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How to Get Mending

It's time for another little tutorial today and this one is about. How to get enchantments you want specifically mending. But this works for any enchantment. You want to buy from a villager. Now I'm here in the village and this specific village was naturally farmed. But you can do this in your village if you don't have room. You'll need is a village that you’ve narrowed down to just one librarian and one lectern. So if you don’t know how the villages work. When you put a lection down a blank villager without a job will change into a librarian. This is easier with just one of each because then. You can connect this lectern to this librarian and any changes. You make you won't have to run around looking for the librarian that’s affected. If you've got more than more librarians then that what. You Cando is just pick up your lectern and put it down again. Until you find the villager that's changing and use that specific librarian. I'll just demonstrate here you pick your lectern up he changes into a blank puts it down again. He changes into a librarian what you need is one librarian on one lectern that has.

This relationship that's very important now it's best if you put him in a room and shut it in. He can’t get out because as long as. You can’t get out this is going to be pretty easy so yeah. If you don't know other stuff about villages how to give villagers jobs and stuff. I have all about that separately but if you know how to get this far. You should be okay with one librarian one election. Every time you pick polite stuff the librarian changes. Now every time this happens. He’s changing his trades so if we gonad we look at his trades. We go but as soon as we How to Get Mending trade with him his trades are locked see. He's got frost Walker now which is a pretty rare pretty good trade. I wanted frost Walker I could then just go quickly. Get him twenty-four pieces of paper leave him locked in to give him 24 pieces of paper. He'd be set but we're going to try and go farm mending. Now I might not show you get to mending in this because. It's a slow process but as you can see you go through every trade and don’t have anything. There you go through every trade until. You get them when you want to try not to hit him with the ax. Now as you can see sometimes you’ll have book trades further down that aren't in the top trades.

Now that could be mending although at 13Emeralds it probably isn't but. What you want to do is just ignore those further down trades any enchantment. You can get can be the first enchantment blast protection fall. If you wanted that for example then go trade him with the paper. He's locked in any first-level enchantment can be any in Channel so just go. Until it's your first one it can take a while but if you trade up to try and level them up to get those little higher levels. Enchantments that you think are more likely to be it are more likely to be it. But if it's the wrong one he's then locked in and you can’t change him again. You've got the wrong enchantment and you've got to breed up a new librarian. I keep saying cleric instead of a librarian. When I was prepping for this if I say cleric by mistake library now this works for any kind of villager by the way. If you want different traits from them you can always just find that particular little block. How to Get Mending That's allocating like if it’s a farmer you can find that there composter and put that down and pick it up. Again and put that down and pick it up again. It's its librarians where it's the most useful sometimes. They’re a little slow on the uptake there we go and yeah just keep going until. You get the right trade now I was hoping we'd get to mending in time for this village this. I don't want this to be you know hours and hours and hours long. I will come on I will probably just leave you in the good faith knowledge. This will get you amending a book you might not see me specifically have it and find them ending because like. I say it can be abet of a slow process but it's the same thing over and over and over again. There’s nothing new to show you I’m afraid but yeah. Once you get that the mending or whatever trade it is you want then just go to a specific trade with him don't pick up. The lection again until you've traded something with him and he'll be fixed in place. Then today you guys you see we're going through all the enchants that oh. The other thing is of course be very careful not to hit him with the ax otherwise.

How to Get Mending

The golems will come and kick the carport of you there you go that's. How you can cycle the trades on a villager it’s really easy. I hope I explained it I'm just I'm doing this during the stream. This was just a quick thing because I haven't had to do this in a while. I thought it would be useful to you guys and there. You go I hope that works for me so just find the librarian who changes. When you pick up a lection trap him in a room with the lection. Adjust pick the lectern up and put it down again until he changes. He is not changing there we go you've taken a while on that one wasn't the aqua affinity go through. The trade sees I’m stalling now cut I keep thinking of the next one just one more. It'll be mending and I can get it in the  I don’t want you to have to do it How to Get Mending on trust. But mending, of course, is one of the rarest enchantments so it can take. While but you already saw frost Walker and frost Walker is a pretty rare one as well bending and frost. Walker came in at the same time all right well. I've got to get back to talking to my audience in the live stream otherwise. They'll be annoyed with me thank you for watching and I hope this works for you. You're all wonderful people buy bye what I might do is whoa there. We got it so what's his paper cost twenty-four what I might do is hold on clean capture Joe. There we go I cut a little bit ahead but here we have a villager with mending. I got it a little bit maybe two maybe three minutes after I finished recording the main part of the . There we go, villager, with mending via that method. If you want to see it unedited and proven you can go watch the stream I put up today there you go have fun. I’m matte productions and welcome back to another mine craft tutorial this is going to be quick. Simple one or all of the villagers have just woken up oh my god that was quite sudden anyways this is a tutorial. How to get mending in a mine craft don't worry thesis just a demonstration. This isn’t the world I’m going to be getting mending in but as you can see.

We have many villagers slicked in my basement here as you can see they all have these electrons. Here which makes them librarian villagers and as you can see if I go from villager to villager. Here we can see that they will offer sometimes enchanted books. You can see here we have looting three essentially there is the chance. You can end up with amending villager but amending villagers quite rare. So I’m going to show you the oyster fastest way to do it in the game and the easiest way to hunt all of these villagers. But only one singular villager so without further ado let’s get into that now of course. The first thing that you want to do is find a village which I have a separate tutorial on. How to do as fast as possible and it works well so that is linked down in the description below but yes. You're going to want to find a village to get a villager obviously if you already have a village. You don't have to do that and it looks like I have already found a village. So once you're at your How to Get Mending village the first thing you want to do is get elected the crafting recipe is upon. The screen right now for the lectern as. You can see it’s a pretty simple crafting recipe so once you have your lectern. You're going to want to go to one of these houses. Already have grown villagers in them and it looks like this house will do so. We’re going to do is block the door off so this guy cannot escape. He is now our prisoner in his own house and if you see this stone cutter. Here which just happens to be this guy's tool of course. Because he is a mason we want to replace that stone cutter with a lectern. Because that instantly transforms him into a librarian. You can see he already offers us a fire aspect book but if we want to mend specifically all.

We have to do is keep breaking this lectern replacing it. He will instantly turn back into a librarian and eventually. We will get the rare villager that offers us mending now this is the fastest way to actually. Do this in the game but that does not mean. It's just going to happen instantly of course. It's still going to take a little bit of time for you to get lucky enough to find. Sending villager but thankfully this is a really easy process you're literally. Just breaking and replacing a block and what's nice. You can also find many other very uses full enchant mints besides mending and of course. Once you find the mending villager you can just keep them around as long. You don't How to Get Mending break and replace this lectern right here all right awesome. We finally got it after about I’d say 20 to 30 uh breaks and replaces of the lectern. We got the ever-powerful amending villager. Here shoes will forever trade with me mending. If you're wondering why the trades look like this I accidentally punched him, to be honest with you. But yeah thesis great we finally got a mending villager in under 10 minutes. I would say super-fast so yeah this is how you do it guys and of course, you can do this for multiple villagers. You know you could have a setup similar to this. Where you have a row of just every single type of villager that offers every single type of book.

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