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How To Store Green Onions

We're going to harvest some of these green onions which shallots. We grow them for green onions I did a video on how we grow these it'll be at the end of this video. If you want to check it out these grow very fast they taste just like green onions. It’s what everyone grows around here for green onions tastes the same. I think but they grow fast no got mouth what else today we're going to harvest a bunch clean them up. I’ll show you how I freeze them so we got them on hand. When we don't have any in the garden. We can grow these eight totem months a year. We get it just right can't get them to go year-round not yet we came real close one year. But yeah eight to ten months I say it’s about average. We can grow them here shaving a few in the freezer ready to goat’s nice and convenient. A lot better than buying them so I'm going to Arrest a basket full here.

We'll get them cleaned up just give me an idea how many. We have here that is 4 feet by 16feet long just about full. It was full some are bigger than others but you know that's normal. Let ‘stake them apart take the outside leaf and just pull it right off that’ll get sometimes you got to take two. They’re not any good anyway then you got yourself. A nice bean onions watch the roof wash it off will cut the roots off later. We won't just a few more to do How To Store Green Onions it goes pretty quick actually. Once you get at it these are a little bit small here’s. We got I started to just the ninth end off with my thumbnail get the roots off. It's only a few in the bottom that has roots on them. Now pretty easy to do it took less than 10minutes just have to do it. Now I'm going to cut these up into size pieces. I want to cook with so just little rings something like that. Let's put them back on the cookie sheet and freeze them as one layer on the cookie sheet. I'm going to be doing more than one ate time there it is that’s quite a bit on this.

One sheet huh they are a little bit wet. I'm going to let them dry a little bit before I freeze them. I'm going to freeze them like this and then tomorrow morning. I’ll let them freeze all night it's the morning I’ll break them up and pack them away didn’t look like. A lot in that basket that’s for sure but that's a lot of omelets right there. A lot will come backing the morning. When they were frozen break them up and maybe even try a few. How about How To Store Green Onions that but they're going in the freezer now it’s going to be two sheets. I don’t want to free the cutting board though. We'll try them out tomorrow check it outlooks cool again cool smells nice. I'm going to do just put it in these peanut butter jars nothing to it. You know put it in the fridge use it as I need it individually quick-frozen just got to shake out. I want so here's what we got out of that five and a half bottles just over five bottles. What it looks like it smells tastes everything just like it did fresh. You know which was yesterday no we'll give them a try and see.

How To Store Green Onions

It’s like should be good this is a Thai omelet meatless version of the recipe had done. Before just like that madam look at my omelet it makes it easy on us already pre-cut. Let's see the onion in there yeah perfect this is a Thai omelet this is the meatless version of a recipe. I have I’ll put that at the link at the end of this video delicious cleaning and cutting up. All those green onions take a little time. It's worth it in the end you know the time now saves time. Later nothing like having your homegrown food sitting and waiting for you that’s good. You never know they were frozen well that's it, guys. You want more information on how we grow this shallot link is in the video description to my website. I have a bunch more information right there and the video on unable to make this omelet which is something. You should try it’s from my cooking channel coming upright. How To Store Green Onions Now hot is delicious alright guys as always thanks for watching and eat and think at the same time. I have had some requests for the method of how to store. Thai here so that they are not spoiled as quickly this video I will show you my trick. You can do it at home to make sure you get the most out of your spring onion and current it. Now follow me tithe kitchen no wash and remove or live if Keefe or live is real. Spade to spoil another leaf and Tim top live spring onions Care under also remove a leaf and no watch for the trait.

Keep our water bottle and cut off of water bottle and keep. Now may cut on size of the bottle at Jones the rural is our two-year top. As cover a small amount of water the water will help keep vegetables fresh and Tim tough to make equal lengths. To allow overdo fit keep off cut to you in another recipe and track number two which is close in water ref. Coriander and spring an end in cheese cart at Jon sand Raphe again in the plastic backend. There are two How To Store Green Onions tricks on how to prepare and store this video. I key for around 3 weeks after this the trick will still work but always remember the longer you leave. Let fresh vegetables will stay both tricks will still some small leaves boy. However, won't live still be free if you love Thai food and all. We want tube able to make authentic Thai meal from the comfort of your kitchen. Then welcome to Thai chef food channels my channel will take you on culinary journeys. I will personally teach you all you need to know to be able to prepare and enjoy authenticity.

I’m going to show you how to preserve your fresh spring onions the first you wash them. Then we take paper towels and dry them then you cut the spring onions into smaller pieces. You've got the root you're notional use the red then you can cut it close to the root, not the least which usually. I would use them for curries so you can preserve them separately. You don’t then you can just keep them together but I will keep them separate. Then the top part just How To Store Green Onions cut them into smaller pieces put in group curries. All right turn off the kitchen you grab a Ziploc bag and put all of them in it. The buttons wide part of the spring onions we are going to cut into small pieces. It’s more crunchy when you cut them put them in a separate zip lock bag. Now you can preserve them separate each such.

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