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How To Make Stained Glass Minecraft

Today we are going to be looking at seven brand new diamond recipes added to Mine craft. These could get a little overpowered now we are outside. The ultimate How To Make Stained Glass Minecraft diamond factory manufacturer but Before we jump inside our manufacturing plant. We've got to collect some wood so that we can get our craft table set up and be ready to rock. Because we're starting from the bare bones here folks this is going to be a lot easier. After get we get these Opie weapons crafted up but before then got to do it. The old-fashioned way one block at a time and I'll call that good we got four blocks. Right now and that’s a good starting amount we got. How did we teleport to eight beside the point we are inside what looks like. Some sort of temple here and let's get started with our crafting. We'll get the bare-bones crafted first get our crafting table out and set this down and then from.

At our crafting table we're going Togo through some of the basics of course. We got that and we can go from here and get what we need to start out with How To Make Stained Glass Minecraft our wooden shovel. And we'll get our pick ax as well because something that we are going to find out right. Now is if I dig outside like this to get some dirt and we take these dirt blocks. After we collect a bunch of them there is going to be some neat stuff that we can do. With these dirt blocks let's take our dirt blocks right now and if we go to the crafting table. You'll see that we can craft ourselves a dirty diamond now this dirty diamond can’t be used to craft. Anything interesting but we can clean up that dirty diamond if we go back down into our tunnel. And get ourselves some stone to start out with and then turn that stone into the super dog mechanic. No, we’re not we're not going to turn it into the super the Super God mechanic.

We're gonna take our stone back to our crafting table and craft ourselves our first furnace. And then with the furnace side by side we can jump into How To Make Stained Glass Minecraft the furnace and put our planks. In there to be able to burn this dime and once this burning is complete. If I’m correct we're going to get ourselves a clean diamond here folks. OH have you ever seen an easier way to craft diamonds in this right here. This isn’t a dopey let's get this dirt in here get another diamond put that in here start cleaning it off. And while that’s burning up I'm going to go and collect some more dirt. So we can get some more diamonds get maxed-out start getting two diamond recipe number two. Now I am moving along here but trying to get as much as we can get to start out with. I've got a bunch of these dirty diamonds already getting crafted currently. As you can see here in the furnace we’ve got thirty-one and I've got forty-four diamonds set up. So let's dive into the next aspect of this crafting if we were going to craft anything normal. Let’s go back out grab ourselves some planks so that we can get some planks and we have some supplies.

Using our shovel like an absolute champion right now does. Anybody else use their shovel like this if we're going to be crafting some backwards recipes. We better be getting some materials the most backwards way possible as well. It wouldn’t make How To Make Stained Glass Minecraft sense to do it any other way and we're going to jump in here and we got our sticks set up. So you can see here if we were to take our sticks like normal. This is very basic we got our diamond pick axe of course you guys didn’t come here to watch us. Make a diamond pick axe we want to go for something new now there is levels to this. If we put our diamond in here currently we can craft a super diamond now. This takes a lot of diamonds but with the addition of being able to craft diamonds with the dirt. We're going to be in pretty good shape we can stack these super diamonds like normal. We got more diamonds here 13 more while those are continuing on. We can continue with this super diamond process and as we take the super diamonds. We can then also use iron ingots to scrap iron sticks because what we're going. To be using next is very heavy and not exactly the easiest thing to hold up.

How To Make Stained Glass Minecraft

We get our iron stick set up and then with the super diamonds. We can craft things like a super diamond pickaxe or if we want to get a little defensive. We can get ourselves a super How To Make Stained Glass Minecraft diamond sword now let’s see exactly what this super diamond sword. Can do jump outside real fast and find ourselves the first animal. We can find of course there's no animals nearby there we go you and I meet again yr. one-way wonder but there's even better than this super diamond sword now. All the materials will come in this fashion you can see we have our super diamond pick axe. Here and to get us to go down let’s jump back inside our crafty manufactured diamond super plant. If we go down here with our super diamond pick axe we can crack we can mine. So fast with this it's unreal how we're gonna be able to gather materials even though. We're using the planks right now we could use some of this coal as well nothing wrong with having a little coal on hand. So instead of using our iron sticks to craft a thing like a super diamond shovel or super diamond axe.

