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How To Clean Earrings

We apply the fastest basic method of cleaning jewelry. Your jewelry is very easy to do at home in the case of your chains. Your pieces get dull and your How To Clean Earrings need a quick freshen up now this is a three-part series. This one is the easiest to do and a lot of you guys can try it most of you guys already do this yourselves. The next one we'll take it up and not and then the following will be more on a professional level too. So you guys can see how these pieces get cleaned and looking restored like a brand. New bonds will buy it, you buy jewelry, glitter. How it should be everything needs to be cleaned up. If you think about it your dog needs washed your car needs to be cleaned. I hope you guys are cleaning yourselves on a regular basis you guys get the point.

You buy something and you wear it a lot it needs to be clean. So we have to address that show you guys how it's done or at least how I do it. And how I How To Clean Earrings recommend it so what that means is let's get started when you spend all this money on jewelry. You want to wear it that's what you’re spending it for if you're buying gold to invest it. Then put it in your safe buy pants buy bars it's a better Buy but when we're talking chains. When we’re talking the Rings you've got to keep it clean because you'd be shocked and I will show you guys. What how this gold collects dirt over time and how it kind of keeps it in depends on the link depends on the piece. Some are easier to clean than others but for the two pieces, we're going to use our bulk bracelets. A two and a half millimeter Franco I will show you guys a side by side of a brand new one verse.

One that’s been worn every single day for four months and then also a three. And-a-half millimeter rope bracelets side by side of a brand new How To Clean Earrings rope laces. You guys can see because when you get it it's nice it’s shiny it's great you put it on. Sometimes you don't notice how dirty it's getting until you see a brand-new one. That’s why you need to keep it and keep it clean. This jewelry we're going to use a method that is very easy and straightforward takes you no time at all. That's why I recommend it to you guys and you'll see it does a great job. We're going to need a bowl of water I put it in the microwave for 30 seconds be careful. That water is hot when you take it out and then you squeeze a couple drops of Dawn dish. So if you need a mild detergent it’s not going to affect diamonds gold anything like that. And you let those chains anything you're cleaning sit in there for a little bit.

How To Clean Earrings

This is more of it's not a chore it's a spa day for your jewelry it works hard to make. You look good to make you feel good these chains make me from a How To Clean Earrings four to a 4.3. So you've got to put in the time of work to keep them shining because they work for you. At the end of the day, after removing them, let them dry. That water is hot and you scrub them now the thing is you don't want an old toothbrush. That's like stiff and hard you're going to scratch that gold you won’t scratch diamonds. But you’ll scratch that gold because gold is soft. So you've got to make sure that sponge is soft as well as if you're using a sponge. I like sponge or toothbrush the toothbrush is better because it kind of gets into those crevices. And doesn’t like if you're brushing your teeth so but make sure that bristle is pretty soft. When you're scrubbing and take your time and work it now. You do not need to turn away from this cleaner. If you scrub it like 10 times harder it's not going to make a difference. So take your time with it and not try to rush it and put a lot of pressure into scrubbing it.

And work with it and go up and down that chain try to get inside those links and get that dirt out. Because that dirt like how we found the gold How To Clean Earrings inside rocks inside crevices. That's where that dirt’s going to go it's going to go to where the crevices are and trap. And hide in there which is the bad thing so you got to do your best for the best. You can with this method to work all that dirt out but after a nice scrub-a-dub. You put it back in the tub all that's left to do is rinse it off with water to get the soap up. And then towel dries this process you don't even need when I get out of the shower. I don’t even dry my chains it's gold it’s good to go that's why I spend money for gold. After you clean something you want to dry it nicely it's like the cherry on top of that. You did a good job it's so you sleep better at night, okay and that’s pretty much. It guys it's a very simple process if I wasn't filming this it would take me like two minutes. So if you’re going out to dinner you need a freshen up your change or jewelry. It takes such a little time and we’re doing this method for is that surface area. The top part that the oils and lotions it does out diamonds doles out gold and you'll see the shine come back.

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