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How To Discipline A Puppy

What you do like this is one of the key concepts to change your dog’s behavior and getting them to behave. The way you want now I want to cover some two parts alright. First ignoring what you don't like you know here's some advice that most dog How To Discipline A Puppy owners are shocked. When I tell them and advice mustn't say no three times in their life. Because it's that important okay don't tell your dog’s nowhere is why. When you have a dog and he does something you don't like and you say dog no that was dad unless. You’ve taken the time to pair the word know with a negative action like putting them in timeout. Like a shock collar like physically hitting them which we’re never going to do. They don't have a negative association to that word so telling the dog. Who jumps on you know doesn’t mean anything it doesn't have any negative consequence telling the dog.

Who jumps onA you know you might as well just be telling them good boy. Because by saying - no and without know having a meaning to the dog. You're just giving the dog attention and attention rich inhere attention is reinforcement. Okay so every How To Discipline A Puppy single time that your dog does something and you're telling them no. As humans were saying to ourselves well I know what no means. It means I didn’t like that so by telling my dog would know when he jumps. That must be working towards with reducing the frequency of that behavior me telling my dog. No I must be must mean that my dog is starting to learn that. When I say no it means you did something wrong but how come my dog doesn't stop jumping well. Because every time you say no you’re actually reinforcing the behavior. Because you're giving them attention okay now here's a perfect example.

How To Discipline A Puppy

Just like I just said a little bit, but I want to get to more detail with the jumpy. All right think about what happens somebody gets an eight-week-old puppy tiny little puppy. Every time people come over the little puppy jumps on them and as the How To Discipline A Puppy puppy's jumpy. We're going holy hell oh you're so cute hello Lulu hello reinforcing the jumping. We start them from a young age they jump and get some attention and then by six months. The dog is now 50 pounds the dog is starting to jump and now starting to get annoying no stop. So on so cute anymore but again we give them attention and now at 12 months. The dog is 100 pounds and is knocking people over and what happens the dog jumps on people and we push them off. Now people are kicking them people are screaming and the dog is learning throughout his whole life.

Tell when I jump and I get attention because people scream and call my name. You know talk to me that jumping is great jumping gets me attention. When I'm quiet and I'm on the floor they nor me nothing happens just naturally as humans. We almost How To Discipline A Puppy do the opposite that what we’re supposed to do when the dog is doing something bad it's very noticeable. So what do we do we try to stop but by doing that we give them attention. When the dog is behaving we almost completely ignore them. So paused how will the dog going to learn that the behaviors. We you know like to how do we reinforce the behaviors and how do we get the behaviors. That we want to go away to actually go away and that’s the key ignore. What you don’t like and more importantly reinforce what you do like. Okay now the harder part of this is actually reinforcing right. Because good behavior like I said it's not as noticeable. When you have guests over and your dog is laying down on his bed. Behaving very nicely he's not barking he's not jumping.

How often do you go over and say good boy and pet him and maybe give them a treat and say good boy. You're not jumping on anybody you're behaving very nicely this is the kind of dog. We like probably not very often because again good behavior is How To Discipline A Puppy very easy to miss. But that’s the behavior we need to reinforces back to the jump an example. So what do we do with a jumping dog when somebody walks in and the dog is jumping all over them. We become completely boring we don't look at the dog we don't talk to the dog. We don't make eye contact we don't make any sounds or the dog jumps. We turn our back, we walkaway, we go stand in a corner, we make ourselves completely boring. We completely ignore the bad behavior. Now the more important part is reinforcement good behavior. The second that the dog stops jumping and goes okay these people are boring.

I'm jumping I'm trying everything I'm barking and they're not doing the attention. I give up and they go to walk away that's like a good play. You definitely give them a treat and we reinforce the good behavior. Okay this is a huge concept again How To Discipline A Puppy naturally just being humans we do the opposite. Whenever the dog is doing something bad all hell breaks loose. We start screaming and yelling and you know having a fit and the dogs gets all of this attention. Which means he gets all this reinforcement and then the dog is good. We ignore him so we want to do the opposite ignore. Don’t like reinforce what you do like now this is a general you know rule for behavior modification. Obviously there are some things that we take to you know new lows jumping is a good example. This something you know like food aggression there’s money more steps. We take it’s not this as easy as ignore reinforce. But this is a you know just a concept that how did you go on training your dog. Adjust living with your dog but you should always keep in mind it can nor. What you don’t like reinforce the behavior you do like you.


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