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How To Find Slime Chunks?

You want their drops for slime blocks sticky pistons leads. All kinds of other bits and pieces. I’m going to show you how to find slime chunks easily. You can get loads of these things don’t you go anywhere. Welcome to another episode from my avalanche in the high-speed mine craft guide. This is a series where I answer your questions in my craft in tutorials quickly. So I’d better get on with it in today's episode. We are answering the question how do you find a slime chunk and there is more than one way. I’m going to show you the first method is considered by some to be a little bit hearty. But you can come to the chunk base slime finder the link is in the description. Below you are going to need to know the seed of your world. If you don't know how to get that I’m going to show you. Now all you need to do is type slash and then seed into your chat bar and press. Enter that gives you the seed number of the world that is a very specific seed. There is something like one quadrillion different possible seeds.

So don't just make the number up I guarantee. You won’t get it right then press t and put your mouse over that number. When you click it that will copy it to your clipboard which means. You can paste it straight into chunk base you'd have to write it down and then make some kind of scripting error. When you type it back out again you can then How To Find Slime Chunks come back to chunk basin in this seed right-click. It and paste it and that puts that exact number in there make sure. You've got the right version it’ll work for java and bedrock. When you hit return on that number right there that will give you the slime chunks. You'll notice about 10of the chunks are green squares. They are the slime chunks and they're the only chunks. Slimes will spawn outside of swam slimes will spawn in a swamp. When the light level is 7 or less between levels 50 and 70 as long as there’s not a new moon.

They'll spawn quicker and more numerously if there Isa full moon. However, they can spawn in any slime chunk irrelevant to the biome at levels. Under 40 and it doesn't matter what the light level is over and that means. You can select slimes when making a slime farm and that’s why most people do. The best slime farms in slime chunks dug down into the ground. Means you can select for the slimes no other mobs get involved. You get far more slimes for your bucks you've got your seed. You can see your slime chunks but that's no good if you’re How To Find Slime Chunks looking at zero and perhaps. You’re standing in your world at minus ten thousand which as it happens is exactly. Where I’m standing so minus ten thousand written into the and zed and click gonad. It will show you exactly where the slime chunks in and around. You can see again around about ten percent but they’re in a very different shape. Now you can zoom in and out of this map maybe to zoom in and find a little bit more interest. Here get the coordinates a little bit more specific or you can zoom out. See if you can find a set of slime chunks that you're most interested in. There are five slime chunks all in one go just here. So maybe you want to make a mega slime farm out of that one. You’ll also notice that there are numbers down at the bottom of the screen the x and z numbers. Specifically so if I mouse over this green box just here very close. Where I’m standing in the world it says minus and I know that if I now move to that coordinate.

How To Find Slime Chunks

I will be standing inside as a lime chunk and that's very useful. You've also got the chunk numbers minus. You can get all of these from your f3 screen I’m going to show you that right now. I’ve come in-game to find that slime chunk. If I press the f3 key that brings all of my had up and I can see that my and z is currently minus. But if I look at the block that I’m standing on that matches up. I need to find which should be somewhere over. Here if I keep looking at How To Find Slime Chunks the ground. I’ve got underwater but that’s okay looking at the block so this block here is within the necessary slime chunk. We’re talking about so if I just block up like this and stand on. I know that I’m right in the middle of the slime chunk remember it doesn't matter. It's in the water unless the water goes belowy40. We're going to be digging down to find the slimes in a slime chunk. Now I can do a little trick to bring up all of my chunk borders. This trick is useful for both of the methods for finding slime chunks pressf3 and g. At the same time and you get this grid that goes. Up to the build height limit and will go. Down to y equals zero and If I just flow up here you can see this is the chunk.

I mainland that means this is the borders of my slime chunky can then dig right down. Below y40and know that slimes will spawn in this area. I’m not going to do that because the second method is all about digging. We need to dig down to below y40and assuming. You're going to be looking to make a slime farm I’d recommend it y39. You are at the top level for a slime farm you need some fences some gates some light sources. I’ve got jack-o'-lanterns they're perfect but torches will do and let's get digging. We're down at y 39bring up the had you How To Find Slime Chunks can see there the value is39. If I press f3 and g again that brings up our chunk borders him very nearly in the corner of the chunk border. We are going to be building some tunnels and it's good to do along the edge of the chunk border. It gives you a guide to the fact that I’ve got a chunk border right on this. Wallis a complete fluke but very useful. We’re going to dig tunnels that are at least five wide and at least three high along. The border wall that we can see here just as a guide. We're going to build them straight along for at least six chunks so let's start doing this. The reason we are going five across and at least a three high. Because slimes need a three by three area with two. A half-block height to be able to spawn or at least the largest ones do and to be honest.

We don't want to lose any opportunities of slime spawning sowed want the small medium and large ones. All able to spawn they can spawn at any light level. We need these lights to make sure we keep them above level seven meaning. No other spawns are going to happen other than slimes down in this area. Now you may wish to be very aware of caves and things like that that are around. Where you are because if there are dark places those things could spawn creepers. Zombies and goodness only know what that will take away from the mob cap. These slimes will spawn in and given that slimes are shy and don't like spawning. Anywhere near other mobs, you might find. You've got any dark spots your slimes might not spawn at allowing. When you get to a chunk of border wall take out one more row of blocks. You’re one block past it and then grab you How To Find Slime Chunks fences and put a fence on their fence. There and fence there and a gate in the middle. You can pass through it dead easy then come through and carry mining until. You've done all the chunks you need to dowel have got a tunnel. Lit up that is six chunks long now I’m going, to be honest with you. Whilst it is unlikely it is possible that six chunks might not be long enough. You may not pass through a slime chunk. If you want you can do some other chunks going in other directions just to catch more area. I found that six generally catch one slime chunk.

Now I’m stood in the center of this tunnel so it's right against the fence of the third chunk. So there are three chunks on either side and I’m just going to look at what the mayor donates. I’m now going to go up to the surface and I’m going to stand at least 24 blocks. Above my head right now so I’m currently y 39 so indeed to be standing on at least y63. That is going to mean that this entire tunnel on this x and z. Coordinates are going How To Find Slime Chunks to be within spawning range of me meaning. Any slimes will spawn in this area if they can again here. I stress if there are any other dark spots. You could find other mobs are spawning in there meaning slimes won't spawn. Here so do make sure you light as much up as you can. When you go back to the surface don’t go to the end of your tunnel and up and down.

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