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How To Copy And Paste On Facebook

Hello, today I'm going to show you how to copy and paste a message on face from Facebook. So let's get started you see every now and then you’ll see How To Copy And Paste On Facebook people post stuff. Like please copy and paste this to your status and an example that I have here. So you’ll notice if you look at you'll see your mouse cursor on your screen. You’ll see mine on here I'm moving it around and you'll see that right now my mouse cursor. It looks like an arrow and as you move that around if you move your mouse cursor over the text. That you can click on it turns into a finger pointer and then you left-click it and you go on.

But if you ever see texts that they say please copy and paste this as your status. So what you do is you'll see your see how my mouse is moving. I'll see right now it's an arrow here it's a finger pointer and then now it turns into like this. I beam thing what that How To Copy And Paste On Facebook means is that I beam thing means it’s text. That you could copy so if I want to copy this whole section here. I'm going to move my mouse up here to the beginning of the first word. Where it says please and where's that cursor looks like an I-beam I'm going to hold down my left mouse button. And then I’m going to drag my mouse while holding the mouse button down over the text.

That I want to copy so if I only wanted to copy the first line of this. I could do this if there's the first sentence and then I could release the mouse button. And then I could move my mouse around while it's still highlighted. Then you hold your mouse over any part How To Copy And Paste On Facebook of the highlighted text you see. Where they-beam is over top of the text right here it doesn't matter. If it's a pointer whatever are you going to hold it over the highlighted text. And you click your right mouse button instead of the left and it will give you this option. And then you can click copy and then all you do is wherever you want to a stat like see. I want to move my mouse button up here to us or says what's on my mind. I'm going to left-click on it and that area right-click and then you go down and click paste with your left mouse button. It's as simple as that so now we're going to do is say we wanted to copy them going to erase.

This here so let’s say we wanted to copy this whole part and share it on my wall. So right here like I said you're going to your mouse right here arrow finger How To Copy And Paste On Facebook pointer. You’re going to move your mouse over to the beginning of work where you want to copy and you'll see that. It looks like a little IBM cursor holds down your left mouse button keeps it held down and drag your mouse. While you're holding the mouse button down over the area that you want to highlight remember. Don't go too far because you'll copy all this stuff you want to go to the end of the paragraph. That you want to copy and then once you're there you let go of your mouse button. You let go of the left mouse button then you hold your cursor over the highlighted text.

And then you click your right mouse button click it once and then you can left-click on a copy. When it pops up and you left-click the copy it's copied then How To Copy And Paste On Facebook, you go to where you want to paste it. And let's say you want to paste it in your wall and you click your left click on where you want to paste it. And you right-click here and then you click folks all right I got to make sure your mouse is in the right spot. You right-click here and then you click left click paste and I pasted that whole thing. And I could click post and it goes on my wall and that’s how easy it is to copy and paste.

How To Copy And Paste On Facebook

Can You Copy And Paste A Gif On Facebook

Tired of posting simple photos and videos to your Facebook profile. Why not change things up by sending an animated gif, we show you how to Can You Copy And Paste A Gif On Facebook does it. I'll be showing you how to post gifs on your Facebook Timeline in comments. And in my personal comments on Facebook, I will show you how to download this gift. You found elsewhere online including from databases like iffy tenor and gifts comma. Now let's get started first I'll show you how to share gifts on your profile to begin open your web browser. And go to facebook.com, log in to your account and click on the text field. What's on your mind to begin creating a new post now click the gif option.

That appears below the text box you'll see a small window pop up allowing you to access Facebook’s gif database. You can scroll down or click on the search bar to browse individual animations. Look for something more specific in TheoCar, and when you Can You Copy And Paste A Gif On Facebook see your favorite gift, click it to add it to your message. If you’d like you can add other details like a caption tag friends add a location or anything else. You'd like to include then continue sharing the post to your Timeline as you would next. I'll show you how to post a gif in a Facebook comment start by scrolling through your timeline to find a post. You want to comment on if you cannot see the comment section below the post-click comment. Then click in the text box below the post to begin your comment on the right side.

Click the gift icon like how we showed in the previous method. You'll see a pop-up box allowing you to select a featured gift or type in the search bar. Above to find a specific theme of animation when you find one you like click on it to post it as a comment. Can You Copy And Paste A Gif On Facebook Your if comment will be posted as soon as you click on a gif? So be sure you’ve chosen the right one before you click on it. If you want to type in a comment to go along with the gif you've posted. You can write something in a separate comment on the same post gif. Comments cannot be combined with text or other images now I'll show you. How to send a gift in a private or group Facebook message to begin to click on the message icon in the top right. Then click on an existing conversation or create a new one by clicking a new message or a new group.

Once you open a conversation you'll see a chat window appear at the bottom of the screen. At the bottom of the chat window click on the gift button find a gif you. Like then click on it to send it in your chat there are awesome free gift databases outside Can You Copy And Paste A Gif On Facebook of Facebook. Where you can find thousands of gifts that may not come up in your searches on Facebook. Built-in gift sharing features if you found a gift on one of these databases save it to your computer. So you can upload it to Facebook the steps to do this may be different depending on the site you’re using. But many of them have convenient download buttons or allow you to right-click on the image to save it. Once you've saved the gift to your computer begin creating a new Facebook post. Then click photo/video in the window that pops up to find the gif. You saved then click open to upload it when you upload it to Facebook.

The gift will be converted to a video format and will be playable on Facebook as a video post. You can now add tag captions and any other details you want Can You Copy And Paste A Gif On Facebook to include in your post. When you're ready post the video to your timeline for your friends to enjoy that’s everything. You need to know about posting gifts on Facebook thanks for watching if you found this video helpful. If you hit the Like the button, we will be very happy.

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