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How To Keep Cilantro Fresh

If you want to know how to get this fresh coriander cilantro dhaniya even after one month of buy. You have landed at the right place and I am going to teach How To Keep Cilantro Fresh  you how to save your cilantro. So it last you one month so you don't have to buy every week so I have done lot of research various methods. I am going to show you all and I am going to show you the best method which will help you save money. Ready so here are the various methods it has been preserved this is being preserved from March 10. As you can see and today is April 5 so approximately 26 days and I have preserved cilantro leaves. The leaf part no stem and it is from 10 March, so again 10 March it is also having the paper. Along with this smallest foil and it is also leaf only then I have got some zip lock March 10. I have got some paper towel and here is my cilantro leaf inside the paper towel. So this is also from March 10 and I have this arrangement from March 10 it comes in this bag.

So same bag I have put some paper I will show you how to do that so we are going to open each of these. And we are going to see which one is best and then that is what you do okay so let's open the very first. One which is in the zip lock bag and into How To Keep Cilantro Fresh this paper towel so this looks perfect. I don’t have many black leaves and this is after 26 days incredible right. So this is here let's open this it is having leaf only it does not have this paper towel. It is having as many me so let’s open it it's kind of sealed from all the sides open it up. It might have some black leaves because there was no paper to absorb moisture. The biggest enemies of cilantro are moisture and here so you can see some leaves have done black. But still 80% in good shape after 26 days so this was without paper towel and now I have aluminum with paper towel. So let's open this up - I would say it's more or less same so both the techniques with paper towel without the paper towel. 80% is preserved after 26 days so let's see this it comes in this bag I have put some paper towel and let's check on this.

How To Keep Cilantro Fresh

So here it is this one again is in pretty good shape about 80% to 90% fresh. Actually and here is my learning out of this so if you use leaves only first. It is a effort to separate the leaves and it still has 20% bad part even if you use this paper towel. So don't try to separate leaves it is a dish '''l effort and also as you can see it goes waste 20%. So this is the best How To Keep Cilantro Fresh method winning method you can put it into the same sack in which you go to your coriander. Or you can put it in the zip lock like this I am going to show you this final method. Which works and it can help you save your cilantro for almost a month look at the freshness. This is after one month I'm pretty sure till now you might be using it for one week. Whatever leaves are going bad you discard it. No more discarding save it and use it for one month so let's learn the technique. So here is how we do it we need a fresh cilantro which we want to last one month zip lock bag. If you don’t want to use the zip lock bag use the sack which came with it and some paper towel. So the very first thing we have to do is we have to get rid of this elastic band or any twist ties. Whatever we have so it will be ideal if we let it sit for 10 15 minutes outside on the counter.

Because it has load of excess moisture we want to get rid of this moisture. So assume you have waited so better wait 10 minutes this is going to give you the best result. So after putting it on counter for 10 minutes this is what I need to do. I will grab little How To Keep Cilantro Fresh punch I will put certain strings here and wrap my paper towel again. Put some again wrap it again put another strings and wrap it. So far I have wrapped half of my cilantro into this and as you can see I have done it in layers. I'll show you again if you see all this moisture that is why I was saying try to do it. After some time so here is how you roll it you roll it with little strings and keep rotating. So here is my first batch ready half of it is in this paper towel and now I'm going to put it into my zip lock. And it goes straight into the zip lock and now I’m going to seal it I want to make sure Intake. The excess air out because this excess air is going to oxidize it and the moisture is the enemy. So that is why we have put over paper towels so this can be labeled and can be used.

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