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How To Lighten Dyed Hair?

I talked about how I dyed my hair darker and I wanted How To Lighten Dyed Hair and I lightened it and I'm just going to kind of walk you through that. Today my hair was darker than I wanted I originally thought. Hey, I'm the diamond hairs a little darker because my roots were starting to grow in and my roots are pretty light. Then right here it turned out black. So I was like I need to figure out a way to lighten this and they figure. Because I just I'm in there I could just shampoo it it would be fine no when your hair is almost black it's like doesn't budge. So my hair is still dark it's just not black and in different lights, it looks even lighter than this right now. Thank you I literally can't wait for it to you but might not more you ever dye your hair. Then realize oh my hair looks just five and actually loves it now or before whatever.

So I started panicking I was like wait I woke up in the morning. I scared myself and I was like this is not nope I was not meant for this super dark. I think this How To Lighten Dyed Hair is like the darkest I can go and I can still rock with it making this wig lean with a rock. Would I still look good not black and not darker than this and I will not go darker than this ever again in my whole existence of living? So anyway I had to figure out what am I going to do. I started googling how to lighten my hair all this stuff people were using like vitamin C tablets all this stuff and honestly I was like. I'm a little afraid to lighten it in that way. Because the before and after where it was like black hair too orange hair. I was like no that's not what I wanted so I was a little nervous so a lot of you on snap chat and Twitter were sending me over. So many suggestions it was like use clarifying shampoo using baking soda lemon juice peroxide. Anti-dandruff shampoo Head & Shoulders all this stuff and I was feeling a little overwhelmed.

I just got in the shower and I tried to really scrub my hair out. Because I've done that in the past where I had a dye job that. I didn’t love and I really scrubbed my head and I could get a bunch of color out nothing was happening. My hair was just not budging How To Lighten Dyed Hair I tried vinegar cuz I read online you could use vinegar back to nothing. My head just smelled bad and then I tried baking soda with anti-dandruff shampoo. I just ordered some head and shoulders stainable I put some shampoo in there. I poured a bunch of baking soda in it I didn’t measure anything. I just eyeballed it until it was like a thick paste lathered it all over my hair and I let it sit and nothing happened. I put it under a cap and everything I waited absolutely nothing happened nothing budged. I was like this is just annoying and my hair feels nasty how did it work. So I was like all right I'm a little frustrated but you know it's fine.

How To Lighten Dyed Hair

I’ll figure it out so I did that earlier in the day and then I wash it again that night. I tried it one more time in nothing budge so last night I was googling forever. I was like there has to tube something else and then I remembered. I had some leftover a developer How To Lighten Dyed Hair from when I was dying right here the other day. I have a small amount of developer left what if I used that with the baking soda. Because I believe that will lift the color I googled it and they said that it could. I was really nervous this is why when I was blond I never bleached my hair. I never dyed it never touched it personally I think I only ever used pink shampoo on it over my white-blonde hair. Because I would have a hint of color that was it and it was not dying. It's just like shampoo it was easy to use that was it I didn’t have to bleach it like anything. I would never I could never do that I would never trust myself about just as. I shouldn’t trust myself with this but okay long story short.

So anyway I was like alright I kind of made a paste of it this morning. I literally did this morning like 9:00 a.m. so in the cup lactic Bowl. I poured in the How To Lighten Dyed Hair leftover developer and I just kept pouring baking soda into it until it turned again it’s like a thick paste and first. I did like a little test strand I just did like the end of a piece of hair and let it sit. For a while, I even put the blow dryer on it to try to like activate it and I didn't really feel like anything was working. So I rinse it out and I was like you know what I'm just going to do it all over my whole head and I'm just gonna go for it. Because my hair so I can be crazy, so that's exactly what I did this morning I went into the bathroom and I put it on my hair as. If I was dyeing my hair I did it in layers I just did it in layers. I took the brush I did of my roots and then I pulled it down the rest of my hair. And I did that all over my head and I put it up into a cap and it was probably in a cap for about30 minutes.

By the way I just disclaimer I’m not telling anyone to do this. I’m not saying you should do this to your hair I really strongly suggest you. Jesse a professional How To Lighten Dyed Hair and don't do your hair yourself truly that's the lesson. I learned this week even though I already knew it I thought I was a hairstylist. I am NOT doing that again anyway so I did that and then I actually took my hairdryer and I was like blow-drying around not for long. Because I was I didn't know how I was going to react I didn't know how my hair was going to turn out. I didn't want it to be splotchy I didn't want you to know I just wanted to get some freaking hair dye out of my hair. I got in the shower and I rinsed in all of a sudden I just thought like brown come out and I was like I answer my own prayer. So that’s what I did I used baking soda and developer again using your own risk. I am not telling you to use it if you use it and you don't like it that's not my fault that's your father you not until you do it.

I literally don't know No and they lightened my hair up it's still obviously dark. Because you know I didn’t leave it on for super long and I’m not a developer and How To Lighten Dyed Hair so this is what it is now. I actually really like this color I do want this to fade more and I am excited for it to be more. I'm notional lie but I'm going to rock with this, for now, it's still cute. I can handle this I'll be fine that's how I ruined my hair and saved it within three days. So the moral of the story is don't dye your own hair don't cut your own hair go-to professional. I shouldn't even have today this because it's common sense but I did it and I messed up. I'm not a professional this is just what happened to me learn from me do. As I say not aside dada boom I spent so much time on my own here. Wow, my hair looks thick and luscious right now okay hello.

I will tell you though my hair feels nasty it feels so dry on the ends although my hair looks full and like Varoom. Hello, the ends of my hair are seriously like that it was just so sad. But yeah there you go that was my hair story I really truly hope you enjoyed How To Lighten Dyed Hair my pain and my pleasure. That’s something now I will say although I may be impulsive. Sometimes whatever happens in my life I always turn it around to make things happen and get stuff done. Always I’m just like a genie in a bubble for myself that way you know what I mean. So I fixed it I'm happy with it now. I'm going to put a little extra Tanner on getting a little tangoing to you know not to have this be. So harsh and we'll go from there it'll be fine but I actually really do like it nice.

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