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How To Freeze Sweet Potatoes

How we preserve our sweet potatoes well this is one way and actually, it's two different ways. But it’s using the same method so I thought some folks especially. That we have shared so far has been the one about harvesting our sweet potatoes. I thought it would How To Freeze Sweet Potatoes be a great opportunity to share with some of the ways that. We preserve our sweet potatoes and one of those ways is freezing them which is what I’m going to share with y'all. Today first thing was first is we washed all our sweet potatoes. Now I’d much rather use our sweet potatoes fresh but they start sprouting and we don't want them to ruin. So it's time to start preserving them and we have about four-five gallon buckets left of our sweet potato. Harvest from this summer and what I did was split them up to where. I have half of them that are going to go in the freezer and then the rest of them. We are going to can and so with freezing them the first thing.

That we did was wash them and then we are going to peel them and am going to take half of them. And cut them into cubes and then the rest of them I’m going to cut into like a French fry. Then we're going to blanch them and then flash freeze them for future How To Freeze Sweet Potatoes use indifferent meals. We had to first wash all the sweet potatoes that we had in storage and these four were the ones in charge of washing. Those sweet potatoes as you can see children of all ages are capable of helping on the home stead. And can do a great job and be a great contribution to the family here. We are getting our sweet potatoes peeled so we can blanch them and get ready to freeze them got me. Some good helpers today hard work peeling these sweet potatoes. My favorite way to peel sweet potatoes is using regular vegetable peelers. Do find that using a quality one is much better than using say a dollar store peeler.

But if that's all you have I know a lot of people can make quick work of it with a regular knife button me. I’m that is one of the modern kitchen gadgets that I do enjoy having when it comes to peeling vegetables. And getting them ready to cook when How To Freeze Sweet Potatoes they need. To be peeled wended up with about three gigantic bowls of our sweet potatoes. Once we peeled the mind chopped them up i decided to do more of the fries. Then of the cubed because that is what my family prefers. So these are about one inch or so cubed of the sweet potatoes peeled and then I cut the sweet potatoes into strips. As best I could to resemble French fries because they are so good. Especially seasoned with a little cayenne pepper and salt. So good to add to any meal pretty much I have my first batch of sweet potatoes blanched and ready to go. Into the freezer, it would be better if these were single-layered. But i only have so much room and still have two more bowls of the fries.

How To Freeze Sweet Potatoes

That are going to have to find space in the freezer where they're gonna make to set. While they are flash freezing and before putting them into bags my setup looks something like this. My batch waiting to go into my pot with my large stock pot have it about halfway How To Freeze Sweet Potatoes full of water. And I’m bringing it up to with high heat up to a boil and then right here is where’ve got my ice-cold water. Which haven’t added any ice back to it yet and i am adding ice to it. And after put my sweet potatoes in my pot of boiling water I let that boil for a couple minutes. And then immediately move them into my bowl of ice water and then. I am choosing to move them to this beach towel and dry them off. So that they're not drenched with water before I put them on my pan to freeze. So that is my process today for getting these sweet potatoes. Ready for the freezer and long-term storage this is what it looks like my sweet potatoes are in the cool bath. I’m about to strain them out of here and put them onto this towel to dry them off a little bit.

I wanted to add that the reason I am blanching them today is that sweet potato. If you freeze them without blanching them and then you go to How To Freeze Sweet Potatoes unthaw them or use them. They tend to turn to mush or get stringy and they aren't any good. So that is why I’m blanching them and if you know anything about me. I’m not a fan of blanching it’s a lot of extra work and if i don’t have to do item not going to do it. But with sweet potatoes, it is a necessity so that is why we are blanching. Today after 24 hours of our sweet potatoes freezing in our deep freezers. We put the sweet potatoes into freezer bags now over the years. We have used the vacuum food saver devices but in there alms of budget. That the Ziploc freezer bags work as well and are a whole lot cheaper well. It is day two of our putting up our sweet potatoes well some of them. As I mentioned yesterday I split them in half, so we did about 10 gallons of sweet potatoes.

That we harvested this year and I did half of that half with cubed sweet potatoes. And decided to put them in quart baggies as opposed to the large ones for the fries. Because I will more than likely add these two recipes as opposed to them being like How To Freeze Sweet Potatoes the main size and then. I use my gallon freezer bags for the fries because when we eat sweet potato fries. We tend to eat a bunch and enjoy them so that would be one two three four five six-gallon bags of the sweet potato fries. Then one two three four five six seven quarts of the sweet potatoes cube. So this is a tremendous blessing to our family and we are so thrilled to be able to have it. It in our later in the freezer ready to pull out whenever we need or want to eat sweet potatoes.

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