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How To Do Hanging Indent In Google Docs?

The first line extends farther to the left than the rest of the lines. Hanging indents are common in bibliographies, reference lists, and works cited pages. This tutorial shows two ways to create hanging indents in Microsoft Word. First, we'll look at how to create hanging indents with the ruler. Then, we'll look at how to create hanging indents with the Paragraph dialog box. The ruler method is faster but less precise, so it is best for short blocks of text. The paragraph dialog box method offers more control. The length of the indent and is best for longer blocks of text. I’ll be using Word in Microsoft 365.The steps are the same in Word 2019, Word 2016, Word 2013, and Word 2010. However, your interface may look. slightly different in those older versions of the software. Before we begin, please note that these steps are for blocks of text formatted as paragraphs. Paragraphs end with a pillow.

These steps will also work with paragraphs that have manual line breaks, which are inserted by pressing Shift + Enter. However, these steps won’t work with multiple paragraphs spaced to look like a single paragraph. You can see the pillow and manual line break symbols by turning on the Show/Hide button in the Home tab. First, we are going to create hanging indents with the ruler. If your ruler is not visible, begin by selecting the View tab in the How to do hanging indent in Google docs ribbon and then selecting Ruler in the Show group. Next, place your cursor inside the individual paragraph in which you want to create a hanging indent. Or, select multiple paragraphs if you want to create several hanging indents simultaneously. Avoid selecting the entire document with methods such as Ctrl + Abe. You may select headings and other items that don’t normally have hanging indents. Now, slide the bottom triangle marker in the ruler to the right. Note that the square marker will move with the bottom triangle marker. Your hanging indent will be created automatically as you move the ruler marker.

If you have trouble moving the bottom triangle marker separately from the top triangle marker. Move both markers to the right and then move the top marker back to the left. To create hanging indents with the Paragraph dialog box, begin by selecting the Home tab in the ribbon. Then, select the text in which you want to create hanging indents. Next, select the dialog box launcher in the Paragraph group. When the Paragraph dialog box appears, select Hanging from the Special menu. Then, enter the length of your indent in inches, which can be decimals or How to do hanging indent in Google docs whole numbers, in the text box. Or, use the increment arrows to increase or decrease the indent 0.1 inches per click. You can see a preview of your indent at the bottom of the dialog box. When you’re finished select the OK button. The Paragraph dialog box will close, and your hanging indents should appear in your selected text. As always, remember to save your file to save your changes. I have created many other videos about Microsoft Word including. Three Ways to Indent Paragraphs in Microsoft Word “and “How to Adjust Page Margins in Microsoft Word. Please see the playlist titled “How to Use Microsoft Word,” which is linked below, for the complete list.

How To Do Hanging Indent In Google Docs?

The companion blog post for this video listing all the steps we just performed appears screenwriting, which is also linked below. Feel free to leave me a comment. If there’s a specific topic related to Microsoft Word, Adobe Acrobat, or Google Docs that you would like me to talk about in the future. And please subscribe to my channel and give this video a thumbs-up if you found it helpful. I’m going to demonstrate it on both so you understand what I mean starting with Google docs. Here is what the finished product should look like when the hanging indent is done correctly. Here is the same reference list without the hanging indent make sure to take note. How the reference list entry is already double spaced meaning. There are no extra lines How to do hanging indent in Google docs added in between each entry this is important. So that Google descends Microsoft word will correctional individual reference list entry from herein order to set up. The hanging indent was going to use the ruler bar at the top of the page. You don't already see your ruler bar you’ll want to come up to the menu select view and select show ruler great. The first thing you want to do to set up the hanging indent is select all of the text that's to be included next. You'll want to come up to your ruler bar and select the left indent icon from here to go ahead and click on. It with one finger and drag it until you reach 0.50 which is known as one-half inch. If you notice all of your text just indented inward now what. You’re going to do is come back to the icon this time select.

The top portion which is the first line indent and drags that back to point zero and voila just like magic. Your reference list entry is set up with a hanging indent. Now want to demonstrate the hanging indent using Microsoft word that reflects. A more realistic example of what a student paper looks like. When it’s time to format the preference page go ahead and take note of some of the incorrect formatting. That’s going on right now the reference list page is amiss the quickest way. I would clean this up if I would go ahead and set up the hanging indent just as. I showed you in Google docs so go ahead and highlight all the text that's to be included. How to do hanging indent in Google docs Next, come up to the ruler bar and select the left margin indent to go ahead and slide. Over just like we did before until you get to .50 also known as Oneal finch. The nice thing about Microsoft words. It will allow you to move the left indent icon independently from the first line indent great. Now that the hanging indents are set up let's go ahead and fix the formatting on the rest of this document. The first thing I’m going to do is set up the double-spacing becoming up to the line in paragraph spacing and selecting two. I’m then going to make sure the font follows the same formatting for this tutorial. I’m going to use times new roman I’m going to select 12 so it's all the same size since. I can see we have some titles boded.

I’m going to come up to the toolbar and select boldly. Once and then bold again which will unfold all of the text that shouldn’t have been great. Now I’m going to click on the pages the highlight goes away. What I’m going to do is simply take out the extra spacing by clicking on each extra line and hitting delete. You notice this reference list entry is not following the same hanging indent formatting. I’m simply going to hit delete once put my How to do hanging indent in Google docs cursor at the front of the line again hit delete. One more time and there you go I’m going to finish deleting all the extra spaces. Until my document is nice and organized and formatted correctly beautiful. If you guys are looking for any other ape 7th edition formatting sure to check the playlist. Below but as always if you enjoyed this video please be sure to give it a big thumbscrew. Your friends and of course subscribe for more videos like this every week by guys. A new page in your Microsoft Wordsworth document so scroll to the bottom of the paper and click past. In the last line click the insert tab and then click page break notice that your page. Automatically has the header you set up previously Center the cursor on the page.

Then type the word references hit the enter key once and align. The text back to the left again does not bold the word references. If you have formatted your citations using citation software copy and paste those into your reference list. Now if you have not created your references at this time. One note on citation software does not use Microsoft Word to create. Your references several elements that will be missing in your citations. You will have to go back and fix them it is not worth the time. Now reformat your citations to look like the rest of your How to do hanging indent in Google docs paper highlight. The entire section of citations expands the paragraph options first. Let's make sure the spacing is set to double second. We change the indentation special to hanging. C lick OK to close the paragraph options next change your font. New Times Roman and the font size to 12 points make sure. Your references are in alphabetical order. You can see here these citations are already in alphabetical order. Finally, WI Microsoft Word is set to automatically enable any hyperlink.

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