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How To Teleport In Minecraft?

You're trying to locate there's a series of things you can find. If you're in the nether you can locate another fortress or the N city. You can in the main real world you can locate woodland mansions mine shafts abandoned. Mine shafts ocean monuments strongholds and temples and villages and with the temple. It's case sensitive it will give you a temple that could include a desert temple a jungle.

Temple witch hunt or an igloo so. You're not sure what you're going to find necessarily. When you go there but you can locate like. I said if you wanted to find a monument that's the closest or not necessarily. The closest but it is a monument and think about teleport to a monument. I'm not going to do it right now because I don't have the stuff. I'm not prepared to fight my way through an ocean monument. but what I will show you I'll show you a couple of them.

I'll show you um a woodland mansion those are fun. Let's go there first to teleport myself there would go to the teleport and my username. I say where I want to go the value is always a question mark. It's not going to give youth height so if you put it high up like four hundred. You’ll fall and die you don't want to do. If also if you put like 10 you'll just be stuck inside of near bedrock. You’ll so die so you want to pick up a place that you'll hit an open kind of open area. You won't fall too far so I try75 it's worked out for me pretty well for certain things.

Let's just try that and see what happens and hopefully like. I said I won't die we were going to the How To Teleport In Minecraft mansion so why did. I put that in 8 5 2 0 usually don’t have that many locations in there one time okay here. We are inside of a woodland mansion that was nice notice the number. They gave me did not put me inside of a wall that was kind of them um. You can hear that guy complaining in the background. Who's that three-hole starlight but that is how you can locate and teleport. The temple ones are fun toot go to so I'll go ahead and teleport to a temple.

Was negative eleven thousand 240 my y-value again. I'm geniuses seventy-five and sixty-nine thirty-six. Now I am missing a section where they would have given me an error. I have to put my username in there first OH what happened it's like. I felt a little bit, okay but I survived so that was nice alright. So again seventy-five might not have been the best height. But it seemed to do an okay job got me alive inside. This jungle temple sounds pretty cool alright. Let's do one more I’m not going to the ocean monument.

How To Teleport In Minecraft?

I’ll try and locate something else that’ll go to locate a village and teleport back. There teleport me tithe village my y-value I'll pick 75again seems to like. I said do okay former six nine six eight josh. I went up a little bit high up in there How To Teleport In Minecraft but fortunately. I landed on this building I didn't fall off the edge that was nice okay all rights. I'm in this village all right so again the locate spells. I didn’t do that one you can also locate the mine shaft. Now you need to be careful with abandoned mine shafts abandoned. Mine shafts are usually on the edge of a large ravine so locate you know. When you teleport there you might fall into the ravine or you might go too high in the air.

Now look the butternut squash comes all the way out to right. One there's a bunch of their there's the fence there's the inside of the garden. Here is the fence and here are the pumpkins coming way out and then. Here's the main pumpkin patch there is a cute pumpkin right there. This guy grew on the fence this one got a little confused and grew in the fence well. Now every single year she blesses our family with a load of squash and it happens to be Arthur’s favorite food. I'm thankful for that about how many squashes do you think. You’re going to harvest this year um.

I think we might have like 70 or 80 of them from four little tiny hills of squash How To Teleport In Minecraft and in each Hill. I might have let two or three plants grow so this is Avery's small area that you see. They starting but then they spread all over the place so you have twosome space to grow. You have to squish the little beetles that get on them that also get on all the other squash and that keeps. The leaves green Mick has been scored squishing a hundred 300 at a time. Some days and the greens have all come back.

They're continuing to grow how do you know that they're ripe. This is what they look like when they’re ripe. They are they turn this nice tan and you can't push your thumbnail through the shell once. They’re ripe it's a good hard shell and that’s what you want for it to be able to last. In the winter you will lose a few anew will rot especially if they have an insect hole in them. You have when we cut them we have to cut leave some stem on them. The hole will also produce rot you know that it's the ready topic. When you can't put your thumbnail through the skin make a dent.

You’re not going to be able to cut. it’s really hard and you can wait almost until Frost. They'll keep hardening out here so do the squash cure out in the garden. Maybe they begin to harden now the curing process. I've read and we've never done this before what we've always done is just How To Teleport In Minecraft picked them. Put them in a box and stuck them under a bed in a cool room. I've read this year is that you want to leave them in a room. Put them in a cool dry place so it just gives them a little harder shell.

We’re going to try that this year. We’ve always had pretty success and just lost a handful of them. You have to check them regularly because they stink when they rot if. They get too far into that bed you might get to check them so once you pick them. They've once you once they've cured a little in the field and then you pick them. Then you take them home to cure how do you store them okay. I go down to the grocery and get boxes these shallow boxes. I'll store them in open boxes going back and forth. They can stack up about five or six high. Sometimes under the bed sometimes in the spare bedroom in Christopher’s bedroom.

So he comes home from school and has to sleep. For all the products we just keep that door shut. We don't heat the room at all and helices to sleep in a cool bedroom. It works pretty well could you show us How To Teleport In Minecraft real quick the way to successfully pick squash. It stores well sure now all of this squash isn't quite done. We’re going to pick some of the ones that have a browner stem. How that’s one of the ways we also know that they’re more ready to picks. A nice brown stem and she cut it as far away as. She could to the vine and it's brown on the inside as well look at all that squash yeah. It's nice and it's so delicious I think. We've got almost 50 here and maybe another 30 out. We're not sure because some of them are hiding they are still a little green.

We're going to leave them until maybe a week or two. We have to get them before the first frost all right. Let’s go look at those pumpkin good morning grandpa. We're a pimp we're kicking the bucket what kind of pumpkins did you grow. These are Connecticut fuel pumpkins what are they good for don't know. They're pretty I just threw him in I had a little patch. We had our manure pile and um and I didn’t know what to put in it so. I just put through in a few pumpkin seeds and they just ran all over the place use two hands on them. Your knife there's some prickly things on their good job. All eighty very nice it's green and orange. Mm-hmm use two hands and just lift real hard very pretty there's the pumpkin. Here we have what Grandma and Grandpa shared with us they told me.

They're going to give me half of that butternut squash so. I’ll have to pick the rest of that up another day I got to make a spot for it at my house. I think I'm going to start naming our log on How To Teleport In Minecraft acquire free food through the community. We are so blessed people just keep pouring out their abundance to us. Something that shook me was that no money was given it was food. It was time it was heart was the energy it was thought. I mean I think everyone knows that all those things are more important than money. I believe that when you receive them and in such a great amount. We have lately that it kind of hits homes to you and another thing. I was thinking about it just thinking about it in days past. When communities were much smaller that there would probably be a lot more of that kind of gifting.

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