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How to Steam Without a Steamer

Today we’re super excited about our bow bun kit and How to Steam without a Steamer I hope you are too and if you really are. But you don't have a steam basket or a traditional bamboo steam basket. I'm gonna show you in this video how to use whatever you might have or of course. Just buy one of the school watt bamboo steam baskets and we'll all be happy with the traditional steamer like this. Your bamboo steamers designed specifically for dim sum and bow and what a lot of people don’t realize. It's really it's the gold standard of steaming so if you can see here that we've got a little bit of condensation. But most of it’s really collected by the steam basket itself so we drip back down and make your bow soggy.

Now if you've got one of these sorts of small metal steamers or any type of metal steamer with a glass lid or a metal lid. There are certain problems that How to Steam without a Steamer could arise and you can see that from the amount of condensation that collects on the lid. But also then drips back down to the sides and the base of the steamer. That all of the water there is going to make your boughs soggy doesn’t mean. You can't use it there are different ways of doing that so if I was to start that steamer from scratch and put a base of greaseproof paper. That would protect it somewhat from getting too soggy. The next thing is when you place your bow into the steamer try not to overfill or let your bow touch the sides. Those sides can get quite wet next up if you put the lid on top yes. You would get some bow sorry I’m steaming away there but again it might become a little soggy from that dripping.

How to Steam Without a Steamer

So the real perfect way to make you bow with anything that isn't a bamboo steamer is to cover that lid with a clean. Then place your lid on top that way a lot How to Steam without a Steamer less now you've also got tabletop steamers like this and yes our bow bun kits will work with this. But you can see the amount of water and condensations there. I'd recommend just a quick wipe before your greaseproof goes in and then follow the same principle. As your metal steamer, a little bit of greaseproof up a couple of hours in giving them space. Then your lid can go directly on top or if you wish cover it with a clean cloth. Then straight over the top like that to collect any excess condensation. That will keep your bow as nice and fluffy last but not least. If you don't have any type of steamer at all don't worry. We are here to help a bowl with some water and then plate with greaseproof on top. I’ve got this in a wok but you could do this in a large saucepan. If you wish I haven't heated the water up yet now I’m going to start to heat the water upend.

Then I've got a nice tall lid to go over the top I live in a saucepan with a flat lid that's fine. Because you've got plenty of depth for that water to steam again with How to Steam without a Steamer a domed lid on a walk like this. You probably don't really need an extra cloth to cover that lid flat glass lid. You may do because it's got a flat surface area and that condensation would drip tire me onto the bow. But that’s not with one no one likes soggy bow steaming hot get your bowels in. I've got more space in the wok here. So I can place a few boughs in and then once it's boiling hot lid over the top eight minutes. Your bow to come out perfectly fine, so all of our different methods of cooking have had eight minutes on their bow. And of course, if you don't have your steam basket your traditional bamboo steam basket. And you have this completely unconventional way of cooking your bow. Look how fluffy and light they are and they're not soggy at all beautiful next up.

Let's see how the tabletop steamed affairs again nice and bouncy look at that no condensation. Who steaming hot no condensation at all perfect metal How to Steam without a Steamer possibly the hardest one especially. Because of its size let's check we've had a few droplets of water on the actual greaseproof. But take my bow out that fluffy light just the same and then back to your gold standard. Again fluffy light no condensation at all and that, of course, the traditional bamboo steam basket fairs best nice and dry. But any of the alternatives work an absolute treat too. If you know how I hope that helps. So if you don't have a traditional bamboo steam basket and your birthday’s not for another year. Then make sure you grab hold of one of our just got to walkabout bun kits. From Tesco or Lakeland and try it out on whatever equipment you have at home.

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