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How To Cut A Papaya

We're going to be doing a quick tutorial on how to eat papaya how to peel it. How to get into it and as I’m getting into it we'll also review some of the health benefits. Our pie has it’s a great food fruit. I'm going to go ahead cut it in the middle and the way you want to choose. It is the grocery stores is papayas if they're young they're very small. They're green in color so if you look at this papaya look. How yellow this color is this papaya is from Mexico and it is perfect. I bought it where it's just exactly where I wanted it to be in the ripening stage. Here what I'm going to do is when you open it up. It's going to have these little black seeds in it so I'm just going to go ahead. I'm going to scrape those seeds out just like. Okay, papaya has great benefits for somebody who has problems with the colon. Digestive system papayas are known to reduce inflammation. In the colon and also fight off infections. it also is a very high fiber fruit so anybody that has problems with going to the bathroom too much.

I should not have papaya because it is very high in fiber it is also very high in. It’s got very low calories so anybody that is doing any type of weight loss papaya is really good for that. So then what I'm going to do is the easiest way. I'm just going to make some little small sections just like the sound. I'm just going to just work my way over and it's nice. It’s soft but it's not to the point where I'm going to have problems peeling it. I've just got a little bit of an issue here there we go and if you reserved the skin and use it. As a pack for your face, it is known to diminish any of the blemishes or pimples. You have any type of skin infection so the thesis is great. The skin can be a very good skin mask okay. Just don't want to get any more off than. I have to so just want to reserve all the food milt’s one. It's very much like um it's not a consistency off like um a butter consistency for some reason. I just wanted to mention also that it's got. It's very high in vitamin A vitamin B vitaminb2 b3 b6 b9 calcium and iron are also. So basically this is an amazing fruit for anybody that's going How To Cut A Papaya through. You know any type of vitamin deficiencies and stuff so just wanted to show you one more fruit. I go along with doing I will always have some type of tutorials showing. How to get into such fruits and also the health benefits of such fruits. Thesis an amazingly sweet and delicious fruit so if. You've not tried to prior before give it a try. If you want to have beautiful skin clear skin give yourself pushy guys it's Danny. Now I have been seeing papayas at every grocery store, Igor, to so. I thought it was time for us to do a papaya 101 now if you guys like these 101 do me a favor. Take a second to give me a big thumbs up. Like the because that will help me better know. How I can best serve you papayas are a beautiful tropical fruit with a soft buttery.

Texture and a sweet juicy flavor with this slight musky undertone. Now the very first time I ever ate papaya that musky flavor took me a little bit. By surprise but I have come to appreciate and love the taste. Now papayas grow all year round but they do peak at the beginning of summer and fall which is why. I've been seeing them at the grocery store lately. Now there are different types of papaya varieties. There’s red and there's green papayas but the papaya. I have found it to be the most available and the one. I will be chatting about today is called their papaya nutritionally speaking. Papayas are loaded with antioxidants high in fiber-rich in vitamins A C plus. They support the immune system they are anti-inflammatory. They have digestive enzymes called papaya so not only. They delicious but they are also good for us. When you are shopping for red papaya How To Cut A Papaya you are going to notice. They have a long spiracle shape to them and they can be anywhere from 5 to 20 inches long. Now when papaya is ripe the skin will turn from green to a yellowish-orange color it’ll start to slowly take over. Your papaya and sometimes even turns a little bit of pinkish reddish hue.

How To Cut A Papaya

Now they do ripen at room temperature so if you buy agree. Papaya which is most often. How you’re going to find them at the grocery store all. You have to do is leave them on the counter for a few days. You’ll slowly start to see the outside of the skin color start to change. The yellow-orange color and the texture will become a little bit softer really. What you're looking for as far as texture is similar to a ripe avocado. You were to gently press it with your thumb it would leave a slight indentation. Once you get your papaya home if it is already ripe you want to store it in the fridge. Because that slows down the ripe process and it won't go bad too quickly. If it's green and you need it to continue to ripe you keep it in a cool dry place? Aka right on your counter once. You’re ready to work with your papaya give it a rinse under some cold water just to make sure. You've cleaned How to Cut a Papaya off the skin. You're going to lay it down on your cutting board trim off the edges. Then gently cut it in half vertically right down the center. Now you’re going to see that the flesh of the papaya is this beautiful coral color sometimes. It'll have hues of pink and yellow in it is just gorgeous and in the center.

These little black seeds and kind of look like peppercorns. Now they have this gelatinous coating around the seat. So the little black seeds on the inside and it's 100% edible. it does have a peppery flavor. I’ve seen people use these to make salad dressings. Before but I'm curious if you guys know of any other ways to use the seeds of papaya. If you do let me know down in the comments. Below but whether or not you plan to eat your seeds you do need to take them out. They come out easily it's just going to grab a spoon and scoop them. Right out with any membrane that might be around them. Then just set them aside if you're going to use them later keep them. Otherwise, you could just toss them. Now many people say papaya is just not papaya without fresh lime juice. They seem to be a perfect pair so when you’re ready to eat your papaya give. It a good fresh squish of lime juice over the top grab your spoon. You can just enjoy it as is although I will say. You have never eaten papaya before you should take it. At least one bite without the lime just so you can get that real authentic papaya flavor. Now if you wanted to cut your papaya into smaller pieces. You could treat it the same way you would treat a melon cut it into wedges. Then use a paring knife to gently how to Cut a Papaya remove this skin from the flesh. You can cut it however you want from here nice bite-size chunks are delicious. Now papayas love being paired with black pepper. Citrus ginger avocado and pretty much.

Any other tropical fruit is great in salads or they're great in salsas. You come back in a couple of days. I'm going to share with you one of my very favorite clean and delicious papaya recipes. One of my husband's favorite ways to eat papaya is he cuts it into small chunks. Puts it in a bowl gives it a big fresh squish of lime juice. Sometimes even does a lemon juice a little bit of salt a little bit of black pepper? A few dashes of cayenne mix that all together. You will have a refreshing yeah spicy and delicious papaya salad. So now want to hear from you what your favorite way to eat papaya is. If you’ve never bought papaya before dome a favor. When you buy your very first papaya snap a picture. Integral or on snap chat, because I believe that we need to be celebrating the little things in life. A very first papaya purchase is nothing to be overlooked so send me How to Cut a Papaya that picture and tag me. I will send you a mojo balloon or something so we can celebrate together okay guys. I've got for today thank you so much for watching am Danny speeds. I'll see you back here next time with some more clean and deliciousness Cheers. Now if you wanted to cut it into smaller pieces like. If you wanted to share if you’re a sharer we don't share up in here. We don't say it up in heathland pretty much any other tropical fruit stay right there hire. They're great and salads they’re great and salsas. You come back in a couple of days delightful let's do it again bang we're getting papaya when this is over.

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