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How To Get Better Ping In Fortnite

I showed off a bunch of useful windows tweaks. Optimizations that greatly reduced my latency. i forgot however was that i did that on my old pic did not do that on my new one originally. I did not realize this since the servers were pretty well last season never felt it. Any sort of delay that was until the recent dream hack tournament where my game felt like rap. It was not my frames my frames were stable. I even watched it back promise you it was the servers and networks since. I have to go and optimize it again i thought why not bring you guys along for the ride. It’s free content I’ll also be giving some other tips that everyone should just know that again. I promise will reduce your without further ado let's get right on. It before we get to any windows tweaks iota covers the basics. The first big basic the most important thing. You can do to reduce your pangs to play on a wired connection a wired connection means using an Ethernet cable.

While a wireless means using Wi-Fi most of you guys should know that i made few on this. But for those of you that do not an Ethernet cable is the only way. You can get a stable connection use a cat6 Ethernet you can look them up on amazon. They're pretty cheap anything above a cat5 works as well. You just want to have your console or directly connected. Your router through an Ethernet cable an up-to-date one preferably but sharia. What if my router is not near my setup in that case you have two. I guess really three different options option number one. Get a really long Ethernet cable. This option is the cheapest and the easiest because all you have to do is plug it in. I t’s just going to be a little awkward when you have an exposed cable running. Your house your parents probably won’t like option number two. If that's just not how to get better ping in Fortnite feasible is to do what my brother did and buy a power line. Adapters are essentially Ethernet through electricity you connect one into the wall near. Your router put your Ethernet cable into that then go upstairs. Where your room is plug the other adapter into your wall. Then plug that with an Ethernet into your pic know that may sound. A little bit confusing but trust me. It's not it is really easy to use and will get you way better ping than with Wi-Fi oh. Yeah it's also like 40 dollars so just ask for one for Christmas.

The third and final option is a Littlemore expensive. The last one not by a lot what. I’m talking about is buying a mocha adapter that is very similar to a power line adapter. Except instead of connecting to a wall socket and going through electricity. It connects to coax you to know that weird-looking cable that connects. Your that is coaxial or coax it basically transfers data from your cable box. Your towel with a mocha adapter you can connect an Ethernet to that then to the mocha adapter. Then in your room connect the other mocha adapter to an Ethernet. Your boom Ethernet connection easy why i recommend. This option the best especially if you do have a coax in your room. This will give you the best speed you see while how to get better ping in Fortnite power line adapters are very good. They’re faster than wife they will not get you the full speed. You pay for mocha adapters on the other hand will get you the full Ethernet speed. You normally get and get you the lowest ping you can possibly get in-game thus to sum. This first section up uses an aired connection it can be from a power line adapter. A mocha adapter or just like me connect directly to your router with an Ethernet cable. It doesn't really matter just do not use Wi-Fi it sucks Ethernet all the way moving.

How To Get Better Ping In Fortnite

I’m going to jump on my pc and cover all the windows tweaks and optimizations. I did last time as well assume extremely useful ones that again will reduce your pain. Alright so on your screen you should see three different pages. I have up I’m going to put these all in the description down. Below that way, you can go to them but these are basically the drivers. Your actual Ethernet the only way to optimize. Your internet is to have an Ethernet cable now to actually check which one. You have reattach Intel or killer. You’re going to want to press windows and r a little run box will pop up in the bottom left type in call press ok. Then under network connections you guys can see. I have three of them for some reason you want to see. You have for Ethernet you can see it says Intel Ethernet controller. You don't have Ethernet this also does work it's not the most effective for like. You can see here i still do have Intel but again please use an Ethernet cable. It's way better so depending on what you see here you may see killer. You may see real tech you're going to want to go to that page have Intel. I’ll show all of them don’t you worry starting with killer. You’re going to come to the downloads put in windows 10. Your device goes look at the name of it put that in here. There's only a few how to get better ping in Fortnite different options and then down. Below that go to driver-only packages press on the tab. You'll have little download that will update your drivers I’ll download it because Yolo. I don’t even have this type of Ethernet cable. I’m doing it for you boys then going to Intel which i do have allium going to does go down on the left side. I’m going to go under 64because I have a 64-bit system.

