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How To Dispose Of Old Gas

We're going to be doing is emptying out the gas in my gas tank at the 37 Ford. The gas has been sitting in there for How To Dispose Of Old Gas quite a while it’s been like over six months closer to a year. To tell you the truth I’ve added gas to it and it has some fuel stabilizer in it. But it's gotten pretty nasty and old so I'm going to show you how to dispose of the gas. Afterward and how to get it out of the tank so let's get down to it the first thing. You're going to need is a siphon pump so you can use one of these I’m going to shove this into the gas tank. And then transfer the fuel into one of these into an old gas can. So that's what I’m going to use to get rid of it now also my gas tank. Actually has a
drain plug so I could use that but that's in the bottom of the gas tank. It is good to empty it completely outdo that at the very end. But you know you have to have like a good container to catch that in.

So I felt like this would be a lot simpler of a way to distill less gas. So we'll do a quick little unboxing here so this is an Arnold siphon pump. I’ll leave a link to the How-To Dispose Of Old Gas in the description below here like an amazon link or something. Anyways we'll go ahead and open this thing up I’ll show you what's in it looks like. We got a little piece of hose so that's nice so we can get some extended length on there. We got the pump itself so you can put a whole bunch of stuff in here. You can put you know oil like car oil like differential oil anything like that. And then let's see what else is in here also comes with some orange tubing. So this should be pretty oil-resistant because it's made for what it’s made for a little two-foot piece. Okay and then it looks like a couple of fittings might have been three fittings in there. I don't know when I opened that thing up is like flew somewhere and OH there it is okay. So then it also comes with like three fittings so we got this one yeah that one here.


How To Dispose Of Old Gas

And then we got this little like nozzle-looking one. So we’ll go ahead and take the zip ties off all this stuff set it up and then we'll use it on the car. All right soon the pump you have the inlet port which is on the top. So that's where you’re going to be sucking stuff How To Dispose Of Old Gas in so we’re going to put in this part into the gas tank itself. And then this is the outlet so we're going to be putting that part into the gas tank. We're pretty much all set up so let's go over put it in the car and let's see how it works. Alright, guys so I kind of want to show you how nasty this little gas is this is like the little fuel bowl on my fuel pump. So it's kind of unscrew this real quick showing you yellow and roast it got pretty gross looks like pee. Or whatever pretty nasty so I'm going to go ahead and put that into the old gas tank here to get rid of that stuff. This is like an old-school fuel filter where like any junk or gunk would fall into the fuel bowl. And you would actually be able to see it so I actually have like a little Flick a cloud of dust in there or something. You guys can see it in there kind of gross but anyway. So yeah that's how these things used to work so it's pretty cool alright guys.

So we went ahead and we put the hose all the way in there so it's hitting the gas. I don’t know because you know it's kind of going to be floating around in the gas How-To Dispose Of Old Gas can over there. So I'm going to go ahead and put this side to see what happens right now. I’m getting air next to that one's all filled up that took a long last time and okay. I'm going to wipe that off this cane is pretty nasty whereas the black cane is pretty much new. So one I like this new black one cuz it’s got this nice little nozzle. You can put on here you can get these on Amazon. I'll put a link on there also they're not designed for gasoline. I mean not in the sense because they're not red and they’re not like. They don't have this stupid little evaporative nozzle or something like that. But anyways they worked amazing so who cares alright guys. So that took way too long but I got both these tanks pretty much full the other ones full and it seems like.

I'm pretty much tapping out on this tank over here so whatever is left in there. I'll mix together once I fill the tank up and it’ll be pretty clean. I guess I actually could hit the drain plug still so I may actually do that to see what's left in there. Because there’s too awful much in there anymore but yeah let's go ahead and pull this thing up. Alright, guys so then How To Dispose Of Old Gas what you want to do is go ahead and find your local recycling place. So this is Sacramento recycling and transfers this one is pretty close to me. And what I’m able to do here is drop off my fuel or oil or anything like that and I can go ahead and recycle. This stuff so pretty cool ok guys so this is my little local recycling place. Alright, guys so that was pretty cool they took my gas cans and uh dumped them out. So that was pretty nice even clean the gas cans up and everything. So if you guys were ever wondering you know where you need to take your gas cans. You can take oil you can take paint all that type of stuff you can take it to your local dump. And this place they take up to 15 gallons before they start charging you. So I mean you know but you could do it a couple days in a row. If you add like a lot of gas or something like that.

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