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How to Open Torrent Files?

Today I’m gonna be telling you guys how to download & How to Open Torrent Files. Let's get into it all right. So if you haven't got uTorrent downloaded already on your pc. You want to download the uTorrent stable version. Download now and it should begin to download. But if it doesn't click try again then it will definitely begin to download. So go ahead and open the expense it downloads.

This is the installer you want to allow to make changes the install wizard should be brought up. Because click next to read through this. If you wanted you do need to agree to this you don't need to agree to this. This is making being your default search engine so decline that decline this. Then I only want a desktop icon so I’m going to go ahead and click next and it will begin to download. How to Open Torrent Files  But since I’ve already got it downloaded I don't need to do that excellent installer. Now we're going to go ahead and download the torrent file um for me It's pokemon x. Some of you guys had a problem with my other tutorial on how to download pokemon x and y for pc for free. That is the reason I’m actually making this tutorial. Because no one could download pokemon X.

I figured out how to do it for you guys so go ahead and click the bottom link the decrypted for Citra emulator. Wait 30 seconds after it's finished press the download button and it will begin to download. How to Open Torrent Files. Now you've got the current file that you've got uTorrent installed and you've got the torrent file. You want to go right-click and press open and it should open up uTorrent. In a second see there we go and now you need to choose a place to save the torrent folder. Because we’re gonna download the game outs out of the torrent.

How to Open Torrent Files

I’m gonna save it in My Downloads. Actually, I’ll save it to yeah save it in My Downloads. Uncheck any files that you don't want. I want the 3ds file and click ok and then it should begin to download. The faster your internet is the faster this will download. So I’ve got pretty good internet it should download pretty fast. But if not it's gone pretty slow for you to leave it and come back. This is a critical process in the step so the estimated time is one hour so I’ll be back when this will finish. How to Open Torrent Files. Okay, so now when your folder file has finished downloading it's going to start seeding. So you want to go ahead and stop that by right-clicking and pressing stop. So now we check the folder where it has downloaded into which is my downloads folder. And now we have the pokemon x decrypted 3ds file. So I’m going to drag that on to there.

Now we're going to go ahead and open that up to show you that this does work. Because bad for putting out something that actually didn't work. But this gets it working for you guys. Now. So you want to open up your Citroen emulator in my other tutorial um it shows you how to download it. It's not that hard you go to the link and press the download button then follow the installer prompts. Now we can click file load uh find your pokemon x press open oh wait for no sorry click on the 3ds file. And click open and your game should begin to play. Oh yeah um what is it's one of these all okay? There we go so now we are beginning pokemon x. So as you can see the game is working. I hope everything went all right for you. If it didn't please leave a comment down below and I’ll try to help you out.

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