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How To Saute Onions?

We're going to be breaking down that intro and then the chords the follow for the rest of the song be sure to check out. My other videos to teach that opening solo as well also appreciate. All your support please subscribe to this. New channel of mine and leave comments about other lessons. You want to learn and anything else and anyway enough of that let's zoom in and start breaking. This one down right nowhere we goal right. Let's break this one down to what’s going to happen. We're playing an E minor a G chord and what's kind of called a well it is it's called an a7sus 4 which sounds fancy. But really what we want to do for this whole intro. We’re going to have our pinky on the 3rdfret of the high. Our ring finger on the 3rd fret of the B string and that's going to stay. You know pretty much wool it's going to stay for the whole intro. So check it out if I have a G chord with the middle fingers on. The third index is on the second here and if you just mute.

The string with your middle finger you get kind of a cleaner G chord it's called a g5but either way. You play G that's all good so you have the G chord and then we have the E minor chord. While we’re holding that down you and these two right here if you scoot them over. So it's the second fret of the and second fret of the G holding these forget. The low E that's the a sues a7sus4 so you have a minor G and a 7sus4and. Then the licks that go on are really outlining the chords. You play those chords well the licks are fun and outline the chord shapes. I'll show you what I mean the first thing member will just keep those glued on. The first thing we’re going to do is this and what happens is it just looks like that a minor chord. We're going to hit the open and then. We're going to hammer on to the second fret of the string then. The open D string and then middle finger on the second fret of that D string and then. We hold that a minor chord right after so it looks how to saute onions here like this and then we strum. The chord and he varies the rhythm. But whenever he does it the pulse is pretty much downtown down. You know just strong strum down strums on the one two three four. You can do up strums and then you could even syncopate it more. They're all real straight okay so let’s go over that lick again then. We’re going to play the open G then the String holding this chord still then.

How To Saute Onions

We take our finger off so goes and then we go to that g5 chord if it's easier for you to play the full G that's fine. I’m playing the g5 where the a is muted like that so let's start from the beginning with this lockdown open. The chord this time we're going to play the exact same thing. But instead of we have a little leaden note. Where our finger already is on that G so the third fret the low. We've just added that pickup note but the rest stays the same so. Let’s do from the top the same thing again nothings. Let's pick it up right before that new thing we have the third fret low hammer on the second. Open D 2nd fret Dismay nurse strum check it out. We're holding that a minor down we're going to play the D strengthen take our finger off. Play that how to saute onions string again then we'll do the something on the string. Once with our finger down then once with it offend. Then we go to that a 7sus4 and he definitely goes duh he does a faster strum duh. But even if as long as you’re just getting that 1 2 3 4 if you can feel those down beats. You're tonnage good alright so check it out from the top nice and slow. New thing a seven now it doesn't do the pickup note there because we're on this it's going to just do that very first thing. We did and then the second the new a sues thing again.

You then a hammer-on of the open a second fret just like. We did in the very beginning then the open and then the G chord it repeats. The whole thing again and that's when the solo comes in which will be in the in another. Let’s take the whole thing from the top and I’ll do it nice and slow for you. All right here we go these are locked in you do you think 7sus4no pick up the note. New thing again a 7sus4 hammer on the second fret of the string open D and then. It holds on G strong starts again and that gets you through that. The whole intro without the solo so now let's ghetto the rest of the song where the actual singing is. It's just nice easy chords it goes you can just think of downtown down is still that pulse. You go down up down downtown down up down up down. You just want to feel that pulse of those downs like that and it starts on a C major chord3 2 open G first on the B- one-two. Three so you think you can chord then how to saute onions a minor so we got the minor necks. We have C D a minor and then G so check it out see daddy having a minor food energy then we go back. Then the C a minor do you think you can gene here it is again c2da minor. We're going to go to Gland we go to Dandy we're going to go to see and we go to a minor then we go back to Jeanine more time. They have a little transistor radio effect on its particularity so quiet a few times in the song.

As well and then the actual chords to the verse and the next one. We'll take a look at the guitar solo that goes over this intro alright. We're going to start out with this first thing you're going to do is plant your third and fourth finger on. The third fret on the high E and the string you're pretty much going to be strumming. The top the 1st 2nd 3rd and 4th strings when you’re when you're doing most of the struggle. You just kind of changing it with a baseline underneath it so that baseline. You're going to start with the hammering of playing the open astringe and hammering on the second fret. Then over to the open D string and then play in the second fret of the D you hold that note. You strum those top four strings then you play the open D by itself and do. Some more strumming so we have you see how sometimes he'll go back adjust hit that one bass note. He’s trying to bring that out the thing small right. Now instead of just going, we’re going to start from the G that note on the wood. Your second finger on the third fret on the low E string. Then you do this the same phrase we did to start it then. We have this little baseline so what’s going on there we had the String second fret. You're already holding into the open string and then the same thing on the how-to saute onions string the second fret. When you get to that an open you’re going to strum. You're going to put your second your first finger. Here on the second fret on the D string so you still have these top two notes. But the g strengthen a string are open then. You go back just that lick starting from the astringe not adding the low E in there.

All together you just ended with a 40 goal right now when the vocals come in. We’re skipping this solo there we'll do that in the next lesson. All of these chords are six-string chords even though it's a basic CD a minor chords. You typically don't have axis string in if you listen closely to tithe recording. A lot of people a lot of times it's missed when you see people play it. He's actually playing inversion chords. He has a low bass note in there besides so all these chords are inverted. We have when we start with except for the G of course. We have started with the C. You're going to have to play this instead of just with these standard three fingers. Put replace your third finger with your pinky. Play the g string here I mean the G note I’m sorry on the low E string that’s a C with the G in the bass. You know second version then when we go to this standard D major chord. You got to play your second thumb on the second fret on the low E strings. You're strumming all six how to saute onions strings again that's indeed an f-sharp in the bass first inversion. Then even this amino chord hit the low six-string in the bass then back to the back. This time we go to the sea with therein base then a minor with the e in the base. The second version by the way and then. We have this ins with the G small. I'll play all together with the whole part there slowly but just make sure they’re all six stream cords.

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