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How To Tame a Parrot In Minecraft

In the beautiful world of Mine craft, it's been a while since I played that acid. I'll show you how to tame parrots in this game part centers game is kind of cool my opinion. They are the coolest creations that you can chain because unlike other creations. They keep following you all the time. When you take a fox for example it doesn't follow you. When you take a parrot in this game it follows you. It keeps being our side most of the time sometimes it leaves you. If you get too far away but mostly it just follows you. What the hell is that is that's like what the hell is that an about right boat. A sinking boat or something with well other animals is also loyal to you. You fall off to attain them as well. I think that the parrots are the most friendly I don't know what the hell is that overcoming from it. There's fire over there it just doesn't make any sense what there is lava out. Nowhere had it said there is no volcano here where's that lever coming from. We're underground it doesn't make sense sometimes. I was that further just to type into showing you how to chambers. In this game so yes first of all. You need to know where pirates spawn in this game. They mostly spawn in John's toes so what you need to do is to find the jungle. Which is not in this freaking safe far longer make another one?

I let's cross our fingers that this is going to be a jungle game like hopefully. There is a jungle after and the other one was Islands what the hell holy. Look at our luck we were spawned in a jungle no we were not no. We were not spawned there I'm in a jungle but yeah just thought were looking for what. You to look for as a jungle with longest trees around saying long trees. These long trees that you find interest in and movies that's exactly what. We’re looking for not these stupid trees what the hell you talking okay. What the hell shopping that part over there is hope in that part. Over there hopefully no there is no hope in that power there right. I guess a dragon I'll try again you know I'll keep going until. Is how you the right jungle you need to look at the part for what the hell? After a thousand years for you to leave the game okay that is the kind of jungle. I'm looking How To Tame a Parrot In Minecraft for not internally but you know when you find some small trees and some kind of tall trees in the world. Then it could work obviously if the trees are all tall it will be much better. I've been to a thousand games already. I don't want to look any further but yeah this will work. This will work- this kind of jungle also is you know can have some turrets in it. Sometimes so what yeah that's a purse live in jungles with kind. You know small and large trees in the middle or just large fries. You know both good works alright now the next step is to look for a damper so yeah it could be a while alright. I found one right in this tree so yeah. I think also small trees could work like for Walter trees. This parrot is just you know chilling at that over there.

I know this the first husband's house about as hard. I try not to kill because I'm sick of it I don't think there's any other part. Anywhere like that's all the part in you. Berkley's parents do not exactly be in a group together like the horses and the chief or whatever. It’s just power at a time that's what I figured right. Now I think before I found a couple of cars together so I want to hit it so bad. I want to hit it with my hand. I'm just so stalking this is too loud this is - like common off all the monsters alright. So next what do parrots eat now the Paris right? Eat wheat seeds now before that they used to eat something else. Now they just eat the seeds where do you get How To Tame a Parrot In Minecraft the weed seeds well. You get them anywhere if you just you know keep destroying Grandson grasses. You could get one or two in each one of them you will just get them naturally. While you play the game don't even worry about it anyways. Once you feed the parents with this weed seed now you keep feeding them. Until you find hearts. All of our place so it could be like 10 times it could be12 it depends on the power.

How To Tame a Parrot In Minecraft

This parrot is kind of greedy like seriously took it 15. At his is greedy anyways after you tame the parrot what you are doing. If you want the parrot to follow you need to keep holding the wheat. Your hand I will follow you everywhere right Mr. Parrot are you going to follow me. Everywhere I'm gonna and to embarrass me in front of people although. We're supposed to follow. You while you have the wheat right in front of you but because I feed that at 15 seeds. Then obviously is not that hungry but yeah usually he will follow you. When you have the wheat seed in your hand also if. You go so close them here will be chained in your shoulder. You will you know go right into your soldier like that double dope. Now I have him in my solder do you like my skin by the way? This is beautiful no my I always eat he will be on your shoulder. Now, you can take up to two parrots in the children. I can't look for the second part in here to show you that's only part of Father. In the jungle, he rented the whole jungle for himself oh yeah. You can't take him on your shoulder. You can do whatever you want with him you know just you know keep holding the seeds. If you want him How To Tame a Parrot In Minecraft to follow you sometimes. You will follow you without even holding the seeds. But you know the seeds have a bit of a better bigger radius or following like without like. The seeds he will still follow you sometimes right Mr. Part.

You going to follow me sometimes yeah there we go is coming. It's coming down to me there we go so with all the seeds. He will still follow you but if you hold the seeds the radius of the following kind increases. So he will follow you even if you are a little bit further. But he will still stop following you at some certain distance. There is a fun fact is that cookies used to be the thing that feeds the carrots. But now it kills them you know the reason. They did that is because chocolate is bad for a person's real-life and when they made the cookies. The thing that James the parrots some people thought that yeah. You know cookies are the things to feed them in real life and cookies have chocolate. They were harmful to the park so they changed instead of training to Paris. The cookies kill them like that's what our developers do to make people. You know realize that no cookies are bad for them so that's. How I killed it just now okay since I can't find another parrot in here so I'll just spawn one or two. Something so yeah you know before that cookie was the things. Used to How To Tame a Parrot In Minecraft change the parents but after they realized that cookies have chocolate. They're bad for Paris they could kill them they made the parents kill them. Instantly which is kind of a good thing for the developers like they made you real-life. Something that could be harmful was like they made you realize it too right away. They made you use the wheat seed to change the part outlets. See how many times 1/7 see the first part greedy 15 times. You kidding of course not, of course, it in these 15 times. This part is not that great the only seven times and us yours alright. We're done here go buy us apart and yeah that's all about shaming powers. In this game, hug funds you helpful, and yeah that's all supposed to guys live.

It's time to put a parrot on your shoulder and the snapshot is here. New Mine craft snapshot is here and parrots have been implemented into the game. So here is everything you need to know about some parrots is that I hear the elusive parrot here. In this jungle struggle snap oh there it is that is the blue Warbler parrot. You can tell it's the Bluebird or burl based on its blue feathering interest. It now seems like there may be another parroting this jungle paradise. Maybe not maybe it's just this blue one hello blue parrot so here. We are in this snapshot and parrots that's right we finally have parrots. They were have been teased on Twitter and now here they are in the actual game. Let's see if we can find a few others sometimes. It can be quite easy to find there's another one over there sometimes. They can seem a little bit more difficult kind of like. Any other How To Tame a Parrot In Minecraft mob in my craft will only spawn. Herein I'm sorry oh my gosh that scared me. They'll only spawn here in the jungle. I guess I guess we already hurt this guy that's just gone ahead. Kill him they have about three hearts so they can take any. Wherefrom five to six hits before they die and then. They drop very sad feathers. That was the saddest part of this video. I'm so sorry little parrot they dropped feathers. When they died they come in four different colors. Let's see if we can find any more look here's another one oh this is green.

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