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How to Make a Paper Crown

How to Make a Paper Crown bit like the one Prince Henry wears. By the way, if you haven't watched yet you did watch by clicking. Now and then you can watch it cool OK but what do? We need today ah looks like we don't need much today. Just a large piece of paper forth the crown. Some colored paper thanks pop will definitely need some of the basics OK. Let's go so the first thing you need to do is take your large piece of paper and make surfeit’s large enough to fit around. Your head but how do you do that I hear a good way is to make sure if it ‘son. Your head yet gives it a little test before you start making sure both ends reach around the back. Although you’ll want to make sure the crown is a little smaller than this. So that it sits on top nicely don't have a piece of paper large enough a problem. Just take a few smaller pieces and tape them together okay. Once you're sorted time to draw our crown now you can draw any sort of ground. You like but what if you want a crown where all these 20 bits are exactly. The same well that can be tricky but not if you go to pop an Ollie dot-com.

Where you can download this crown stencil once cut out you can use it to draw around. It will make your crown perfectly even oh and just a quick note. When using scissors always be careful and maybe get an adult to help you. So draw around your stencil all the way across. Once you are happy carefully cut your crown out looking good already. Now it's time to attach the ends together and you can do this easily using a piece of tape next. We can decorate our crown using the colored paper or wherever you can find draw different shapes. Your paper and cut them out you can draw hearts diamonds circles anything. Your life attaches them to your crown using glue or tape double-sided sticky tape is good to use. Here watch our quick tip and learn how to make your own How to Make a Paper Crown double-sided sticky tape. How you make a crown excellent you are going to be looking like royalty in no time. We better get that pop approval so pop what do you think oh. He doesn’t like his hair; he would prefer a crown like this, also known as a tiara. This is just as easy to make instead of lots of points you. Just draw one you may want this crown to be a little smaller. When attaching the ends you can perhaps overlap them and of course, decorate them. Any way you like okay pop what do you think now awesome. I’m glad he is happy and hopes you are happy too.

I'm going to show you How to Make a Paper Crown fast. Easy yellowing headlights is something very common in casts and not only do they look bad. But they also have a very poor light output on the road at night. What happens is this lens on the headlight is made of polycarbonate plastic and even though you can't see it. This comes with the UV protective coating from the factory. Over time decoding wears off and then while you’re driving and leave the car. Outside in bright sunlight the UV rays coming from the Sun are breaking there. The instruction the lens so the color of the lens goes from transparent yellow. Over time this gets even worse and starts to look like this headlights look. This bed can be restored like this but it has to be done quickly because of overtime. The damage can spread deep into the lens and create little cracks known as cry scenes like you see. In this headlight right here. All the time these cracks get bigger and destroy the lens. You can have to buy a new headlight which could be expensive.

How to Make a Paper Crown

You need to restore your headlights before it's too late and the restoration process. I'm going to show you only have three steps starting with the first step even arrange. The headlight and the surrounding area using a microfiber towel to remove any dirt. Then dry the headlight so we can move step 2 which is removing. The top layer of yellow plastic on the lens with some abrasives. I have some cutting compound car polish and metal polish which a liquid abrasive. Some sandpapers which are dry abrasives all these products contain aluminum oxide. As the abrasive agent in different amounts up to 5% in college up to 10% in compound How to Make a Paper Crown up to 25% in metal polish. But with different the number finding the great choice the reason. I showed you all thesis because for storing your headlights. The brand new condition is all about choosing the right polish. The right sandpaper so for headlights like this. It’s best to go with 600 grit followed by 1500 grit followed by 3000 grit. It’s best to wrap the sandpaper around the foam backing pad. You can put the uniform pressure on the latest is sanding and if you held the girl. He can go to the headlight polishing kit like this.

You get a backing plate forth drill a wool pad a foam pad. You have your sandpapers 243 2600 800 12001500 2000 and 3000. If you want alright first your mask of the surrounding body panels using some masking tape. You wouldn't damage the paint on those panels while sanding then spray. Some water on the lens and on the sandpaper and start sanding it. Best to do this ending in one direction like here I'm doing horizontal with overlapping passes to How to Make a Paper Crown cover the entire area. The lens spray water as you need and keep sanding with light to medium pressure. The sandpaper when the car of the water running down. The lens turns from yellow to a sort of milky white wipe. The lens any can see the yellow in plastic is gone but now there's a uniform white haze. On the lens, these are sanding scratches from the 600 grit sandpaper. He had remotely so now at the 1500 grit and start sanding again. This time instead of going horizontal you can go vertical.

The screw goes into the press resist a bar on the screen this way okay. This is the thickest material we have left and I want to get to a white flour screen got the screw going real slow. We ‘retrying to this is a good sign right here baby coos unit phone closed okay to close the cone. Where one bar 15 spinners of us know what it was to weight looked it up in. The Internet which is lemon oil night still able to adjust that heavy dose. It's got a lot of water in it we're going to take it up to five percent truss eight okay. We're putting in five percent by weight stirring. If this happens big coffee beans, okay what we get is reading really well. I don’t even know what that means we don't know how much. I read the back there’s no dosing in this I could go buy this at a convenience store. It just says do not use while operating a motor vehicle machinery. If you're pregnant or nursing is picked it up um and so these. I get concerned with this because not people necessarily use it in a way that does help them. Because clearly don't want to take away from what Chris and Susan have experienced in your own particular path. What I worry about is this if I can go buys have How to Make a Paper Crown no idea what’s in it. I'm a kid or an adult quite frankly and I go pop a few of these and I end up under the bridge.

You have a 32-bit most of you probably don't click. I’ve 64-bit so I’m going to download the second onerous win. I accept the license agreement, yes and we will finish by showing. You, real tech boys, do think I actually had a real tech driver in my last Ethernet. I got a new one pretty recently regardless come down on. This page go tithe windows 10auto installation program. Then click on the blue download button you’ll then have to put in an email. I’ll do use not a real email by the way do not email it and then download the file. They think I’m a robot all of them should be downloaded. We have the real tech driver’s killer and Intel are the easiest. All you have to do is run them so I double click it's going to install don't really know why. I’m installing it because I don't even have How to Make a Paper Crown this type of Ethernet. You just want to press next won’t actually do it I’ll press cancel then for Intel. I do have I’m going Torun the dot exe little zip file self-extractor accept the terms. Yes, installing drivers already have them boom I am done the last is the most annoying. It's if you have the real tech you're going to have to click on it to make sure. You have 7-zip or WinRAR I have WinRAR click on the folder windows 10. if you have a 64-bit system.

The third and final option is a Littlemore expensive. The last one not by a lot what. I’m talking about is buying a mocha adapter mocha adapter is very similar to the power line adapter. Except instead of connecting to a wall socket and going through electricity. It connects to coax you to know that weird-looking cable that connects. Your towel with a mocha adapter you can connect an Ethernet to that then to the mocha adapter. Then in your room connect the other mocha adapter to an Ethernet. Your boom Ethernet connection easy why I recommend it. This option the best especially if you do have coax in your room. This will give you the best speed you see while How to Make a Paper Crown power line adapters are very good. They’re faster than wife they will not get you the full speed. You pay for mocha adapters on the other hand will get you the full Ethernet speed. You normally get and get you the lowest ping you can possibly get in-game thus to sum. This first section up uses an aired connection it can be from a power line adapter. A mocha adapter or just like me connects directly to your router with an Ethernet cable. It doesn't really matter just do not use Wi-Fi it sucks Ethernet all the way moving.

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