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How To Saute Chicken?

We're talking about small four ounce filet mignons chicken. Breast pounded out thin piece a four to five ounce piece of fish. Scallops shrimp all those will work for a small side table. The first thing we want to do with these thick chicken breasts are pound them out. We found the best way to pound these out is take a thick Ziploc baggie like. This then take a meat mallet and we just pound them thin. It’s one even thickness through out the chicken breast like. So going to well out very quickly in the saucepan. Now we can move on with the first step into small sauté the first step. We want to do is season the meat and today we're using salt and pepper. We’re keeping it simple but there's two other ways. You can season the meat one is just with plain old. I'm sorry one is with you could put these in your favorite marinade overnight. Once it comes out of the marinade hit it with salt and pepper or a third way is to use salt spice blend. That's just dried herbs and spices mixed with salt to create a flavor profile.

Here is simply good we make Moroccan spice blend Italian Greek it all depends what kind of flavors. You're trying to get and then with this delicate chicken breast. We’re just going to lightly dredge it through some sort of flour. We're using all-purpose flour but it could be rice flour potato flour. It's just to protect this delicate meat and that's it step one to sauté small sauté is done. Now we’re going to move on to step two and step two is that place. It in a hot saucepan 425 to 450 degrees for two to three minutes on one side. We're going to remove our grill surface. The mometer spans been preheating for the last five minutes. We're going to put a thin How To Saute Chicken layer of oil in the pan and then. We're going to place these chicken breasts in the pan like so and you want enough oil. So you see the meat sizzle. We’re going to set a timer for two to three minutes and in that two to three minutes. We're going to get a beautiful golden-brown sear that's going to cook halfway through.

We'll move onto step three which is flip it over and finish it. Cooking on the back side for another two to three minutes and then. We’ll come back and talk about step four resting all right so our two-minute timer has gone off. Now it's time to flip these over first step three you want to be careful. You can see some of the juices are pooling up on the chicken sometimes. When you flip it over it flatters the oil and causes you can set a fire. So we just move it off to the side and flip them over. Now you can see that beautiful golden brown we have and it’s just it takes two more minutes on the back side to cook it. All the way through and then we're going to let it rest and the importance of letting it rest. Once these chicken breasts come out of the pan two things How To Saute Chicken happen one it’s called carryover cook pan. As it sits there on the counter it will rise ten degrees and temperature. Heat is still traveling towards the middle of the piece of meat and second. When meat gets hot it tightens up like this so if we were to chop into it too soon without letting it relax. It’s so tight it squeezes all that juices out of the meat and when you lose the juice that's all the flavor saw the moisture. It's all the texture and you just lose it so the secret.

How To Saute Chicken

Let it rest and our rule of thumb for letting me rest is for every pound of meat. We ‘recooking it's eight minutes a rest time these are under a pound so they need to rest about four minutes. We can slice right into them and serve them right away and with that we'll come back to it when these come out of hand okay. Our two minutes is up so we ‘relooking at a total cook time of four minutes to cook these pounded out chicken breasts. All the way through and now we're going to let it rest and we like to take it out of the pan. Let it just sit on a roasting rack or arresting rack for the for five minutes so it doesn't get soggy. All the juices and steam can dissipate but we do like to show you what happens. When you cut into the whole chicken breast without letting it rest. You're going to see these juices come out and sometimes it's not cooked. All the way through there's just little bit of pink in there. Some people might have a little bit of problem like with that. They would throw How To Saute Chicken it back in the pan for five more minutes and just really overcook it. This one is getting that ten degrees of rest time. It's finishing cooking through and when we start to tip this board. You'll see those juices start bleeding out of it and those juices. We really want in the meat rather than the cutting board. We'll come back to this one after four minutes and cut intuit.

You'll see the big difference sour four minutes of rest time has occurred. We will come back to this one we earlier cut into without letting it rest. You can see the juices are just pouring off of it remember those juices should be in the meat rather. Your cutting board and then this one. I can still feel it's nice and warm just four minutes. Later well slice right into it and you'll see how nicely that's cooked. All the way through you can see the steam coming off How To Saute Chicken of it even after four minutes. That juice is staying in the meat rather than leaching out onto the cutting board. Those are the four steps to small sauté seasoned the meat place it in a hot sauté pan cook it. For two to three minutes to get that beautiful golden brown sear step three flip it over finish.A little bit of fat we're going to show you how to do chicken we're going to take. Our little bit of oil this is little bit of grape seed oil just little touch of butter. You get this nice and hot and here we have our little pieces of chicken. We're just going to sauté so basically you want the heat to be about a medium-high heat. The whole idea of sauté is to cook quickly.

We're going to put our pieces of chicken in there and the chicken has been ceasing. Just little salt and pepper you see here it’s cooking very nicely we have some good color. Really what sautéing is it’s cooking at a quick speed little bit of fat small pieces. This process and technique is used a lot inline service or called a lemon. New cooking and restaurants where they’ll sauté veal medallions chicken medallions. It's the process that goes very quickly so when you order. You're ready to cook and what you can make from this process as well is How To Saute Chicken the sauce. We’re going to show you how to do that but one of the things. You take into another plate and reserve and for this chicken scallopini. We're just going to make a really quick simple mushroom sauce from our sauté chicken. We're going to use the same father same items that the chicken was cooked.

We're going to add our mushrooms sauté these had a little bit of salt and all the font from the chicken. You see there even the sauté process the meat leaves spawn all that carmelization which has the flavor. we're just going to add a little bit of reduced chicken stocker. Mushrooms around a bit let the sauce reduce let it absorb the flavor of the mushrooms and then what you do? These are already cooked the reason why we're putting them into the sauce is basically just to incorporate. The flavor to get them coated with this beautiful sauce create the flavor. There you have it this way you see here a real simple quick process very flavorful process. We're going to take our How To Saute Chicken chicken medallions put them in the center of the plate. If you like you can finish the sauce with some herbs. You can do whatever flavorings you like little oils of different butter. You just take it and you spoon it over your chicken. There you have it so even for competitions or something. You want to make very flavorful use the technique that's been tried and respected and used currently.

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