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How to Jitter Click?

It's Intel here so in this I’m going to be making a tutorial. How to jitter click and aiming mc. I’ve made a jitter-clicking before but I feel like. That is pretty outdated and that I could do a much better job explaining it which is why. I’m making this two quick things. Before the starts the first thing is that I’m closet 50ksubs. So if you enjoyed the then I’d appreciate it if. You help me get that much closer to 50k the second thing is most of this is going. Just be me explaining with my camera how to jitter click but at the end of the. I’m going to have like a mini ranked sky wars mouse and keyboard sounds. Then I will have timestamps in the description but yeah that's pretty much it uh if. You want to support me then you can buy my lunar client cape it’s in the learner client store. I will leave it in the description but with all that being said let's get right into the all right. I’m going to divide this explanation into two different parts. So the first part is what shooter clicking is and how to do it and then the second part. How to aim with it so I’m going to have timestamps in the description.

You want to skip well let's start with the basics so right. Now I am jitter clicking and don’t know how well. You can hear that through my microphone but I’m clicking very fast right. Now definitely a lot faster than if I was just normal clicking my mouse and basically. What jitter clicking is I am tensing up my forearm? This part of the arm right here is my elbow. This is my forearm I’m tensing it up to the point where my entire arm starts vibrating. Down to my fingertips. So I’m tensing up my forearm making my whole arm vibrate and making my finger vibrates onto. My mouse click now it's really important to know that. You're not physically moving any of your How to Jitter Click finger muscles. You're not like physically tapping on your mouse click fast or anything like that. You want your finger to stay in the same spot. While you're jitter clicking so don't move your finger atoll we tense up your forearm and make it. So that your finger vibrates so two tips of advice. You can practice trigger clicking pretty easily. Anywhere as long as there is a desk just tense up your forearm. Once again start vibrating your finger and then vibrate it onto your desk sort of just like. That's a good way to practice and then my second piece of advice.

How to Jitter Click

When I started jitter clicking I’d do maybe like 10 or so push-up. Before I started jitter clicking on my mouse. You don't need to do a full workout or anything like that. I did that just to warm up my forearm. I felt like that sort of helps me but yeah to recap. You’re tensing up your forearm you're just flexing to the point where you. The whole arm starts vibrating down to your fingertips you take that and then. You vibrate on your mouse button and that's what trigger clicking is so most. People can get to the point where they have the ability to jitter click. They can't grip their mouse with it and they can't aim with it and mc. Now it takes some practice but there’s How to jitter click the one really important thing. You need to know when you're jitter clicking on your mouse and that is. When you hold your mouse you must be fingertip gripping it trust me of people. Who jitter click fingertip grip their mouse and basically. What fingertip gripping is that only? Your fingertips are making contact with your mouse. So you can see my palm is not touching my mouse. At alit is only just my fingertips so the reason why this is important. When you're tensing up your forearm. You're making your whole arm vibrate if your hand or your arm is in contact. Anything then that sort of cuts off the vibrations to your fingertips so if just rest. My palm on my mouse and I just tried jitter clicking you can see that like. I really can’t do it as well like I can't do it nearly as consistently. Because of the contact that my palm is making with the back of my mouse.

Cutting off the vibrations that are going through my arm. All the way tom fingertips now it's the same thing. If your wrists touching your mouse pad so if my wrist is on my mouse pad. I tried sugar clicking you can see it's the same story I can’t do it nearly as well I cannot click consistently. It's cutting off the vibrations once again so if you wanted to click. Aim a mother only your fingertips should be in contact with the mouse. No part of your arm should be in contact with anything else. Anything that's not your forearm shouldn’t be resting on your desk. Your wrist shouldn’t be touching your mouse or the mouse pad to keep your hand elevated. A little bit so that those vibrations can go from your forearm. To your fingertips without any trouble. Now for me when started jitter clicking personally. My index finger isn't the strongest I can jitter click with just. My index finger on my left mouse button can't aim as well with it and can’t click as consistently. As fast so what a lot of people how to Jitter Click does include me. We have a support finger for our index fingers for me I take two fingers. Jitter click my left mouse button so I pinch my middle and index finger. Together sort of treating it as like one finger then right click with my ring finger. Now, this is awkward for some people because they have to right. Click with their ring finger but for me find that I can jitter click way easier uh. If I grip my mouse as this what other people do is they will pinch their thumb. Their index finger together sort of like this and then.

They will jitter click that way he doesn't do this. Because my thumb needs to be on the side of my mouse if I want to aim it. Now it's all personal preference but basically what I’m trying to say is that having a support finger. Your index finger, while you are jittering up, might make it easier. It depends on who you are for me it helps. I know a lot of other people use a support finger. They are jitter clicking as well there are two other really important things. I need to explain when it comes to jitter clicking the first thing. When you start shooter clicking in-game it's going to look like. This your crosshair is just sort of vibrating everywhere your aim isn't smooth. That is why you have to turn down your sensitivity jittering and aiming. Just so much easier on a low sensitivity like if. You are using a high sensitivity your aim’s just going to be all over the place. You want it low enough How to Jitter Click to the point. Where you don't shake as much so you can see like now I’m clicking. I’m barely shaking now and it’s going to take some practice to get to that point. But you want to minimize as much of that screen shake as possible. You need to turn down your sense to do so and the second thing. When you are jitter clicking you do not risk aiming so there are two different types of aim. If you didn't know there’s wrist aiming where you move your wrist and then there's arm aim. Where you move your arm to aim when you jitter you do not wrist aim? While you are twitter clicking it is not going to work you are arm aiming. So get used to locking your wrist into one position. Then just move your entire arm to aim and if you've never armed aimed. Before then it's going to be a learning curve. You’re going to be trash at it for a bit but you have to practice. You have to put in time uh into practicing jitter clicking if you wannabe good with it.

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