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How To Make Obsidian In Minecraft

We need to mine get an infinite source of obsidian. So we can actually mine it with our diamond pickaxe which we have right here. So we can actually uh get How To Make Obsidian In Minecraft ourselves uh some uh get ourselves some obsidian and I restarted to get into the nether. So that's what's the next one here now I actually want to do something pretty creative. As you can see in this room we have water and then in this room. You can see we do have the lava what I want to do is build a room or like a little thing down here. Where it looks like the water is dripping from the water room down and then from the lava room and then dripping. And they're making like a little uh three by three block or something where. The thing like runs and then of course you get yourself your infinite your obsidian. So I’m not quite sure yet how the obsidian works I know when water and lava mix it makes obsidian. We have one lava uh bucket over there somewhere else here.

We do have another uh obsidian block I put it in here somewhere. So we throw it in there as you can see we have another black wool block. Here uh one thing that which I was quite upset about was I saw the gray like. I thought okay because one thing about that How To Make Obsidian In Minecraft uh Rubik’s cube is you need a lot of black wool and lots of black woodlands. I thought I had black sheep’s but only had grey sheep so that's a problem. I’ve got 44 white wool here for some reason it's from all the previous sharing. I’ve done so we've actually got quite a lot of wool. But it's yeah but anyway I have no I could conclude what I want to put inside of the Rubik’s cube. So tell me down in the comments what you guys would like me to put inside the rear screw. Should I make something like a riddle room I put a bunch of riddle son and then something uninteresting. Or something creative and um yeah so let's get in touch the proceedings. Let's actually clear uh all the obsidian or all these stone and stuff.

Which is lying underneath our lava room so we can actually uh get our proceedings down. Because of our previous uh previous spillages, we don't want the lava to be. You know or this to be looking uh bad so we’re going to clear this out right now and then. We're nonnuclear How To Make Obsidian In Minecraft the wood underneath uh like thereof or underneath the top area and then. The water should flow oh my goodness good job zombie you've mugged me off here. Let's throw some torches around to them and spawned. You can see how much I am frightened freaking out I hate it when I get scared in my craft. You don't think this game can like scare you but it does for some reason this game does scare you. You and yeah so it will be fine if we work through the night and okay so let's see. The water room uh we need actually you need to pick ourselves up an ax. Which is around here somewhere you’re not even I have an ax anymore. Because I’ve broken it all uh it might be uh factual but it’s okay we can.

Oh no, I’ve attacked the ender man why have I done this boys why have I attacked an ender man. Why have I done this okay listen man oh no oh loud oh goodness boys? I’m not happy about this why ever done this why have I done this. I got a fry oh no is it How To Make Obsidian In Minecraft in here somewhere okay no I don't have an ax anymore. Let’s create one uh real quick uh we do have some sticks here. Somewhere I do believe I’m not quite sure um you know that any man's going to be coming back. Keep on getting mean I’ll have no power over him uh forever. I’m gone boys okay let's do this and we do have a couple times. So we all will have the necessary resources to get ourselves a nice-looking ax. And let's get chopping up with the water room the ender man decided. It's fine we'll forgive him okay so let's make up this little drop here. So that drops down here and we'll need to contain that somehow. I guess cobblestone because we don't want to use wood. If you use wood it’s not great uh it's not that should be enough okay. So as you can see that should be the middle point of the lava and the whole thing meeting. So I need to make sure that the lava uh is uh where the lava is dropping is actually cobblestone.

How To Make Obsidian In Minecraft

So let's risk it for a biscuit or actually like the line it up. Because don't want to be stupid and actually burn down everything. So here's the lava think it's it should How To Make Obsidian In Minecraft be in line. Because I bought them on exactly the same row oh yeah boys. He's gone back why am I sleeping it I do not know I’ve decided I want I don't want him and we've killed him get it. Let's risk it mine here yeah okay perfect boys perfect. Let's align this one, uh this will dropdown. So I’ve got a much longer time to uh align it it's actually not that aligned. But will work we'll need to work with it oh goodness well burning. We are burning 2000 years later okay so, this is what I’ve come to and it's pretty decent looking. It can look much better if I decorate it a little bit more. I’ll be doing the off-cam or anyone can but all you need to do is. Then you place a block right here you mine your obsidian. Which we already have quite a bit four thanks to our previous miserable attempts at doing this. And if you mind this thing it's going to turn into stone.

So you need to have a solid block of lava next to the like water. So then you go pick yourself up some lava from your infinite lava room. Which is not infinite How To Make Obsidian In Minecraft lava room because you can't do that in mine craft. It's sad but true so then you take one of these which you have plenty of because you’re a rich man. And then you do this and this and then this and as your mind. That should give you obsidian yep and we already have around two blocks of these so if you do this a couple of times. You should actually humor you should definitely get enough of this. I know this is not the most effective way you can do it I know there are many much more effective ways. You can actually do this with the whole um you know Redstone and everything. You can use uh like as you can see there because of the solid source or block of lava it. Actually makes more obsidian but when this crosses it makes more cobblestone. So then you do that you do this and you need to go get yourself. Some more lava because this is not going to work and then you need to put it there. That will make you more obsidian I don’t think I know it's not the most effective way.

You can actually do itch but uh yeah so we're going to build up around. This you know like a little room so you can actually it will look much better. I have much uh wood left I’ve got a lot of dirt which is not what actually. We want why is this happen then How To Make Obsidian In Minecraft because I need I actually need to go on a wood run again pretty soon. Like you can say I don't even have an ax so yeah we have 64 wood. With some 13 spruce boots so we're going to build thatch completely closed and let it at least look better. So I’ll definitely go on a wood run again when we'll close this up and we'll make an entrance right here. Let's do that real quicken there we go and place this here and they will walk in and then. You’ll have your infinite unlike source here which I’ll place and I’ll place an uh chest here with more buckets. For with lava and then it will be much easier for you or for myself to get this done. Close it up over there let's go share some sheep while we do the out a lot of sheep’s tosh areas. You can see over here goodness that’s a lot that’s a lot of sheep's goodness me. And we'll feed them at the end as well so let’s go in hereon not hit them share them am I stupid.

So the colors I’m going to be using for our Rubik’s cube are blue yellow or angered and then green and black. Because we need black for the edges of this whole thing. So let me show you guys real quicken what we're going to be doing with the black walls How To Make Obsidian In Minecraft for instance. Monday next week's one goes a little bit better it's going to be a bit more exciting. So like say as you can see like this is going to be the green block. So we’re going to use the grass as the normal green um like blocks that you get on the like normal green. You get on the uh Rubik’s cubes and then the blacks going to be the edges. So as you can see that's going to goal the way around. Through all these edges and as you can if you can count one of these blocks.

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