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How To Freeze Okra

Today I’m going to share something special with you yeah I bought these okra look at them. They've been here for two days and look at how fresh How To Freeze Okra they still are you know with this pandemic the shops. That bring African food ingredients for us here no longer have a timetable. Whenever you go there and see something you buy it. Because you don't know the next time you get it like something like this okra one it has become. So expensive now and they don't buy it all the time and two because of the pandemic there’s no timetable. Yeah, anything you see you take so sometimes you go there. Usually when life was bombed small punishment for me now.

Yeah, there are still somewhat difficult yeah I need this small quantity for my prop. Yeah, that was
I said yeah when life was normal the Pakistani shops How To Freeze Okra these are the shops. They sell African food ingredients here in Spain where I live they used to bring this. Every single week every Friday they’ll bring it so when you go there one Saturday. You see okra fresh aquarium but not anymore. Since the pandemic, everything has lasted like scattered so now whenever you go and you see. You buy so I bought it it has been here for two days and now I’m afraid of that. It ‘sit will go bad on me because I’m so busy here so what I want to do now is to preserve. It yeah preserve it in such a way that it will be as good as fresh I want to use it to cook.

How To Freeze Okra

So yeah come on let's go let me show you how I preserve okra forever. No not forever for like six to eight months yeah should still be good all right all How To Freeze Okra right. So like I was saying if you live far away from an African shop you know either you know that. You only go there one day in a blue moon or they don't have it in stock. So they bring it every three months or something like that then whenever it comes you can. You can do this and preserve it how I chop across super-fast. Because I like hand-cut okra so it's a repetition of that you can chop it. Anyhow you want I like my aqua click okay tiny do somebody asked me. Why I removed this is verified brose don't like it thinking of how the vita means there come on look at. Look at this is the small part this is the bigger pie it’s got vitamins from all this.

All you nutrient hunters yeah so when you're done you place it in a foil-like. So I’ll wrap it up if you want it to end up as small clumps you can use an ice cube tray to freesia silicon. Ice cube tray is the best so the frozen okra can come out look at them. Put them in the freezer the next day they should all be frozen as long. As that freezer is not suffering from How To Freeze Okra Napa ailment nape virus you see how it comes out of the silicone ice cube tray. You can store them as clumps but for easy warm-up in the soup. I crushed them up like so into the Ziploc bag you'll see what I mean when I prepare the frozen okra soup. You see how this one crushes this is actually the easiest one that's using foil. But for those who do not want to use aluminum foil for whatever reason silicon ice cube tray. It is I put the Ziploc bags back in the freezer till whenever make sure that. They are frozen at all times they can last for at least six months eight months.

But long they recommend you store frozen vegetables these days you know these things. These specialists are changing these guidelines every day. The accrual never How-To Freeze Okra changes color this one did. Because I kept procrastinating about preserving it and the okra change color even. Before I sliced them yeah that the only reason why it will change color another reason would be. If nape visited you while they were in the freezer but as long as they remain frozen. No, I’m going to use that frozen okra to prepare okra soup delicious sacra soup.

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