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How To Factory Reset Samsung Tablet?

What I have here in front of me is the Samsung Galaxy Tab 27.0. This is a smaller version compared to the 10.1 you know similar specs. But it’s kind of the same process to hard reset the actual device anyway the first thing. You want to do let's say see the How To Factory Reset Samsung Tablet background I have a lock here. You know let’s just say you forgot the lock and no or Sun or the relative of yours locked you out of your device. Now the hard reset is definitely a solution it completely wipes the device through any kind of contact. The applications any data that you have stored in the device will be erased. You know I believe it doesn't restore your SD card but just to be safe on the side of the actual unit. There is the SD card slot right here make sure you just open this up and you know remove your SD card right there.

Now once the SD card is removed we’re going to go here on the side and press the power button. We're going to completely shut the device off now see How To Factory Reset Samsung Tablet here go ahead and power the device off. Ok now once the device is completely off the actual process is holding down the volume button. The volume up button and the power button the volume up button is the button that's closest to the power button. So we're going to press this button and this top piece right here at the same time and now. When the Samsung logo appears you're going to remove your finger from the power button see. I removed my finger keep my finger down on the volume up and wait for the Android to appear. There we go now you can release now you're at the Android recovery system or Android system recovery. Let's excuse my error now we're going to go down to something called wipe data/factory reset.

How To Factory Reset Samsung Tablet

You can scroll using the volume buttons use the volume down button in this matter wipe data/factory reset. Believe you press the power button to How To Factory Reset Samsung Tablet selects the actual option. Then you're going to be presented with the screen with the nose and the eases obviously. We're going to want to delete everything scroll down here to delete data. There we go and wait for it to finish its formatting data and this is also a great tool. If you're you know selling your tablet you know completely wipes it out. So whatever purchases is it the actual software and the device is going to completely like factory-new? They should have a problem setting it up with their own Gmail account. Now we have a reboot system now up to here we're going to go ahead and press the power button to select that. This should reboot the system you know back to normal and wait for this thing to power on and it should be factory reset.

Let's just wait here all right sounds good the Galaxy Tab 2 10.1 which is the bigger model fairly similar process. But different button sequence that whole How To Factory Reset Samsung Tablet how that’s done anyway. So it's going to be a minute here before it actually comes on also if you have any suggestions for any kind of devices. You currently have and can’t find the instructions on how to hard reset it. I'm more than happy to try to see. if I actually have the product and it does take quite a while for it to come back on. After you do the actual factory reset this is just trying to collect itself. All right any day now this process does work with the16 gig version and the white doesn’t matter. What color it is I think I believe they have it they may have a 3Gversion of this as well. Where you can do the cellular data this is indeed the Wi-Fi version.

This should work with all models I'm saying this process so also you can keep that in mind. You don’t necessarily the color doesn't really matter any How To Factory Reset Samsung Tablet day now and also this will work. If the device is actually rooted now here we go looks little different installing applications. There we go this bad boy came right back up and look at that select language. That's how this bad boy looks out the box and there you go there’s your Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 7.0hard reset.

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