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How To Drink Colonoscopy Prep Without Throwing Up

Today we're talking about colonoscopy breath cuz How To Drink Colonoscopy Prep Without Throwing Up that's fun. I want to give you my top tips to make it a little less yucky. So definitely stay tuned if you are getting your colonoscopy - okay. So let's jump right in we're going to talk about the day before you have your procedure. So you're going to get a packet of information from your doctor. Before you even have the procedure and that's going to go over what you should and shouldn't eat. So I'm gonna talk about the actual day before the procedure which includes drinking the yucky stuff. So basically starting when you wake up you're going to want to not eat solid foods. That is going to help to kind of prep the get you're gonna have less stool to go through. So even better for later on so basically I like to stick with chicken broth and jell. And you don't want to have any purple or pink or red or whatever jell. Because that can kind of look like the blood you know and if you have also to colitis like. I do they want to see your actual tissue colors on the inside of your colonoscopy.

So I just get lemon-lime it works so anyway the big jug of prep. You have to drink 8 ounces of it every 15minutes. So I actually like to measure it out because How To Drink Colonoscopy Prep Without Throwing Up it's so yucky that. I don’t want to drink more than I have to so your doctor may be different for most of my colonoscopies. I had to drink the whole jug the night before and then you know let it work its magic overnight and stuff. So but now my last year's colonoscopies that I've had I just had to drink half the jug the night. Beforehand then the other half the morning of so it's a little more tolerable which is good. I definitely recommend wearing 7sweatpants because you'll be making lots of trips to the bathroom. You want easy on and easy off you don't I mean so it takes about an hour for it to kick in and basically. What new lightly or Go lightly is it's kind of like I pictured it being like a drink. No, it's at is a laxative and it does have some electrolytes in there too like potassium chloride sodium bicarbonate, and sodium chloride.

Yeah okay so anyway it's there to clean you out so it works really good it starts working. About an hour after I would say what I'd like to do is just keep a little notebook of like alight started at 6 p.m. boom. Here's this and then put a timer on my phone so How To Drink Colonoscopy Prep Without Throwing Up  every 15minutes it dings off and I'm going to drink it again. So we've got our 8 ounces already measured out and I pour this into a glass and then I just measured out for the first one. So that I know for the rest of them how much to fill my glass up with my first trick tip is to have it be cold. But not super cold I hope that makes sense so it's easier to drink it. When it ‘scold but what I basically do is I just fill it up with cold tap water and I’ll leave it out for the night. That I’m drinking it because I just find that it goes down easier. If it's not super chilled because then you get cold too you know okay my second tip is it comes with a flavor packet. So actually before you’ve been pouring it into our cup I had added a flavor packet that comes with either cherry lemon-lime and orange.

How To Drink Colonoscopy Prep Without Throwing Up

I think most of the time I just do a lemon line in there. Because I'm actually going to be chasing it with a lemon-lime Gatorade and I find that. That taste is the best of all of them it's a personal preference. You could add whatever flavor and you want to it but that How To Drink Colonoscopy Prep Without Throwing Up  is that ok. So then we've poured 8 ounces into our glass this is my other little tip to make it a little less. Yes, I'm going to be chasing it with a lemon-lime Gatorade. But I actually mixed a little bit of this in here and I don't know it's like you’re supposed to do that per se. But Ibex driving fatty colonoscopy they praise me on how well I'm cleaned out. So this stuff still does its job even though Immixing in a little Gatorade into it too. You can add a little more yeah if you want but then just remember the more you add the more. You have to drink in that15 minute ok next little tip is straws you could get these little reusable straws this.

One is just from a you know restaurant I think it's caribou straw it looks like that color. Anyway, I like to use reusable straws or plasma book reusable plastic ones. Because after2 or 3 glasses I get a different straw and I know that's kind of wasteful. But they’ How To Drink Colonoscopy Prep Without Throwing Up re the thing where I just want to taste it as little as possible. Because it’s gross if you don't mind the flavor more power to yeah. But I don't know many people that do you could also use a reusable straw and then just wash it in between. So that you get that flavor off of the straw and the reason I say use a straw is. Because you could actually get that straw super far back up so it misses your taste buds and that way. You don't have to taste very much more of it and it's good for the old college trick of chugging. So what I like to do is hold my Gatorade in one hand or have it readily available. You know we're going to chug this as fast as we can and then chase it with the Gatorade. So it's the chug and chase pray for me it's always this kind of like you got to really gear yourself up.

You know I mean because it is so gross I like to always have a movie on in the background. Something that is very nice and cheerful and kind of gets me through this time. All right here we go bottoms up all right Oh got it there's one. I would as well stop that's How To Drink Colonoscopy Prep Without Throwing Up  my dog sorry okay then you can go on and you know to check it off on your list. Move on to the next one someone must be walking by with a dog. So my dog may start barking anyway oh that is not great this really does help though. Because then it cuts that flavor you’re like okay look you get to get to the Gatorade. You know I mean so anyway those are my main tips is to keep it cold. But not super cold use a straw measure out your 8 ounces add a splash of Gatorade to it and then chug and chase and boy. Oh boy15 minutes from now we'll do it again thank you so much for joining me.

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