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How To Draw Tears

How to draw tears there’s two main ways to do tears i mean the positions of them. They come out from the ends of the eyes or they come from the middle How To Draw Tears of the eyes also when drawing a tear. Make sure to follow the form of the face the face curves so do not make your tears straight down. All right keep in mind that things have formed things. Because even though things have former things I’m good I’m good at speaking okay. So please keep in mind that you need to think a 3d perspective that things have a form things have a shape in that. Even though this is a flat phone and that’s a flat drawing we’re going to try to make it. Look as 3das possible to give a dimension so that's why it's important to use curved lines. When drawing your teardrops also if you can't figure out the placement of your tears. It's completely fine look at some references there’s nothing wrong with using a reference. At all even some even some professionals actually use references use references too.

But not very often but when i do use a reference my work is so much better. So activate alpha log get white and color your tears then with an airbrush erase. The inside of your ears tears not ears tears what's wrong with me. I’m forgetting how to speak How To Draw Tears okay my brain is it’s dissolving so only erase the inside of the tears. Make sure to leave the edges very visible this process needs to be done very souse an airbrush. Airbrush normal also letting you guys know that I do not have a stylus plan and i mean i do okay. Anyway lower the opacity down to 60 or to 40 whatever your desire is then get a skin shading color. You could usually do that by selecting your skin shading color and then making it. More saturated and also going down towards more cooler colors used my perfect soft brush. To find which brushes that i use anyway so very draw the shadow of the tears. The tears are transparent but they do cast a shadow so remember the shadow.

You got to make it very light okay it helps bring out the tears a lot on. Yeah my throat hurts which is why my voice might be crying it’s cracking. Yeah all right so then make a new layer below the tears but above the shadows and select the dark. The darker environment How To Draw Tears color around so since the tear doesn't land very far from the face. And it's actually like touching right up against the face we’re not using a background color for this. We're using the color that’s closest to the tear which in this case will be here it's. The dark skin color and over at the eye it was the eyelashes so also in doing this. Please look at a reference if you don't understand how to follow the form of a tear. So following the forms with here we’re going to use curved lines and kind of trace the outside of the chair a little bit. It’s reflecting its environments around it. Because it's water water is very reflective so yeah good can see. I’m going back I’m using the darker color i did have a blending brush.

How To Draw Tears

But it didn’t work out so blur the reflecting kind of shadow thingy. Make a new layer and actually you know what keep it to normal select white. And that will be your highlights you can look at a reference for this of course if you'd like. I will keep repeating How To Draw Tears that because some people some people think it's not okay. To look at references it's completely fine to look at references it's not cheating it’s fine. Okay we'll look at a reference if you don't understand how to do something so going around the tier. Since the tierit's 3d or at least that's how we're going to think of it as think of it as yes. So there isn't there's usually one main highlight but i like to do a few highlights. Because there's yeah i usually do two highlights on each drop or as many as i would want to. But be very careful not to over exaggerate this and not to do too many highlights. Or your two is going to look a little wonky so make a new layer above everything use red.

But you can use any color that you’d like use an airbrush tool and make sure that your layer setting is too bad. Then very this is of course like option like you could do this is optional. All right you can also make little shiny reflection star things you see How To Draw Tears what I’m doing right. The shiny stuff there's also a brush that you could use but i was too was too lazy to watch an ad. So i decided to draw myself yeah okay my throat hurts. But don't worry i do not need a break injustice some peanut butter candies. So that messed things up anyway so make a new layer below everything below all the tears. I mean usually select a cool color still using my airbrush and set the layer to multiply. Then i brush over and around the tears when i brush over and around the tears it will help bring out the tears.

A little more don't know where i got this idea from other than i thought that everything was a little too bright. It didn't look like the tears were exactly there How To Draw Tears making a new layer setting it. To screen and getting a light beige color or whatever the color of the skin is then making a little shine. Right around the tear because the tear is made of water water is reflective so it's going to reflect some light. back onto the skin a little mean i don't know where i got this from other than the fact. That water is reflective but i never saw it in a tear thing. So this isn't exactly rule keep in mind there's many ways to draw tears.

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