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How To Powder Coat?

You guys think of cheap tools cheap quality products and cheap Harbor Freight does get a lot of because their stuff is cheap. I mean let’s be honest but today we're going to test out how good their powder coating system is. I went out today and got their How To Powder coat powder coating system. I'm pretty sure this the only one you can get it was like 70 bucks which are sketchy. If you want a powder coat a wheel people charge like 120 bucks for a wheel it's a powder coat. So like 70 bucks for a whole system is just crazy. Pretty sure that this comes with everything that you need to powder coat the Efrain air compressor. Which we already have from Harbor Freight of course I also got some powder coat powder or powder coat paint. They call it powder coat paint it's powder though right yeah curious know it like no it's.

Yes, powder right comes on this, yes it's powdered you guys see that it’s literally powder don't know. Why do you call it color? But maybe it's a port load. We also received a powder coating line from Harbor Freight. Of course, I got matte black we're just going How To Powder coat to test it out today if it comes out good. Then I might end up just redoing my entire wheel. So I put a lot of effort into driving this car, I made a new tire, but nothing. I never get from like the past two years is change out these lug nuts and you can see that. When painting the car, I sprayed a lot of purple paint. The varnish is old and fragmented. A lack of good, but they can not see. So today we're nonnative them a little refresh along with doing that. I also have to add a little bit of camera because right now. 1 1 I just tighten fiberglass, and fiberglass don’t tighten. So those of you who know fiberglass you guys know that pirate is not supposed to stretch their bug. But I’m stretching fiberglass right now don’t know how well you guys can see on this site. I think on the drive up there you go you guys can see it right there it’s really stretching.

I need to add about a degree or two more of camber. I should be playing it safe after that so today we're going to be adding more cameras well as testing out. The harbor for a powder coating gun and powder coating my lug nuts. I have a strip from Home Depot, How To Powder coat I only allow roasted nuts. So akin to it, I got the spray bottle with the paint stripper so that came in handy just sprayed it all over. He says you should hold it for about 15 minutes. So we're going to let it sit I probably have to do it one more time to get all the paint off. You want to strip it to bare metal we have to make sure that it's completely bare metal. Because even a little of this stay that color, the powder layer will thicken, and everything will not be smooth. So it has to be completely metal completely clean to get the best coverage anniversary's for her face mouth. Bro, I told you guys to use this don’t be like us another thing that. What I had to do today was shave off the wheel studs right now Jessica Dermal's reason being was chosen right now. I'm running 12-millimeter spaces in the front and since the spacers are too short whoops. Simply put, because the seats are too short, the wheel nuts take the wheel right here.

How To Powder Coat?

You can kind of see it basically the wheel never really sat flat. So whenever I was driving it was super sketchy the wheel would like just shake the looking good. So we’re just cutting off the wheel stuff a little bit believe it or not this is my first time. Ever seeing How To Powder coat a powder coating on I’ve never seen a powder coating in person it looks. So weird like I don't even understand how this works like where does the powder come from does. It just comes out of that big hole on the side. I literally don't get it dude it came with an air filter that came with two containers. Where I’m guessing you put the powder into and it kind of just feeds into the gun that’s. So many wires you got a little quick clicker thingy I'm pretty sure that’s too like electrical charge stuff. Did you get a small alligator clip to attach to? Whatever your powder coating and then here's the whole system. I mean I really don't know what I'm looking at because I'm like I said I've never powder-coated. Before don’t really know what I'm doing but there’s a first time for everything. So the color bar works, it doesn't work as well. I'll be honest but the paint stripper is taking most of the paint off and then I'm using thermal with a little wire brush. It's not too thick, it's a really soft wire brush. I'm using that to basically brush off the rest of the paint. I got this one down to pretty much just bare metal before it looked like whoops Wow.

Before it looked like this and now it looks like this so the paint stripper is working a little bit. You can see that ‘staking like some of the paint off but I’m using this to kind of really bring her home. A few moments later, Jeff I really took a little while but the How To Powder coat we finally got all of them cleaned up. They’re like this unbelief he just like ugly not even wrong but take this ugly yellowish chrome color. But it’s all more than just ordinary metal. But Jay is starting to open up the hole powder coating system and everything. Jay seems to have read the instructions pretty easily just in case, so, Jay, here it is. What do we uh what does it say we have to do sounds we have to like to plug it into the wall yeah and then like you got to get the. Yeah, it says yeah so what do we have to do exactly. So if I go to wall put the powder in here once we do that we use this or is it this is the poorhouses. That’s not what it took for the gun to shoot others so that's uh okay. Yeah pretty sure okay there's only one voltage all right so it's pretty easy to see. Do you think you know what you onyeah she gets everywhere Laurie yeah soon?

You can put more on their dude run up them yeah that definitely not enough. It was just the texture is so weird dude they’re outside right. You're definitely cross-legged ooh there you go that's the spot. The Jews' idea was to only travel the two rather than the trunk. Wait why don't you tell them just tell the roads like why do you think it's a better idea to. Just do two How To Powder coats rather than do all the keys romance Justin case. You don't have confidence world confidence yeah we've never probably. Why it’s not doing anything all right well we're trying with you. Got the air compressor hooked up with about 10 psi Jane's going to go ahead and soothe the first two this is that. It like all you have to do is just flip the switch on alright this kind of suspending. Like is it going to make any noise no you think they seem quiet not my face? I guess what oh yeah okay so whenever you press that it turns green press it against me herein our school. Yeah, all right send it dude I think we figured it out we added more pressure. Where I like what 20 psi now about a dish all right go give it a shot dude. Give a shot boom there we go dude that's the stance of a proper powder that coats me right. So now we're gonna make to pick this up and put it in a little oven on it everything alcohol.

Yes OH with a ball on it don't break it you cannot breathe. Whatever you do just hold your breath under your breath oh brother you’re bringing that up. I am not doing that don't breathe long alright. Oh my god, I got to aim for the right one alright we're good baby. We're good we're How To Powder coat gonna leave it in there for about 20 minutes. We might have to actually keep it in there for longer. Because I turned it on right now and if you were supposed to preheat it for 450 and I blame that on Jay. For reading the instructions upside down picking up from where we left off last night. I just finished powder coating the rest of the lug nutsy got him back in the oven. They're just baking right now we got to wait about a half-hour till. Jay's hook nut made last night was completely dry. I think that he may have gone a little heavy with the powder coat he did less thick of a layer. It might have come out a little bit better. But it's okay, it was our first powder coating we've never treated with powder coating. So for a first-time try, it's not too bad and they really do look brand new, to be honest. Like these straight-up look like brand new lug nuts I can't lie. I'm really liking how these turned out when you get up close to it. You can see that the texture isn't too great you can see that it's like a really bubbly texture and I don't know.

If that's just because I don't know how how to cook or because it's a Harbor Freight powder-coating system like. I said I'm not very familiar with powder coating, I really don't know. How to do it if any of you know why it is wrinkled. Because the Harbor Freight How To Powder coat system that. I used was just shoot quality or if it was just because I'm experienced. I'm just a knob at power coding so my thoughts about the Harbor Freight powder coating system. Honestly speaking I can say that it's not too bad what I recommend it definitely. Because it's pretty cheap at 70 dollars the cheapest one that. I know that’s still good is the Eastwood one and that one starts out like a hundred and fifty dollars a thing. This is like two of these so it's kind of ridiculous how cheap this really is. Therefore, these are the latest results of the Harbor Load Powder Coating System. This thing isn’t too shabby.

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