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How To Freeze Kale

How to freeze kale yes everybody's favorite so I like to have a few bags of kale in my freezer. Kale that I grew myself I like to have frozen kale in my freezer throughout the year. So that I can add it to smoothies and to soups now the way I do this How To Freeze Kale does must blanching. But I find that if i blanch my kale and I freeze it like it’s easier for my body to digest it. I do notice if I put raw kale into my smoothies it can make me a little bit stinky. If you know what I mean but like my frozen kale that I have blanched is definitely easier on my digestive system. There is some enzyme in kale that if you don’t blanch it like and you freeze it you’ve got to use it in a couple months. But I still have kale that I froze a year ago then I'm still blending up into smoothies and it's still fine. Actually, I finished it any who freezing kale is very simple it must a couple different steps. But it is a pretty simple straightforward process now I generally freeze kale when I have a large amount.

I'm not going to monkey around with this for like a few kale leaves I wait. Until I have like a very large box as you're going to see in a second the box of kale. I had its a strawberry flat box so if you’re familiar with picking strawberries. That was what I had How To Freeze Kale filled with kale I will wait until I know I can either get one box like one flat or more like. If I can get two flats filled with kale I will have a kale freezing party and go to town. Somebody who here we go let's take a peek at how to freeze kale all right. Let’s freeze some chaos I've got my big box of kale here the first thing I want to do is remove this stem. So all I'm gonna do is take my thumb and my first finger and pull it off. I don’t want to monkey around with this what I'm freezing this kale you can do it. If you like me that's a personal preference for me next I’m going to clean the kale. So I've got this big honking container this is actually what I use for canning and side notes. This was not even meant to be used for canning this is actually a container to deep-fry.

 A turkey yeah anyway we don't deep-fried turkeys here but I do use this for canning and for cleaning kale. So I've got some water in here and I'm going to dump in I don't know a half a cup. May more like a copper so I'm plain white vinegar nothing fancy How To Freeze Kale here plain Jane Heinz white vinegar. I get at Costco now I'm gonna put all my kale in the pots and I’m going to let this sit. For about 20 minutes now the reason I'm putting this in the vinegar solution is in case. There are any bugs I want to take care of the bugs I will be blanching this later. So the bugs would stand much of a chance going through a boiling hot dunk in water. But you never know so I do like to let it soak in vinegar for 20 minutes alright. So it has been 20 minutes now it is time to rinse the kale so gonna take it out. Put it in a big strainer rinse it off so I generally will do the rinsing and the blanching. You know he's kind of coming back here I’ll rinse I'll go bland to do my thing. I can't fit all my kale in this container so I do want to rinse it and next, we are going to Blanche this kale. So I've got my boiling pot of water here so I'm going to take you to know a handful or two of kale. Put it in and then I'm going to use one of these little strainer dudes. Kind of get it all under the water and then I am going to start my timer.

How To Freeze Kale

I'm going to let this blanch for one minute and then it is going to go into that ice water bath. All right we’ve been blanched for one minute time to go into the ice water bath. And as you can see isn't that color so pretty after it's been blanched it's lovely. Now I want How To Freeze Kale to point out if you seem like this little white dude that’s a big move that's hot. So if I see anything like that little weirdness I am going to pick that out and get rid of that. Because I don't want to eat that in a smoothie we're going to put it over here in the ice water bath. And we’re going to repeat this process alright so once this is nice and cold. I'm going to take it out and squeeze out as much excess water as I can and then. I'm going to put it over on this towel and I'm going to keep doing that with a whole lot of kale. And yes sometimes you will find an ice-dead caterpillar that has taken a very hot bath. Also what I like to do with the kale once it's out of the ice water bath. I like to kind of lay it out like this once I've got all the kale blanched and cooled down.

I'm gonna show you how I get rid of most of the excess water as water. As I can all right so I have all my kale blanched and cooled down and I got most of the water wrung out of it. But to get out all the water you don't want to freeze it with all that water. Because you're going to get ice crystals and it's not going to be nice. So what I like to do is put How To Freeze Kale a couple more towels on and then roll it up. So I've already got two towels underneath and then two towels on top. So I am going to take this and wring it out as much as I can okay and then let's take a peek. So this looks pretty good I am going to use some dry towels and do it one more time. You’ll get away with doing one towel on top and again make a big sausage and get out to the water. And there you go now all I need to do is put this in a bag and get it in the freezer all right. Now I label the bagged kale with September 3rd, 2019 very important to label and I'm going to put this kale in here. Usually, if I do one of those strawberry boxes full of kale that I can usually fit in a one-quart freezer bag.

This is exactly what I've done here close it up and one thing I would recommend you want to get as much air out. As you can you want to now we are good to go ready for the freezer. So there you go you can see it's very simple here is my frozen kale How To Freeze Kale that I froze a couple days ago. Now I do want to mention you know you want to squeeze out the air when you're squeezing out the air. Yeah your kale you know kind of becomes compacted and it freezes into an ice block. If this happens here’s what you're going to do you're gonna throw it on the floor. A couple of times and it will start to break up it’s still kind of is a bit of a bit of a chunk. Some of the bits at the bottom are breaking off but that's all you need to do whack. It on the floor go outside throw it on the concrete or blacktop whatever and it will break apart again. You do not need to blanch kale to freeze it but if you do not blanch it it will not last as long. As if you do blanch it blanching kale they say it's good for at least a year. But if you don't plant it it's like good for 2 or 3 months and so far this season. I have frozen about four or five times this amount I can’t quite remember. I definitely have like three or four of these in the freezer and we also have a gallon bag in the freezer. But not completely full so I’m hoping to get at least enough kale to do one or two. More batches to hold me over through the winters.

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