You have a 32-bit most of you probably don't click. I’ve 64-bit so I’m going to download the second onerous win. I accept the license agreement, yes and we will finish by showing. You, real tech boys, do think I actually had a real tech driver in my last Ethernet. I got a new one pretty recently regardless come down on. This page goes to the windows 10auto installation program. Then click on the blue download button you’ll then have to put in an email. I’ll do use not a real email by the way do not email it and then download file. They think I’m a robot all of them should be downloaded. You can see in my downloads just from today we have the Intel drivers. We have the real tech drivers killer and Intel are the easiest. All you have to do is run them so i double click it's going to install don't really know why. I’m installing because i don't even have how to get better ping in Fortnite this type of Ethernet. You just want to press next won’t actually do it I’ll press cancel then for Intel. I do have I’m going Torun the dot exe little zip file self-extractor accept the terms. Yes installing drivers already have them boom i am done the last is the most annoying. It's if you have real tech you're going to have to click on it make sure. You have 7-zip or WinRAR I have WinRAR click on the folder windows 10. if you have a 64-bit system.

It still may be some woodstove in there we'll see what happens Waterfalls every night. This is what it looks like on double crushing on the secondary crushing of the question. We'd have to have the facility for taking this frustrating. We got to try all the press cake bus taken the materials never pressed as we see. We're going to blend that in with[Music]picking it up and see if that makes any difference sugar doors. Maybe shelf a little through it slightly thicker ahead yes okay slowing it down haven't. Even closed the cone yet we get on smaller perforation in this Oh two three there’s about 500 50 microns. I think where of course is worth working these are how to get better ping in Fortnite first Injection wash system well gravity. He can't even work when my problem drop out that sludge this is the smaller perforation. What are you getting Oh 1/5okay o-152 Oh - Owe got the screen in backwards. The first time it is not taken questionnaire and white compression there and so that’s the final state.

The screw goes into the press resist a bar on the screen this way okay. This is the thickest material we have left and I want to get to a white flour screen got the screw going real slow. We ‘retrying to this is a good sign right here baby coos unit phone closed okay to close the cone. Where one bar 15 spinners of us know what it was to weight looked it up in. The Internet which is lemon oil night still able to adjust that heavy dose. It's got a lot of water in it we're going to take it up to five percent truss eight okay. We're putting in five percent by weight stirring. If this happens big coffee beans okay what we get it’s reading really well. I don’t even know what that means we don't know how much. I read the back there’s no dosing in this I could go buy this at a convenience store. It just says do not use while operating a motor vehicle machinery. If you're pregnant or nursing is picked it up um and so these. I get concerned with this because not people necessarily use it in a way that does help them. Because clearly don't want to take away from what Chris and Susan have experienced in your own particular path. I what I worry about is this if I can go buys have how to get better ping in Fortnite no idea what’s in it. I'm a kid or an adult quite frankly and I go pop a few of these and I end up under the bridge.

I don’t think anybody here is opposed to control and oversight or selling to people under under-18 regulation so but think. If you go backward instead of forwards. you're going to have people buying illicit substances they're more dangerous. It's going to be counterproductive and dangerous. I’m curious how far apart the two sides. Because again we're all hearing about this for the first time. You're not involved in this most people never heard. It is the biggest battle regulation or do you all believe in regulation. I believe 100% that this needs to be regulated I have a lot of experience in the supplement world you know. I did a documentary bigger stronger faster we did. We went in studied all these supplements so your cause. It could be dangerous and is dangerous to be regulated. I don't think it's like a documentary I used to run supplements for the FDA. A nice experience these are all illegal products. When they’re making claims to treat addiction to cure chronic pain how to get better ping in Fortnite

supplements don’t do that so the notion. They ‘reaccepting and embracing regulation is somewhat laughable. When they're talking about addiction they're talking about chronic pain. We have products for it like that in this country people they ‘recalled drugs. You know what people and if the data is that compelling on Crania working. It's to your advantage to submit that data for a full review by the federal agencies. They know those are scientific extra tickets. How does the yeah use to look at supplement right? It shouldn’t be it's not a supplement when you’re looking to treat pain and again. Even as a sub girl as a dietary side there are requirements for safety that none of those companies.

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