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How To Make A Map Bigger In Minecraft

How to make a map wall, so here I am in my own How To Make A Map Bigger In Minecraft personal mine craft survival world upstairs. I have actually already got a map wall started but I'm going to show you. How to get it started and then show you how it works upstairs now. What you need to do is you need to get paper which you get from three sugar cane and you’ll come over to the crafting table. You’ll put your compass in the middle and paper all around it this gives you an empty map. Now you want to do is right-click on it wherever you are boom that fills it out like a map and it starts exploring. Now the next thing you got to do is come over to a cartography table put on the map. Then put in a piece of paper that makes it bigger when you do this. I think a total of four times yeah so you can't do it after four times. Okay put it in your hand and look you could see where I am right now then this is the hard part.

We have to go and explore on that map until it's all filled out of course. I mean you’re creative you can just fly real fast but in survival, you have to actually How To Make A Map Bigger In Minecraft walk the whole distance. So you can see making a map wall is actually very time-consuming but it's kind of fun too it's fun to explore now. If we got one map but if you’re making a map wall it's the collection of many maps. So like you can see right now where I am I'm at the top right corner. So what I would need to do is I need to go and make another map. I’ll go over here put in another compass and what I would do is. I would actually just keep a bunch of empty maps on hand and I even put a cartography table. In Miami tour to carry around with me and make sure you don't right-click this. What you do is you follow this map see I can see you can see. I'm almost all the way north I’d follow and tall is no longer on the map as soon. As I exited another the map and I went into the section north of it.

Oh then right-click on this and create another map which would make a map of the area north of this map. Here I'm notional should I do it for you guys eyelet’s just do it for you guys. I don’t want you guys to see how this works I’m trying to save time okay. I'm almost out of there I'm also I'm okay I think yeah I think what's the arrow on the top disappears. You're How To Make A Map Bigger In Minecraft officially out of it.Okay so like so right there it's just a dot. If I come back as soon as you get the arrow pointer on it I'm back in the old territory see. Now it's pointing again so once you see it turned to the dot which is here. Then you can take that map and right-click boom. Now it's the area of northward and there are separated into these great areas and when you have that. Then you can go back to the cartographer table like I said you should carry one. Here inventory this time I didn't but you know I'm just going to go back anyway. So there's no real loss here just running back home as fast. As I can and you come back to the cartography table and you expand it four times one two three four okay. So this math is maximized oh did I do something wrong.

How To Make A Map Bigger In Minecraft

Oh, I probably didn't go far enough yeah I didn't go far enough into the next quadrant. I should have expanded it there too that's why you could carry a guitar on a table with you and expand it. There instead of here like I did I didn’t go far enough north How To Make A Map Bigger In Minecraft well when you’re doing this. You can go further north but anyways what happens is so I have this map that's right here in the background. You can see when I come over here and make a new map. It creates another quadrant up here and then expands it there it makes many maps. So what you then do is you make some item frames lookup item frames. You come and you put it on the wall in an array and you would put your maps in an array around it. Now here's one I've already done you can see how these works see look there is one map. You see that green dot right there that's actually the spawn point. So you see I this one I did successfully Cartago tale with me.

I made the map and I wouldn't explore it you can see. I’ve done a lot of exploring and I put it down and you have to put them down according to where. They are on the marplot’s they won't you know it's like a puzzle piece. You have to put them down like How To Make A Map Bigger In Minecraft puzzle pieces otherwise they won’t be right. You can see I have one two three four five six maps here and that’s what they look like. when you put them in the Ida frame kind of interesting isn't it yeah. So good can move them around too if you want to make it. So there but to the south isn’t top north on the bottom you could do that too. That's about all I think I mean let’s just you just put it along the wall. Just like that and if you want you can pull it back off the wall again yeah click on it. You can pull it off the wall and then go and explore with it again. If you need to kind of fill that out they come back and put it back one thing.

I would suggest is once you have a completed the map doesn't just leave it on the wall to get destroyed. Go make some copies of it you can do that you can go make some copies of the map and put them in a chest. Maybe different chests everywhere and well in all How To Make A Map Bigger In Minecraft two whole places. May even hide them just so if anything happens you don't it's not a complete total wash. You can come and make a copy and put it back on the wall again anyways. You just expand that and let me tell you if you're doing that survival without cheating. It will take a long time but you know that's how it’s done and that is how you make a map wall pretty cool.

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