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How To Teleport In Minecraft

We're going to look at the TP command and a teleport command in Mine craft. Now as you can tell I've been busy today planting some trees and building a house. And also doing a little bit of exploring on this flat map and I found out that there’s an NPC village not How To Teleport In Minecraft too far away. This is perfect because today when we look at how to teleport. We're going to be teleporting from that town and then back to my house. So let's go ahead and get started so before we get to typing out the TP command. I want to go ahead and show you guys what I've been working on and how it's going to apply to the teleportation commands. So here’s my house it’s not much it's kind of small but it’s kind of homey. I have all the essentials down here at the bottom with my crafting table and furnace in bed. And then up on top, I have a spot to put my armor with a nice model of my own player head. And then some music and a little bit of simple red stone stuff you know simple on/off switches.

So anyway that’s my house and if we go outside. Now I’ll introduce you guys to my horse Sakami and my pig somehow these two animals are going to be very helpful. Today as you look at the TP command both Atari and Zoe is going to be the perfect test subject for us. To use those targets electors and the TP command all at once. So let's go ahead and get started How To Teleport In Minecraft with the TP command we don't have to memorize every single command. But it will happen because we’re going to use the commands over and over in fun ways and not. Because we're going to sit down and memorize the exact syntax for every command. So the way we're going to go about that is if we go ahead and type our commands into the chat. And then press ENTER we'll be given the exact syntax of the command without having to memorize it. Now the TP command looks a little bit intimidating right now. But it's because it’s extra-long and the reason for that is that there are two different ways.

That you can use is a command if you look at the top section of the line. You’ll see that the first option was all the way over here until the ore and then. The second option continues into the end of the second line. Now let's go ahead and start with the How To Teleport In Minecraft second option because we need to learn about coordinates. Which are these X Y Z sections of the code so let’s go ahead and talk about coordinates. Now so as you guys may already know coordinates are a way to represent numerical data. Where you are on the Mine craft map now if you think about it the Mine craft map is one big grid. It has a north and south axis and an east and west axis besides this. It also has what’s called a y-axis and this is because the Mine craft map has depth. That is you can go up and down on the map so if I go ahead and get a block here. And then jump and place it I've now gone up on the axis. Let's look at the north and south axis and the east and west axis or as are also known the X and the Coordinates. If you look at the screen you’ll see that I have a note about it. How you can exactly pull these up based on your operating system.

How To Teleport In Minecraft

So go ahead and take a look at that for now I'm going to go ahead and press function f 3. Since I ‘musing Mac OS X now that we have the debug screen pulled up you can see that. There’s a lot of information that we can look at but all we need to look at now are How To Teleport In Minecraft the XY and z coordinates. Displayed right here worthy of note also though is if you go down three lines you can see that. There is a section that says facing this makes it much easier to figure out. Which way we want to go with the coordinates so instead of having to figure it out. Where we're going by going like this and watching all the coordinates move. We can read the facing line to see that we're now facing south towards positive Z and if we rotate. We're facing west towards negative X and so on and so forth so let’s go ahead and talk about it. How we can use these coordinates to move around the map with the TP command. Alright everyone so as promised we're going to teleport from my house to that town way out there in the distance. As you can see right through the trees so let's go ahead and use our very first TP command to get from here. To there we're going to type /tP and press Enter so we can see the command to make it.

A little easier now we're going to type /tp and then we're going to use the target selector variable. We learned in the last video to teleport the nearest player which is ourselves. Since we're the only player on this map then we’re going to go ahead and press How To Teleport In Minecraft space and now. We're going to type in the coordinates to where we want to go now. I’ve already got these coordinates so we can go ahead and teleport there and you don't have to worry. About the actual numbers, they're representing the exact spot on the grid. That we want Togo so there we go we have the X the Y and the Z coordinates all set up to teleport. The nearest player so let’s press Enter and we're now in the town that was way off in the distance. If we look back this way we can see those trees are all the way back there in the distance with my house. So let’s go ahead and work on teleporting back to the house. But using a different method instead of using coordinates to teleport from this. Town back to my house we’re going to use the first option present it to us for the TP command.

So let's go ahead and use it by typing TP and then typing out the target player. We wish to teleport which is ourselves now here’s the new stuff the destination player. We want to teleport to actually isn't a player it's an entity and that's. Because we’re going to How To Teleport In Minecraft teleport to our very own Sooty so we're going to use this new target selector variable. Which we saw in the last video but we didn't use and that’s @e now we're not going to talk. About entities in any sort of depth right now we want to know that soul is a pig and pigs are entities. So what we need to do now is tell Mine craft which entity we want to go to and to do this. We're going to open up our bracket and we're going to use what’s called a trait. If you look at the chart that I have displayed on the right side of the screen. You can see that there are many different traits that we can use with our entity tag for now. Let’s go ahead and use the type trait let's press ENTER and now type the actual type.

That we want to go to which is a pig okay we're now ready to teleport the nearest player to the entity of type Pig. It, so happens that there's only one Pig on this map and so we know this will work. So let's go ahead and teleport there we go we've teleported to Sooty How To Teleport In Minecraft and we're now back at the house. But what if we want to teleport acai instead of soul now we could do what. We did and teleport to an entity with the type of horse but let's go ahead and try something new. Let’s go ahead and do TP @ p for the nearest player which is ourselves and then. We're going to do at being for an entity with the name equal to Sakami close the bracket and we've now teleported. Using the named trait because we understand how the TP command works are now ready to very discuss. The teleport command and this is because they're very similar. The main difference being that the TP command uses coordinates. Those are relative to the player whereas the teleport command uses coordinates. That is relative to where the command was executed now. We don’t need to talk about that right now because we're going to save that for the command block.

That we’re going to do with the advanced series and that's because of all the commands. That we're going to be executing are going to be coming right from How To Teleport In Minecraft the player. Since we're using them in the chat and not using them in some other system. So let's go ahead and type in the teleport command so we can see it on the screen and see that. It’s almost exactly the same but it only has one way of being used. Whereas the Command had two different ways of being used now the very last thing. I discuss is relative positioning and I’ve already made mention of it. Talking about the teleport command but I want to talk about it in the context of the Command.

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