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How To Measure Girth

How to take girth measurements the girth measurements are very essential. For a fitness instructor and a personal trainer. Because it allows us to give us How To Measure Girth an idea on any sort of changes in a client's body shape. And also the beauty of girth measurements is that they're not very invasive. So the girth measurements that we’re going to go through. Today are the main torso girth measurements the chest measurement. The waist measurement and also the hip measurement and we're also going to go. Through the limb measurements of the upper arm the upper thigh and also the calf. To start f with it's also always important to start off with the torso measurements. So I’ll take you through now how to do the chest waist and hip measurements to make sure that. Before you're starting off always make sure that you have a tape measure that doesn't matter. What type of tape measure that you use as long as you're consistent with your measuring technique.

So to start off with the girth measurement all we're going to ask our client to do it in a standing position. Always keep in mind that we try and take our girth measurements. From the standing anatomical position so the waist Simon is standing here. Now is perfect we How To Measure Girth want him to stand like so we’re going to take the chest girth measurement. All I'm going to ask Tom to do is raise his arms up to his side. I'm actually going to approach Simon from the front and I'm going to reach around. And pull the actual tape measure tied up against his back once. I actually got it up and around his torso, I’m going to ask Tom to raise his arms down by his side. And relax them and stand in a nice neutral relaxed positional. What I'm going to do is take the tape measure across the front of Simon’s chest. And on the nipple line of Simon and always going to do is line up the one and the number. That actually comes in line with Safer there what we’ve got there is Simon's chest measurement. Is ninety-five point five centimeters take the tape measure down and moving on to.

The waist measurement is simple. You want to find the narrowest point on the waste of many texts and instructional. Manuals will show or describe different ways of taking the waist measurement. What we're looking for is that How-To Measure Girth's smallest point around the waist in line. With the umbilical button now that doesn't mean you have to go ahead and palpate. The umbilical button it's pretty easy to find the narrowest point around the waist. I'm going to do it the same as the chest I'm going to go put my arms around the actual climb. And I'm going to go and bring it around and find the actual spot where the thesis its narrowest point. And I'm going to take its girth measurement so for Simon’s girth measurement it is 78 centimeters. Now one thing you need to keep in mind when you're taking girth. A quick point is we do not want to pull the tape too tight okay by pulling. The tape type doesn't give us an accurate measure we want to have it. So the tape is sitting nice and up against the client's body and then we can take the girth measurement. That light moving on to the hip circumference or the hip measurement what we're going to get.

How To Measure Girth

Here are many of the clients our stance side on and what we’re going to do. Here is we want to get the widest point around the hips. But we also have an anatomical landmark that allows us to guide us in the right direction. We have a bony point on the How To Measure Girth actual upper part of the femur called the greater trochanter. And it’s not too hard to find that on most clients there's generally the bony part of the actual part. On the top of the femur there once you've found that point taking the girth measurement from the side. We actually reach around something kidding movies on very low finger tape. Measure around keeping it in line with the drape greater trochanter which is right here. And same deal going for the widest point around the hips and for today Simon's girth. Measurement around his hips is 19 5 centimeters okay. So those three girth measurements that we've gone through. There we want to make sure that we are keeping consistency on the actual girth measurements.

And ensuring that we do not actually pull the tight the actual tape measure to the tight line. That when we taking them the first limb growth measurement that we're going to go through. Today is the upper arm is quite a simple one to do. But we do have to make sure that we do get a midpoint between two anatomical positions to do. That what we want to How To Measure Girth make sure that we do with the actual client is telling them. What we’re going to be doing so we want to make sure to say. So I'm going to be rolling up your sleeve so I can take your upper arm growth measurement. We roll the sleeve up the top okay keeping the arm in a nice relaxed position. Okay, a lot of students make the mistake of having the arm flexed or having the arm out bite side. When they take this girth measurement remember it's down in the anatomical position. What we need to do here is when we're taking this girth measurement is we want to find the midpoint. Between the upper the acromion process and the electron-electron process and the elbow.

So always do is we find the top of the acromion which is a bony part here. On the top of the shoulder take the Geert tape measure and take it down. For the length of the arm, we ask the client to bend the arm at the elbow and then. We find the length of that side length of the actual upper arm which is 36 centimeters. Half of 36 is 18 so you have our pen we How To Measure Girth go ahead and we make a mark on the arm. At the 18 centimeter mark once we've gone ahead and done. That we get the client to put the arm back down to the resting state. We take our tape measure we come around the arm. If I can go ahead and take the other way front from the side keep it nice and relaxed in line. With that mark that we made on the arm and then take the girth measurement. Like so-so today the right circumference for Simon’s upper arm is 32 centimeters. When we’re taking girth measurements on tort on the actual limbs. We take them on both sides both your left and the right-hand side. The protocol remains the same as the next girth measurement. What we’re going to do is the upper thigh girth measurement like the upper arm.

We have to find the midpoint between two points the two midpoints are the two anatomical positions. We're actually measuring between is the iliac crest which is the bony part of the actual hip. On the front here and the top of the patella soot to find the top How To Measure Girth of the patella. It’s quite easy to find so we're going to find the midpoint between those two points. And then we'll take the girth measurement so take our tape measure to find the top of the actual iliac crest. Take it down to the top of the patella which is 51.55 for 51.5 in 25 and 1/2. All I'm going to do here is I'm going to Simon if you can raise up this short on his thigh for a little bit for me. So what I can do here is a little bit higher that's it I'll raise it up got my pen here. I'm going to make a mark where the actual girth measurement will be taken from once. I've actually got that mark I'm going to take the girth. The tape measure takes it around the axle circumference off the 5 making shots in line. With that mark that we've made and taken the girth measurement so for the Dyane Simon's right. The thigh girth measurement is 55 points five centimeters and again take it on one side.

You must do it on the other same procedures apply the final girth measurement. What we're going to take today is the calf girth measurement for the carp growth measurement. We are going to head go ahead and take a midpoint mark between How To Measure Girth two anatomical positions. Those two anatomical positions for the girth measurement are the top of the tibia. The top of the tibia generally is not that hard to find you will find that there is a point in our clients. Where there's a bony top part of the actual tibia between there and the lateral malleolus of the ankle joint. So the length of it is 41 centimeters so that’s 20 point 5 which is the midpoint take our pen 21.5. Like so and then we take the girth measurement we do take the girth measurement from the front. So I’ll use that as our marker though so around like so and outstand take the girth measurement. Today on Simon's right leg right calf muscles 35 centimeters.

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