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How To French Braid Pigtails?

Today is going to be a super easy simple French braid. That I've done in the past French braids. So you guys have asked me to do the simple. So that you can follow because I made a short playlist for you guys of super simple easy hair. So stay tuned so for those How To French Braid Pigtails of you who don't know yes I'm a mom of two. But I'm also a hairdresser I've been a hairdresser for about twelve years. So I know a lot of tips and tricks in regards to hairstyles and braiding. I'm going to show you a pigtail French braids because that’s easier for me to film for you. If you would like me to show you a single French braid when it comes to my part. But I know some people are so if you need to part your hair perfectly. You go do that now and what I’m going to do is part it all the way through to the back take your hairs crunchy and section of this site. Just so that you don't grab from the wrong side of the part.

You can use a clip or hair it's going to whatever you want to do. So I'm going to try to break this down as simply as possible it seems like a lot of mistakes. That people make when French braiding is because they're overcomplicating it. So I'm going to try to simplify How To French Braid Pigtails this for you as simply. As I can I often see people also with their arm placement being wrong for me. I see a lot of people braiding like this and I feel like when you're braiding this way. It’s very easy to kind of get lost with what you’re doing-especially. Once you get down to the bottom so if you want to take both arms to this side of the body when you're braiding. So I'm trying to get the best angle for you guys so first, you want to start by taking a triangular shape right in the front. You don't have to be perfect I also find when people are trying to watch themselves braid in the mirror.

They mess themselves up to more what I find easiest for myself is once. You get confident with the braiding is to not look at what you're doing almost do it by feel. Because when you ‘relooking in the mirror you kind of get tangled and backward when How To French Braid Pigtails you're doing it. So obviously you want to look in the mirror a little bit to make sure you like the placement of your braid to make sure. You're not doing something that I could do with it. But don't kind of overly stare at yourself while you're very trying to do it by feel as. As you can so when you take apart again a huge mistake that. I see in braiding as people start braiding like this up and away from their heads. So if you’re braiding like this and grabbing pieces while you're braiding and you bring it down. You're going to end up with some crazy weird fluffy braid. So make sure that you are holding the braid against your head. While you're braiding that's going to give you the best result.

So I want to talk you through it and then I'm going to take it out and do it again. Just so you can watch I'm assuming you guys know how to do a regular braid. You need to know at least how to do a regular simple braid when doing this. So I'm gonna break this How To French Braid Pigtails into three so when you’re doing a regular braid. What you would do is you bring every section into the middle correct. So you're just every section bringing it into the middle when you’re doing a regular braid. So the difference when you're doing a French braid it's every time you bring the Strand into the middle. You are taking a little piece of the side with you. So you’re just going to keep adding to the side strand whenever you're French braiding. So when you're braiding your French braid. I want you to just think about doing a regular braid of three strands just like you would a regular braid. Now you're going to bring this strand into the middle hold it and then I just add a little extra from that side.

Then I braid now, I'm putting this side into the middle grab a little extra strand. At it makes sure all those strands are nice and neat now I'm bringing this strand into the middle. Take a little extra piece and add it I find it's easier to drop that strand into the middle How To French Braid Pigtails first and hold it. So you can you have your other hand free. So then you can use that other hand to grab an extra piece to put in the middle. Because I feel like when you're trying to hold it all at the same time that’s when it gets complicated. So again make sure you're holding it tort on top of your head you don't want to hold it out. You want to hold it on top of your head while you're braiding. So now I’m grabbing an extra making sure it's pretty smooth bringing that to the middle. Now if you feel like you’re getting lost in your hair. Just make them take a moment to try to clean up any little baby hairs. Those are getting in the way take a little extra strand to bring that into the middle now again.

How To French Braid Pigtails

Like I said don't stare at yourself in the mirror while you're doing this. Because I think that kind of complicates it I'm just taking a stand on each side and adding it into the middle. So picture yourself doing a regular simple braid hold your hands. How How To French Braid Pigtails you would what if you were doing a regular simple braid. But just keep dragging an extra piece while you're doing it then we got a friend to me. Okay, so I'm gonna show you how to do that one more time. So last time I started the braid from the back going this way taking this piece. But you could also if you wanted to start it from the front the only difference is when you start it from the front. I don't grab a strand for the first section so I just start as a regular braid. So then when I bring the back I take a little section to add that tithe middle and braids.

Take a little extra section add it to the middle take a little section stay close to your head pay attention to your arms close your eyes. Now, whenever I do a How To French Braid Pigtails braid even if it’s for a tutorial for an undo. I start by making the braid on the tighter side so if you guys are like starting your braid and you're like oh my goodness. I look like I'm seven years old because my braid is so tight don't be alarmed. Because you kind of wants to do the braid tight, to begin with. When you're doing with a French braid and then at the end you loosen it.

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