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How To Freeze Zucchini

We're going to talk about zucchini and summer squash so this time of year. It feels like people are giving it away it's everywhere that’s all this it's like it's too much. To eat their zucchinis there's How To Freeze Zucchini these weird whatever these are summer squash. The yellow ones the thing about zucchini is they’re high in fiber. They're high in vitamin A vitamin C magnesium potassium. So they're good for us but there's only so much that we can do with zucchini. At one given time we belong to a CSA which stands for Community Supported Agriculture. And that means that we pay a farmer a local farmer to get a share of their harvest. So that means when things do well you get a lot of stuff like zucchini. When things do not so well you get less of it and it's part of being part of the farm supports. Your local community and I recommend it. Because when it when the harvest time comes you're getting a lot of something.

So, this zucchini came to us in one basket this week and we've already used some of it. And it's more than our family can handle but the good news How To Freeze Zucchini is bikini preserves well in the freezer. So today what we're going to do is chop up some of the zucchini in pieces. That will fit in our food processor some of these weird ones especially aren't going to fit. Because they've got to be able to fit through this hole if you don’t have a food processor. You can use it as a regular cheese grater but it takes out a long time. And it's a super good workout for your forearms but if that's what you've got then. That will work but when we shred up the zucchini we can freeze it. So that we can use it all year round one of the great things about summer squash and zucchinis. That it's versatile and it hides well so if you've got picky eaters. If you've got a family of people who don’t want to eat vegetables or don’t want to eat like chopped up. Sautéed zucchini hides well in pasta sauce you can put the shredded zucchini in there.

Hides well in bread and cakes and it kind of disappears as an ingredient. So it's helpful to freeze it and be able to pull it out all year round. So I'm going to keep putting this up and then I'll show you what we’ll do. After we've got all the pieces that can fit into How To Freeze Zucchini the processor okay so now we have all these chopped up into pieces. Those are going to fit through our food processor this is like a regular Cuisinart food processor. If you’ve got like a mini-prep or something a lot smaller. That’s fine you can still do this you're going to need to empty your bowl more often. Then you would with something a little larger like this it's no big deal okay. So we turn her on and I've got mine fit in with the shredder blade like you would use for cheese and stuff. Because we want this to be in like nice big thick shreds so when it looks like. You've filled up your bowl this looks like it's getting a little bit full go ahead and switch it off. Take your blade out there we go okay so the thing about zucchini and summer squash. As they are super full of water which is one of the things that’s healthy about them.

How To Freeze Zucchini

But for freezing them it's not so good I also find that it's not so good for doing bread and stuff too. So what I'm going to do is put this in a thin dishcloth you How To Freeze Zucchini can use cheesecloth as a great option. I don’t actually have any cheesecloth and if you do use that. But it's not you can use it in a thin dish towel like this or it fine. You're going to want to kind of make a bundle like that get yourself. A bowl and give it a good squeeze an incredible amount of liquid is going to come out of this. So you’re going to want to work it a little bit squeeze out as much of that liquid. As you can because what will happen if you freeze it well it's full of all that liquid. It's going to get super soggy whenever you thaw it out it's going to be like total mush. So if you're adding it to like a sauce or something it's not such a big deal. But if you're wanting to use it for bread or for some kind of like zucchini fritters or something like that.

You're not going to want all that liquid and if you tried to get the liquid out. After it was frozen it would turn it total garbage it would be mush. So we do it like this How To Freeze Zucchini on the front end yeah look at that look how much water how much juice came out of like one. I don't know but much that is a cup or so of zucchini let me grab another bowl to put this in and we'll squeeze out the rest of it. Okay, so that is the last of the zucchini that we have, and look at how much liquid came out of this. This has a measure on it looks like half a quart half a quart of liquid came out of this and you know. When I first started doing this I was looking up ways to use all this. Because I hate throwing stuff away and I thought there must be some amazing use for it. all this super nutrient-dense zucchini juice I don't find zucchinis used. It is particularly palatable but I did find that some people added it to smoothies. So if you've got like a good use for zucchini juice water. Let me know because I'd hate throwing it away but anyway now what we're going to do is pack this into freezer bags.

So I am gonna use regular plastic freezer bags here’s a little tip. Before you pack it in your bags you're going to want to ride on it. It's a little difficult to write How To Freeze Zucchini on afterward zucchini which I'm going to spell wrong and what I'm going to do is. I like to pack it in these two-quart bags because I find that two cups are fries in one package. The reason why is most recipes for like zucchini bread or zucchini cake is going to call for two cups. So I do like it you see this was a big old squeeze that we did. So that’s like super packed in there two cups like that one more and you know what. So there's going to be some like larger pieces of skin and stuff in here and if that's all there's you can pick those out. But it's kind of good actually the skin of the zucchini and the summer squash have a lot of antioxidants in them. So they’re super good for us so once you've got once you got your zucchini in like that. I like to kind of squish it all down to the bottom and zip it up almost all the way with a little bit more air. I can sleep out of it like that I pack it in super tight now if you've got a super small freezer like we do. I like to kind of then once all the air is out of it turn it into like the full package possible and you may find there's. Even like a little more air, you could kind of squeeze out of it. But I like to turn it into a super flat package like that way. When you freeze it either it's super flat laying like this or once it’s frozen. You can kind of file them away like little folders and that's it you pop it in the freezer.

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