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How To Get Pokecoins?

Looking to get a lot of free poke coins. So you can max out your bag max out your Pokémon storage and buy a ton of raid passes. So today we're going to be going over gaming and how to get a bunch of free poke coins through gaming. We're first going to start How To Get Pokecoins about how gumming works and we're going to go into my gaming strategy. Finally, in the end, we're going to go through an extra bonus strategy. You can use it to get free coins on top of the poke coins. You’re already getting for gaming if you already know how gaming works. Then skip to this point right here and you can see my gaming strategy and how I make sure. I’m getting those 50 coins every single day and you can skip to here. If you want to see the bonus method and you don't care about the other two okay to start how does gaming work. So it’s going to be for the basic people let’s go through it a gym is pretty much awoken to stop. But it is transformed up into a gym in a gym there is space for six pokemon to defend this gym all the Pokémon.

Must be put in by players of the same color so if a gym is yellow that means. You can only put a gym in there if you are on the yellow team aka instinct. There is a max of six pokemon in the gym and if it's a gym of the opposite color. You have the option to How To Get Pokecoins battle this gym you can knock out the pokemon in the gym and in turn, make the gym neutral. Then you can put your pokemon in the gym a gym battle will go down kind of like an afraid battle. Where you press it and you get to battle against the Pokémon. You just get to keep doing attacks and you might have to do it one or two times. Until the pokemon you're attacking goes down to zero cups. Then it'll get knocked out of the gym once they're at zero they’ll be knocked out and you can put your pokemon in once. You put your Pokémon in the gym a pokemon will generate one coin every 10 minutes. It just has to be in the gym however you don't just get the coca coins as time goes on you. Only get the pull coins once the pokemon knocked out of the gym by an opposing person.

Who has knocked you out so when your pokemon gets knocked out of the gym. Similar to the way you were knocking people out of the gym. You will get the number of coins depending on how long you’re in the gym. However this cap's at50 coins a day so you How To Get Pokecoins only have to have a pokemon in gyms for eight hours to hit the max amount of the day. Let's do a hypothetical situation so you understand. If I have a pokemon in the gym for three weeks and it gets knocked out. You’re only going to get 50 coins a day doesn’t matter how long over the eight hours. You're in the gym you only get the 50 coins if you have two pokemon and they both get knocked out on the same day. You'll still onlyget50 coins if they were both in the gym for eight hours. However, if you have pokemon that has been in the gym for eight hours and one day gets knocked out. Then the next day comes around and you had a different pokemon in the gym. It's been in the gym for eight hours you're going to get another 50 coins.

How To Get Pokecoins

You’re going to have 50 coins both of that day as it resets down to zero every single day and you can get a new 50coins. Manage all the pokemon in the gym by clicking the little field research overshare scrolling to the bottom of the today view. It'll show How To Get Pokecoins you how many coins you got that day it’ll show you the pokemon in gyms. It’ll show you pretty much how much health they have you can click on the pokemon in the gyms and it'll transport. You over to that gym then from there you can see the health of all the pokemon and gyms. You can see the health of your pokemon you can click on it and you can feed it berries tore-heal it revealing. A pokemon in a gym will add a cup AK we call it motivation this is how much health. A pokemon has and how hard it is to knock it out of a gym using regular bears will slowly increase it. But the more berries you use the less effective they will become if you want to max out. Its health uses a golden raspberry and it'll instantly take it all the way to the max amount of health.

It has so this is kind of like a full revive of the golden raspberry also feeding berries will help. You towards a gym badge you can see all your gym badges by clicking on your little profile scrolling down here. You'll see gym badges you can click on the How To Get Pokecoins list and you can see all the gym badges. If you want to see more info on gym badges I’m going to leave tick-tock below. If you want to see a more in-depth video explaining it but this is pretty much. Where you can find your gym batches okay so now we know how gaming works. What is my strategy so first you want to get pokemon in gyms? I like to dump as many pokemon in gyms as i can of course some gyms are going to be harder. To hold for example a downtown era you put pokemon in the gym. There are a lot more trainers out there that are going to be trying to knock. You out compared to like a rural area or a little park near your neighborhood. Just make sure you go find some gyms knock out some, if you need to, and just put as many pokemon in as.

