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How To Freeze A Row In Google Sheets?

I'm scrolling down at some point it ‘shard to see which column. We could just keep this column on top and not column bro on top all the time. We scroll down we could see what’s the label for the column so that’s very easy to do. All you have to do is just go under view and the first thing. You're going to see if this freeze options this case. We want to freeze the first row on top so I'm going to go ahead and click one bro just like. Now that's all I have to dose this point. I scroll down you’ll see it's just stuck to the top so I’m going to go back to their review freeze. Rows to remove that so now it’s back to our default behavior. We have so let's do something a little more complicated. I'm going to insert some row on top of this you know. Let's do one more so let's say we have one more so let’s say we have this area. We’re trying to accomplish in this particular case we want to be able to place some maybe. We'll have some company logo in here on top and maybe some date and some other information about what we have. We're going to have this entire area that's going to be on top including these headers and again. We're going to try to accomplish the same thing when we scroll down want to make sure.

This entire area stays on top and our data just Scrolls down so what do. We do so in this case when you go under view and freeze. You’ll see there's no option like freeze this menu roasters up to the current row so what that means. If you want the data to stroll from that point on you click on Google sheets right in the row. After which it's going to start scrolling so in this case. I want this tube stuck on top including this date which is the fifth row. I'm going to just click in here in the cell go under view rather than freeze and do up to the current row and by doing. This works now if you’re an Excel user doesn’t look at this part it doesn't work the same way in How To Freeze A Row In Google Sheets Excel but Google sheets. This is the way it works so we click on the Excel row where we want to keep the last one. We want to keep it as a row on top and then we freeze up to the current row and then. We can scroll down and get that information. Now you can also freeze in addition to these columns so if we had a lot of columns going to the right. We might want to make sure there's a column we care about so for example date and asleep maybe. We want to be able to see which sales rep belongs to the data information that we have on the right.

We can do that for columns too and again there are simple options. Where you can go under view and freeze and see under columns. We can just do the first one column or two columns which is going tube either. The first column the columnar B columns but you can also custom decide. Where you want to do it if you want to keep the first three columns. You're going to click on the last column. You want Togo under view freeze and up to the current column How To Freeze A Row In Google Sheets right now to see if. I scroll down I’m going to get that if I also scroll to the right the calls are stuck on the left. I'll go back remove those freeze no rows to remove that and freeze no columns. To get back to our default so that’s pretty much it. So that's called freezing rows and columns, and welcome to the by Productivity Spot. I’m Summit Banal, and in this, I will show you how to freeze cells and rows and columns in Google sheets. Here, I have this data set wherein have the headers and the data. And if I scroll down, you can see that the headers disappear. Similarly, if I scroll to the right, the data will disappear. Now, if you are working with a large data set, you may want these headers to always be visible. Because if I go down, I don’t know what column C represents or column E represents.

How To Freeze A Row In Google Sheets

In this case, I may want the first row to be frozen. So to do that, the easiest way is using the mouse drag and drop technique. Simply go to the top left part of the worksheet, where you see this gray. Empty box with two thick lines tithe right end at the bottom of it. Simply hover your mouse over that line. You’ll see this hand icon left, click and drag it down. And when you do this, you can see this thick line. And just drop it below the row, which you want the worksheet to be frozen. In this case, I want the first row to freeze. So I would simply drop it here. Now when I scroll down, you can see that the first row is always available. Always visible. Similarly, I can come here, when Isère the hand icon, I can drag it tithe right and drop it where. I want those columns on how to freeze a row in google sheets to always be visible. Similarly, if I go to the right, you can see that these columns are always visible and these rows are always visible. If you want to change it again, simply come here. When you see the hand icon, you can change it. You can bring it back if you want the default settings. So here, let me bring it back. So this is one way of doing it. It's the fastest way, but it's not the only way. You can also use the settings in the tabs here’s in case you want to freeze the first row. You go to View and within View in Freeze, you can say, you want to freeze one row and that will be the first row. So if I click this, you can see that this line has automatically changed and the first row is now frozen. Similarly, if I go back here again and Islay two rows, then it'll freeze two rows. If you want a custom number, so in this case, let's say you want to freeze five rows.

Then you click the fifth row here, got View, Freeze, and then you go up to the current row - that would be five. And if I select this it’ll freeze five rows here. Similarly, you can use the same technique for freezing the columns you goes to view freeze. Then you can specify one column, two-column, or select a column and go here again and say. The current column, which is column number Fan if you want to unfreeze. These simply go back here and say no rows and no columns, and that will bring you to the default setting. So these are the two ways you can use Google sheets to freeze rows and columns. That’s it. In this, I hope you found this useful. Thank you and have a nice day. I have a new spreadsheet open want to show you one other way of How To Freeze A Row In Google Sheets viewing your spreadsheet. If you look at my spreadsheet here you can see that I have a column here with a name. Then all of the names of the salespeople our banana lover members. In this spreadsheet and across the top row. Here I have the months of the year now you can see on my screen at this resolution. I can only see up to July so if I want to see August September October. For the rest of the months of the year, I have to use my scroll bar and scroll over to the right well in doing. Icon no longer sees my name column. I have no idea who has made these sales in these later months. Now of course I can scroll back over and then try to remember what row. I'm on to see that the cell was but there's abettor way to view it. This information beekeeping that column available it being able to scroll over. At the same time and that’s by freezing rows or columns so let’s going back to the start of the spreadsheet here and first. I want to freeze this column.

I want this column tube always showing when I scroll through my spreadsheet so just click in the column. Somewhere I'm already clicked in this first cell here and then you want to go to the Tools menu. You have two options here you have freeze rows and freeze columns. I'm going to go ahead and freeze my first column here so go over to the right click freeze one column. Because it's the very first column and you can see there's now a little brain-between. This column in the next column so what does that do for me if Inscroll over in my spreadsheet. Now we will see that no matter how far. I go the name column is now always showing. I can easily see even in a late-month like November who has made the sales so the thesis is very convenient. When you have a lot of data in your spreadsheet and your column-span further. Your monitor can display at one time now not only do have a lot of columns here. I also have some more rows than what we can see right now so we scroll down a little bit. You can see you have a few more rows down here well scrolling down to see those. Last few rows I can no longer see the top headers for the month of the year. And I can't determine which month these cells were made in again. You can use the freeze rows or freeze columns option here. So let's go back up to the top of the spreadsheet and go-to tools. This time goes to How To Freeze A Row In Google Sheets freeze rolls. Now I want to freeze the row that has the actual months in the roll. If you look here you can see that that is the second row so not only do. I have to freeze one row but I have to freeze two rows. Let's go ahead and select that now I have a bar up under those months. Now if I scroll down I can still see the months of the year so this freezing rows and freezing columns. The option allows you to keep your headers visible. You can work more effectively in your spreadsheet. Now you may have noticed that when I did the frozen roll lost. The formatting in my month row is a known issue in Google.  

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