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How To Field Dress A Deer

What we're going to do is we're just going to go through this process just like. I would in the field first of all How To Field Dress A Deer. I like to carry some disposable latex gloves with me just make it handy for cleanup. Everybody's going to ask what kind of knife. I use this one was made by a friend of mine so this one can't be purchased online but so that's. When we go ahead and use it today. I've used this knife to get almost all the deer that I've ever harvested and it's pretty special to me that’s. Why I carry it we're going to go ahead gets started. We're going to start around the anus area and then. We're just going to move our way up and just follow along. So we start just by simply cutting a circle around the anus then. You can take your knife blade and cut it in just a little bit just to loosen things up there that way. We can pull it through when we go ahead and go now what. We're going to do is get started pulling the stomach contents out of this dear. I like to flip them up adjust use my legs to kind of hold the back legs overuse your knees kind of prop the gear up. Then get it to get a grip with your hand on the skin and this is where. You want to make sure. You don’t cut through the stomach punch so just very carefully cut through.

The skin only making a slice just like this now at this point is where. I want to go ahead and pull the skin towards yourself cutting through this membrane. But be careful not to cut into any stomach contents. Now you can see the deer was hit with that rage broadhead shoulder. So there the stomach contents have not been released into the cavity or anything like that. So it’s going to be a super clean fuel dressing now what I do once. I have that portion completed I simply reach up inside and cut this diaphragm muscle that way. You can get a hold of the heart once you get a hold of the heart you can reach up with your knife and cut the esophagus. How To Field Dress A Deer. You have to cut the esophagus to be able to release that portion of the heart and lungs and then. You just continue to pull the stomach contents out being careful not to cut them once. You get down to this portion you can just cut the intestines large intestines. You can just cut that off I’d say the rage did a pretty good job right through. The middle of the heart that’s why this deer didn't go anywhere. We’re going to go ahead and save this. We're going to grill it up to make an excellent meal so once you have that portion done. You can see I have all the stomach contents out be careful. When you’re doing this located right there’s you know quite a bit of blood in here be careful.

You don't cut into these tenderloins located right inside here. You do if you do cut into these you're going to regret it later so that's a wonderful piece of meat so. Now we’ll come back around to the anus portion and since. I cut the large intestine off I can simply pull that piece right. You want to make sure that you do get the anus out of your deer so. Now we have a complete pass-through into where the stomach contents. Were know some of you this might be kind of hard to watch, however. This is a very important step. When you harvest adder it's got to be done fairly quickly unless. You have to let one sit overnight obviously that's notional to happen. You follow these steps it's very simple a lot of came tube done by hand. Now what we're going to do we're going to go ahead and take this deer. We're going to take it to our butcher shop I'm going to get it skinned out. I'm going to wash the inside there are no stomach contents in there. So we don't have to worry about any contamination or anything like that simply going to get the blood out. Then we're going to let this do your age for probably seven totem days at 33 to 34 degrees in our walk-in cooler. Then we're going to cut it up and we're going to enjoy it and as you can see through this entire time who. I’ve got watching my boys so this is important step boys.

How To Field Dress A Deer

At Meat-eater, one of the most common questions we get is how to get a deer. This example we have lying right here is a Coues deer buck, a desert whitetail. The fundamentals, what I'm showing you right now. How To Field Dress A Deer. About gutting are standard for all horned and antlered games. You can gut it the way I'm going to show you if you're going to pack the whole thing out in pieces. You put it this way if you're just going to drag it across a forty-acre field to your truck. Learn these rules and then break 'me all. You want to save time later on, to do little tricks you've learned about on the internet. The first step here, cut around the anus. This helps just to have a clean job where everything's going to come out in one piece. Go all the way around and you see the depth I'm going here. Come down both sides. And cut in there away, and free up the colon, like so. Next step, I'm going to run it like this just cutting through hiding, not cutting into muscle. In many states you have to leave evidence of sex naturally attached to the carcass, so notice. We’re to go up the side of the scrotum. We're going to leave the scrotum on here and not discard it while we gut. Now cutting down, here's the urethra. Cut a little bit into the meat here, down to the bone. And that right there is your pelvis. So I've exposed the pelvis bone on one side. Now I'm going to come on the other side.