You can as far as gym defenders pokemon I like to use always use a blissed or a chantey first. These are the top two gym defenders in the game however really strong cup pokemon. Like meta grossdragonite will all you do you well in gyms. I’ll leave a link How To Get Pokecoins below to the top gym defenders another tip. If you want to get knocked out using a low or terrible cup pokemon for example putting a Magikarp with 10cp in a gym. If you’re only trying to get them gym coins and you want to get knocked out fast. Then putting a Magikarp in will make it very easy to get knocked out. I usually fill up nine gyms if I can obviously sometimes it’s harder to find that. Sometimes you actually have to go battle some gyms to find space to put your pokemon in gyms. I like to have as many pokemon in gyms as you can now every day. I’m going to choose one to two pokemon to let die off I’m going to come here into my gym manager. I’m going to look at the Pokémon gyms obviously I only have one in right now. But if I had multiple I would choose one of these Pokémon and that's going to be the one. I’m a gantlet die-off I usually choose the one with the lowest amount of hip or motivation.

Then I’m going to go into the other pokemon I’m going to click on them and I’m going to heal them. I usually use golden raspberries however not a lot of people have these. But heal them so they're a lot stronger having a gym with a bunch of full health. Pokémon How To Get Pokecoins will make it a lot scarier and a lot fewer people will be attacking those gyms and trying to knock your Pokémon out of those gyms. Since when pokemon area full motivation you usually have to battle them two or three times to fully knock them out. Most people who are in a rush don’t have time to sit there at this gym and knock out these pokemon. Now that all your pokemon are healed except one it'll be a lot more motivating to people. Who see those gyms to go in there and start attacking them. So you get knocked out and you get those 50 coins this is a good strategy. Because it allows you to take those nine pokemon you have in gyms and make sure one to two of them are getting knocked out each day. So you’re getting your 50 coins each day not all of them are getting knocked out on one day.

So all that time you spent defending those gyms is just put to waste it is not a foolproof method. However, this is how idol it and this is how i like to do it to try to get as much success. As I can obviously the more pokemon you put in gyms the higher How To Get Pokecoins chance. That you're getting those 50 coins every day so just make sure anytime. You see a gym of your color or a gym with a lot of weak pokemon in there make sure you just battle it and throw Pokémon in there. So you can get those 50gym coins every day finally I want to touch on that bonus method. What we talked about at the start of the video on how to get some extra coins it’s called Google opinion rewards. Allows you to do surveys to get coins I made a video on tick-tock however it got taken down. I’m going to put it here on YouTube and I’m going to insert it right here. You can check out how to get some free money in pokemon go. So if you go into your app store and search Google awards there’s an app called Google opinion rewards once. You download this and open this go through the terms of service read all that stuff put in your information. Once you're signed in you’re going to see your Google play balance at00.

Now what you can do is surveys are going to pop up and you're able to answer these surveys to get money. Answer a simple survey like do you enjoy watching basketball on television simply. Just go through the questions and answer them as honestly as How To Get Pokecoins you can once. You've completed the survey sometimes you will get the money that you can stock up into your Google play balance. Once you have money on the Google play balance if you come to the shop. When you click to buy the ticket and press buy you can choose to pay with your Google play balance. Note that surveys won't always be available to you. So just keep checking the app and hopefully every time a survey pops up do it as quickly as possible and answer. As honestly as possible yeah that's pretty much how you get some free money by doing those surveys. You’re able to get some free poke coins you can then put towards remote raid passes or whatever you want to use make sure.

You use your money quickly though because Google's opinion rewards money does expire. So anytime I get enough for one dollar I will usually just spend it on the game. So i can have those poke coins secured in the account and also be patient. Because surveys How To Get Pokecoins won't always appear very quickly the more surveys you do and the more honest. You answer the more surveys they will give you so just make sure you’re answering honestly as often as possible. That's pretty much a video on how my gaming strategy works how jimmy works. How to get free gym coins every single year question day for you guys what is the longest time. You have defended a gym if you do gym how long have you had a pokemon in the gym.

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