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How to Get Sylveon

Before we do that I kind of want to let you guys know a little bit about the server so currently. We are axing out at a hundred and twenty players pretty much all day long. Now it is a weekend so it's hard to say if during the weekdays. We're going to hit 120 every day but a lot of people have been messaging me asking me to up the slots on the server. I just kind of want to get this out of the way so that you guys oh. I thought he despair Wendi was about to freak out. It was like noon but yeah so a lot of people have been asking me and the thing. If we up the slot on the server going to lag a lot more than it already does. We have gone ahead and at the moment fixed most of your issues. It doesn't seem to be having too much lag. The crashes have been good for the last like a day or so although. We were having issues a couple of days ago so it’s hard to tell if everything is resolved. But as for the player camp. We can’t lift it if you guys do want to join when the server is full. You can buyer ranking is ten dollars is a lot for a lot of people. So you can try to just spam connect and we do have restarts every two hours which will empty the server. So you'll be able to try to connect during. Because there will be 120 empty slots but if you guys do have the ten dollars just spin on the rank. You do want to join the server when it's full make sure to go ahead. Do that all the money goes towards supporting the server and allows us to get some pretty cool new updates.

We have a lot of really cool updates that I think. You guys are going to enjoy coming down the pipeline pretty soon but with that being. If you guys do want to join the server the IP is pokey Central dot org. There's a link down in the description to a tutorial. How you can install the correct version of a pixel on this server. That let's go ahead and get into a battle with this aegis lash. Before you’d spawn the first thing I'm going to do is throw out my Kersey. I don't know if Kersey has any good moves to fight egis lash. I don't want a one-shot it and I feel like. I'm going to one-shot it here oh that's going to want you at it, isn’t it? I'm level 70 it's only 45 okayed no it was not very effective okay. We’re good what about the psycho shift is that going to do a little more. I don ‘actually know what psycho shift does it keeps failing so maybe it can't affecting aisle sheets. Just keep whittling down its health with Aurora beam. We'll try to get as low as possible. I'm still going to switch over to Scythe white why did I say cite their site there’s another Pokémon. That can learn fall swipe How to Get Sylveon but we don't have a site there we have a delay. So I'm going to switch overdo Glade and try to put it to sleep herein a second once we get it down to red. We can try to catch this guy little 45 that would be a pretty cool addition to our team light. Let's try that Oh Chris Leah fainted Wow okay so we'll switch over to Glade. We'll use hypnosis he avoided the attack and he one-shot me oh. No, we need to level up our Glade once we get him to level 100 he is going to bathe the best possible Pokémon but right. Now he’s only 44 which makes it kind of hardtop use him all right quick attack OH does that not affect him. Because it 'sab normal type all right let's try gust we’re just going to go for it waited way too long. I wanted to try to catch him at night because then we could have used the dusk ball. I probably should have started this video off with catchy and age is lash but either way hopefully. We can still get him here and there we go okay. We got him it took quite a few ultra-balls not too many about six.

How to Get Sylveon

I think and we finally cut the aegis laughs sole me go ahead and take him out of the level 45. We'll replace I guess we don’t need them right. Now so we’ll replace Peugeot, for now, we need to get our Chameleon up to a Char izard. Then we can replace him as our flying Pokémon reason. I got the Pudgy well I don’t know why I got the Peugeot. I guess I kind of forgot that Chari arc old even fly and you could ride him. We have these keys so the last video got over 200 likes on it. We get two rare keys to open up during this video and of course. We have our boat crates keys from just voting every single day which Ideally like to do. If you guys do want these keys they are pretty handy so definitely make sure to check that out. You can do slash vote oh we got a choice band okay that's new actually. We might already get one I'm not sure we got another expel share which is always helpful did. We get that from the crate each we did okay and a Reaper cloth second one so we got a lot of held items there. Then just some rare candies wait we want a master bowl that's a 1percent yet. We just want to we just goat master bill out of the boat great okay that’s crazy. I didn't even notice I was freaking out. I was like oho Spann that's so cool but no. We got the master ball that is amazing all right. Let's see if these rare keys can live up to those vote crate keys. Because those were How to Get Sylveon pretty good. We could get some pretty cool legendaries. I do like the Arctic no Zippos I like Haikou I'm not a big fan of the river Pokémon. They're still all right and then. We can of course get a bunch of different stuff up here in the top row let's go ahead and open these up and see. We're tonnage I'm kind of hoping. We get legendary just because the other rewards in here we've kind of already got. I’ve already got random shinnies we've already got money. We've already got rare candy although rare candies would be helpful. We already a master bowls so let's see what are we going to get a shiny misprint okay.

We got thirty rare candies that are fine. I'm fine with that I think that’ll be helpful. I did go ahead and waste all of my rare candies on my Glade. I probably should just waste these33 on him as well you know why not all right let's see. We rake oh darn all right looks like we're going to be getting some more rare candies that are fine. You know I'll take it well you has63 rare candies out of that. Let’s just put them in my and your chests I'm not tempted to waste them all on another Pokémon and speaking. Let me grab my pokey kibble for today just in case. We forget to do it at some point in the future we can have some saved up so one of the challenges. Here on the server that a lot of people. I don’t think even really know about it because it's kind of hidden. I mean it’s not to it and the gate force pun is right there so this is a spawn castle and right. Here on this rock is red so if. You’ve ever played the official Pokémon games you know that red. Someone that has powerful Pokémon and you battle him near the end of the game. I haven’t played the Pokémon games in forever but this NPC right. Here basically has a Reds team you can go ahead and challenge him in the game. He is an ultimate boss which means he's going to be pretty hard to defeat. You get I think 10,000 How to Get Sylveon here one second let me go whoop info it says. You get six thousand for defeating them but if you use an amulet coin will get twelve thousand. So that's a pretty good deal if you guys can take him out. You can only battle him once you can battle them unlimited times. You can only beat him once so you can go ahead and try it anytime. You want him does scale with your level he's always going to be 40levels above. Your highest level Pokémon which is kind of insane. If you guys can beat him that is a pretty good accomplishment. I think we're going to go ahead and try to battle some of these on the path I don't think. We’re quite ready to battle red yet. We can try out some of these other NP Catha is a little bit easier to make this. The easiest possible I want to get rid of Kersey because cress is a little 70 a lot higher level. The rest of my Pokémon here and we probably should pick up could use. But I don’t want to use Arecas just yet maybe let’s see oh let's put beldam on our team, yeah well we’ll try to level up.

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