This pipe right here. Down again through the pelvis in my hand now is the ridge with the pelvis on each side. You cut this. You open this up and you're going to spill urine. Peel it back a little way, and sever it up here. So here we have the anus, lower intestine, everything freed up. The ridge of the pelvis and the bone exposed on each side. How To Field Dress A Deer. I’m going to jump up here and I'm going to cut through the hide. And just join up to my lower incision. Here I'm only going through the hide. You’ll feel here I'm on a hard sternum If I run my finger down, that sternum ends right there. At that point, if you're not careful with your knife work, you can puncture the stomach. Here you're protected by bone, so you don't need to be gentle. I can just go like this where I have the protection of the bone. Now I'm at the end of the sternum and very carefully lift. The hide upends cut just through the hide, leaving the abdominal lining intact. The thing to keep in mind when you're making these incisions. We’ve been working on it if you notice I'm always going up. So up through like this and the reason is if I was to take my knife and go down what. What I'm going to do is cut little bits of hair into little pieces and those get all over everything. If I go like this and go inside outfit slips right through.

The hair without cutting them and doesn't make nearly the mess. now I'm ready to puncture the abdominal lining. And I want to do that without puncturing the stomach. It's just a wall of muscle right here’s you've got the leather pulled away, the hide and the hair are cut through. It’s good to enter right here at the point of the sternum. We’re going to puncture down in there, get all the way through. OK, there and through. I put my fingers in here. My fingers are lying between the stomach and the abdominal lining. I'm pulling up to pull the abdominal lining away from the intestines and stomach. So I don't nick them with my knife. Lift. The sooner you do this after killing the animal the better. Because animalism going to start to bloat. When it bloats it gets, everything gets very tight. It's harder to do this without puncturing anything. I’m cutting this and making this cut back to the pelvis and I'm back to the pelvis. At this point, I'm going to take a bone saw and I want to get it so I'm not nicking the bladder. Look how I've got everything pulled up, everything out of the way. So I press that away and I'm going to saw on each side of the pelvis bone. You can do one cut. I cut through the half and here's the ridge, but just to show you. How to get a nice big gateway you can pull everything cleanly through, I'm going to cut both sides of that bone. Pull that gate out of there. Now we have a wide-open path and also this is going to aiding animal cooling. Later in hot weather ‘cause the thickest part of the deer. That's going to spoil quickest is up here around the ball joints by cutting that out. You'll allow a lot of that heat to dissipate. Back up here I’m going to split right up the center of the sternum, away from the digestive organs. So you don't need to worry so much about spilling anything. Open that out. Now what I want to does I'm going to reach up in here and I'm going to pull my heart out. This is the sack the heart sits in. Just nick that sack. OK, we're going to retain that. Somewhere clean. Here are the windpipe and the esophagus coming down. Reach inside. Just cut that.

That’s freed up. The only thing that's holding you back now is the diaphragm. And you're not going to tear it easily or pull so I like to cut the diaphragm, on each side. Once the diaphragm's cut we’re ready to pull the organs out. Everything now is just lying in there like a bowl of guts. Grab up here at the windpipe pull this last bit of the diaphragm. Pull it down here where it spills through the gateway. And that whole package of guts comes away. Before I get it dirty, I want to free my liver up. This here, the kidney sometimes they're surprisingly good. That has to be skinned later retain it now and the rest of this we don't want. It goes down there. So here we have the gutted out deer. It can begin to cool, everything’s nice and clean. When I'm done in some ways I think it’s a step in the gutting today want to pull the tenderloins out. These are your tenderloins. Just work them away. Just remove these from the inside. Put them somewhere clean. There you have it, ready for transport.

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