnier but he didn't while after our breakup. I finally felt better and came to realize that he didn’t love me for who I am at all instead. He loved me for who he wanted me to be the situation got me thinking about why was I giving my love to someone. Who wasn’t going to appreciate it why would I change myself to be so it had been a while since the breakup? And I can now say that I am finally happy being me and making a better change for myself. I am still trying to lose weight and look better I even started to enjoy my healthy diet. And different kinds of exercises I wanted to share this story with you. Because in the end, you can’t force someone to love you I tried to lose weight. Because I wanted him to love me but he left me any way you see you should be the one who loves yourself. If you were to change make sure that you ‘remaking a better change not for anyone else but for you.

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