Or even a super diamond hoe we're gonna make it even one step farther. Than this we’re going to take the iron sticks back and we can use our diamonds to craft diamond sticks. If we have a super dynamic sort that takes an iron stick to hold up. What in the How To Make Stained Glass Minecraft world could we make if we have a diamond stick this is about to get insane. Put our diamond stick down take out our super diamonds oh my gosh wait a second. We cannot do it with the super diamonds my guess is we're going to have to go for diamond blocks. This is going to take a minute because we're going to have to be using all this dirt and cleaning. A lot of diamonds we're going to turn this world into a drive-through car wash right. Now washing diamonds like crazy how many can we got a lot of diamonds. Here guys and we need to craft them all into diamond blocks. I don’t even know if I'm going to live long enough to do this well. Yes we keep our fingers crossed and see where life takes us guys. I’ve been crafted diamond blocks so long I’m going to take myself out we got 16 of them we got 60 up jump out. It yeah go back here we got 16 of them and we got to get ready nightfall is happening.

And we’re going to have some o P weapons to put to the test in the night time secure my base. So nobody gets in magic is happening inside open this up lay the stick down. This is the moment of truth I haven't even tested it yet we got 16 blocks. So if I spent all this time I should have tested it fingers crossed guys fingers crossed. Boom ultra-diamond pick How To Make Stained Glass Minecraft axe we've got then our ultra-diamond sword. We need to craft a full set of this stuff right now so we can be completely stacked up. But we need more sticks diamond sticks that is so we get our full set here and we have plenty. I should have gotten started way earlier than that smarted I don't know. What I was thinking guys we've got our full set of ultra-diamond gear. Right now in time for nightfall and if we go outside okay this is wait. This is way too easy right now we can bust through everything right now. I'm sure this yeah this is also like one whack but of course the ultra-super god mode diamond axe. Does nothing against dirt it's the wood it’s the wood as usual. I'll know very if I'm using the wrong item let’s find these bad guys and let's take them down. I’m going to go venture out this direction and we're going to take on everything that. We can right now I hear you cow I hear you well you're the first living animal in the night.

So one whack anybody else anybody else I heard talk are you guys all here. We go zombies are out zombies are out this is the first test one zombie not one whack - whacks thought. Hat’s still huge is the range different still the same range but its so easy. Because oh my gosh this thing is going to survive forever - this thing is like never going to go How To Make Stained Glass Minecraft down. Let's poison ourselves with some raw beef a buddy I bet you'd love to eat down on some of this raw beef right. Now go ahead come at me whack dead one whack on the spider. My if there’s one last thing we can craft oh boy we are going to be holy kitted guys. I spent way too much time crafting all this armor right now. I'm gonna put it all on and we're going to see how dangerous we can actually get right now. I'm full in ultra-diamond currently one whack on the creeper one floor back on the one whack on the spider. We are a force to be reckoned with currently Oh two X on the zombie.

Alright still one whack on the creeper though easy mode bye to you and your grandparents taking. Out the entire lineage with this ultra-diamond sword right now oh my gosh. Guys I set up the most severe test testing arena of all time and it's How To Make Stained Glass Minecraft not going well. Because everything's burning alive right now let's go in there and bust them up. Oh no they knocked me off I'm about to die this did not go well. We got the test reset I got to wait till some health gets back up. We got the Pig man in there 4v1 me going straight in with the ultra-diamond. Diamond recipes ROP like although the last thing that happened was a little bit of a bit of a ruckus. It didn't go as I planned it to go alright I can't wait any longer. We’ll call that good enough here we go and we’re going for the diamond. We're going for the Pig man I'm getting Poe my gosh okay it's to wax it’s to waxed. Oh it's 2x done with the test alright I tried testing one too many times both times.

I got knocked off this is ridiculous the ultra-diamond is definitely super-powerful. We did in fact manage to grab a golden sword from the zombie Pig man. Here's the all the cows have ran away because they're all scared of me right now. Look at this guy look will How To Make Stained Glass Minecraft sneak upon him he's yeah look he's even screaming right. Now all right he’s screaming hey buddy we're going to take him out with the diamond sword too. Buddy three backs do you guys think this serve oh it's one whack it's by far very good. Let me know if you guys think these are overpowered like the weapons themselves good. So super useful they're not insane we’ve tested some insane stuff in the past. That lights things on fire and eliminates them from the sky definitely gives. You an upper hand on gathering materials this you would not be able to do. As fast the shovel game mad easy you can do that super quick very easy all. This stuff is good but like the most overpowered piece of all this is the simple mechanic. That you can come here grab yourself a couple logs then use those logs to give yourself. A crafting bench and from this bench you can go straight into crafting diamonds. Without having to progress very far in the game which gives you a massive upper hand. Now I know you do need to gather a bit of dirt but we're going to be complaining about grabbing dirt this is way too easy.

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