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How To Store Fresh Parsley?

How I store my cilantro and parsley and a lot of people had questions about how I do it. This method that I have will extend the life of your um herbs and make them um stay nice and fresh for quite a long time. These are the leftovers of what I did a month How To Store Fresh Parsley ago and we're going to open these up and take a look at them. How they are and then I’m going to show you my tip for extending the life of this beautiful green parsley and cilantro. So join me it's Wednesday what’s up and let's put this parsley and cilantro away in a matter. That will allow it to stay fresh for weeks so like a month ago I placed a grocery order and some reason. I went absolutely crazy with the cilantro and the parsley had plans to do all this stuff and with work. Everything I just didn’t get to it one of the things I’ve had problems with before is.

I buy the parsley in cilantro have it in the regular bag it comes through you know the produce bag. I throw in the refrigerator and within a matter of days, it goes bad. So I’ve uh discovered a process to really extend the life and keep these things nice and How To Store Fresh Parsley fresh. So this parsley I don't even know if I have any cilantro left but this parsley put in the refrigerator four weeks ago. I’ve posted pictures in the Facebook group if you want to come in the group and take a look at them. How I did when I did that but four weeks ago I put this in the refrigerator following this process. So we’re going to open this up and we're going to take a look at how this looks. What do you think it's gonna flood like after four weeks Eric moldy and slimy yeah a hot mess right. But take a look at that it’s beautiful it's fresh this parsley is four weeks old can. You compare that against this really you can't tell the difference right that's bag number one this was bag number two.

Now I don't recommend doing this because four weeks is just. That’s just taking it a little bit too far but look at how fresh this is. So even if you were to put it in there and say maybe a week and a half at least your parsley will stay fresh. It won't get all yucky How To Store Fresh Parsley so I bought this bunch of parsley bunch of cilantro. Let me wash it up I want it to be ready because if it's not washed up I tend to not use it sometimes. Because I say oh you know got to wash the parsley and stuff and don't want to do that. So this way it's just ready to grab and go so let me get this nice and washed up and we'll be right back. So one thing I forgot to mention before we wash is I put down some nice clean towels. Then i take some paper towels and we're going to put this paper towel down here. This paper towel is going to help soak up a little bit of that moisture after we wash them.

How To Store Fresh Parsley?

So now let me go wash them and we'll be right back okay so our parsley and cilantro are nice and washed. You really want to wash it well particularly if you're going to eat it raw. Because there's nothing that um you know cooks out any bacteria. So here's our cilantro How To Store Fresh Parsley and here's the parsley so I’m just going to take the parsley and it's draining. We want to snip off these just like you do when you have flowers. You just want to snip off these ends so it just gives it a little fresh end. It didn’t break they just need to put them back together right no they broke. It those scissors weren't quite cutting it that’s because they're not all flats are they yeah okay. So the way we're going to wrap these is we’re going to take some paper towels. We’re going to put some parsley in this paper towel just like this and we're just going to wrap it. This paper towel it's not totally dry so the paper towel is going to keep a little bit of moisture in there.

To keep the parsley from drying out this is quite a bit this is going to toast me for the cooking for my whole weekday. So I have these bread bags I bought these for bread but they come in a box of like 700 in this box. I’ll leave a linking the description for How To Store Fresh Parsley that uses them when I make bread obviously. But they're also great for storing my parsley and cilantro so I just go ahead and put them in these bags. Just like that big bags to they’re bigger than the stuff you get at wall-on yeah. We used to buy them at wall mart but they just weren't all that big sound. We will store these in their frigate so we have our parsley and our cilantro staying nice and fresh for us. Now I would not recommend keeping this for four weeks if you are keeping it for four weeks. You just bought too much right unfortunately that's what I did last time. I bought way too much and I suffered the consequence right. but this method did last for that for full four weeks so if you buy your cilantro and parsley for the week.

If you store them this way it will last throughout the whole weekend by the end of the week. Even the next weekend you will be able to have fresh parsley and cilantro as a garnish or for whatever cooking. You’re doing I was so frustrated because my cilantro How To Store Fresh Parsley and parsley would go bad only. After a couple of days and then I’d have to run back to the store. Because love using fresh herbs on my in my cooking but this way. It just keeps it nice and fresh and you'll have it all week's cooks. What's up to its Wednesday package your cilantro and parsley up. When you bring it home from the grocery store and you will really be pleased with how it will last in the refrigerator. All week long and you can use it in your cooking from the beginning of the week till the end. You'll be glad that you spent the time doing this hope you have a great week. I hope you enjoyed our life when we went live on Halloween it was so much fun. Thank you for joining us everybody who did we had an absolutely fantastic time on Halloween anadems. We basically have the holidays we are officially in the holiday season. So we have a lot of fun stuff coming up for the holidays.

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