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How To Change Nat Type Pc

I'm going to be showing you how to get from the moderate and that type to the open that type. I'm booting up modern warfare here just to show you. How you find out your NAT type so from the main menu just got options. Then in the bottom left you’ll see that it says moderate down. There so that means that you might not be able to connect to some of your friends. You might be experiencing a little bit more lag. Because it's putting you on a smaller pool of servers so it might. You on servers that are further away so that might increase yorking in-game. We're going to be using a method called port forwarding. Which will open certain ports on your internet connection. To connect to the game properly so the first thing. We need to find out is the gateway IP so this is the IP address of your router. So this will tell us which IP address that we can access to forward the ports. So what you need to do to find out your gateway IP. Just go to the search bar in the bottom left corner you just type CMD and press. Enter so this will bring up the command prompt here.

There’s this command that you can find in the description you just copy and paste. It straight in using control-c and control-v then. You just press enter and very quickly it will give you your gateway IP just here. So you need to write this down or just write it in there or a notepad document or something. You'll need this in a minute so the next thing. You're going to do is click your network icon in the bottom right corner you're going. Network and internet settings then change connection properties then. You're going to go find edit under. IN the IP settings How To Change Nat Type Pc sphere you're going to be setting up astatic IP. The ports can be forwarded to your computer every time so you need to change them. The IP settings to manual. Because they'll probably be on automatic you're going to make sure. You're going to select yourself an IP address to use so in this. Because my gateway which we found out earlier. I’m going to be using and then you could put whatever number. You want afterward I just went with 101because it's very unlikely. This number is going to be used on the network so feel free to use it. This one subnet prefix length will pretty much always be 24.

You want to stick with that and the Gateway we found out earlier using the command prompt okay. Gateway's but it may be different depending on. What you founding the previous step now one thing to note with your static IP address. The top there needs to be the same as the Gateway apart from the final number. Okay so if yours was then the IP address that you set at the top would need. I want for instance ok for you can leave these blank if you want. I find these work quite nicely and they'll work with any connection so one dot ocelot one. Then one dot zero dot 0 duotones fine. We won't worry aboutipv6 because of that Web beef switch wrist. How To Change Nat Type Pc now just click save and exit out so just on the ps4 it easy you just go over to settings. You open up settings and you go down to the network. You go set up an internet connection and you're going to choose cable. You're going Togo to custom and you're going to go manual. Then you're going to add in your details here so what. You might notice here is I'm using dot 103 from my Padres that's. Because I have the game both on PlayStation and PC. I’m setting up my ps4 to have a different static IP address ok so later. When you go to forward the ports you'll notice that I'm using dot but if. You ‘redoing this using 103 like I am here then you want to forward. Your ports to ok your subnet mask should be set your gateway should be what. We found out earlier using the Command then primary and secretary Swill is the same. Just click Next that can be automatic. You don't want to use a proxy and then you can just test your connection out there just to make sure. It’s all working so the next thing we want to do is forward these ports to the static. We've set it up so what you want to do is open your web browser so for instance. I'm using Chrome and you just type in the default gateway.

How To Change Nat Type Pc

We found into the bar at the top and then just press ENTER okay. You will need to toss it into the Rooter usually this password will be found on the bottom. The roofs or on a sticker or something perhaps. You can't find it it’s sometimes worth just Google searching. The default route to logging in so has a username and a password. You can usually find these quite easily online in my example. I'm using the Virgin Media Hub but you can do this on any router. So the 16 next things to do will be to find out where your port forwarding options. Are and this will vary between different routers. So what you can do is just quickly Google search how to find the port forwarding settings on your model of Rota. You just type in what reach you've got and how to find port forwarding settings. How To Change Nat Type Pc sometimes it's quite easy so on them the Virgin Media Hub is quiet as you just go to advanced settings. Then security. You’ll find it there so what you're going to does just find the button that allows you to create a new rule. You'll be greeted with a screen similar to this one that might look a bit different on yours. It should have some of the same features so for local IP this will bathe IP address. We set up in the previous step on your Windows desktop ordain settings. This will be for my example it was 192.168.0dot 101 ok so that would be the Padres. I put it in there because that’s where. I want to forward the ports to and then in the start and end ports. We’ll just use the ports that you see on the left-hand side of the screen there are also available in the description. We're going to put it in and because it's just one port. We’ll put the same in the start port and enter the port.

You can see that I've put Chand next to the numbers up there and because is being used on both protocols. We'll make sure we've selected both at the bottom here make sure it's enabled and then add the rule and for this next. I'll be inputting a range of ports so for this one. I'll Putin my IP as normal the same maybe. You’ve been using the start port will put the start port with the range. This is 27 0 1 4 and then in the end port will put and then. We'll repeat that for the external ports as well and for this one. This one's just for so what you do is you go into postcode you choose. You'll enable it and then you add the rule and you'll just keep going through. This process until you’ve added all the numbers in the description. I've just described and make sure you get them correctly into ended okay towards. In the end, you'll find that some of the ports overlap and your Rooter might say like mine. This rule already exists and in this case, you can just cancel and not put that rule. The Rooter has worked out that you need that port okays. If it says these ports How To Change Nat Type Pc are already being opened then happy days it's open for you. Now we're going to do is just reset our connection so what you could do. Now is go and restart your router wait for it to boot back up and then. You can see if your ports are working but to make sure this is going to completely reset. We'll do is we'll just go back to that icon in the bottom right-hand corner. Your network icon you go tithe settings you'll click network and sharing center. You'll go to change adapter settings in the window that pops up just right. Click on your Ethernet connection and it will have a button that says disabled. Just click disable wait about five to ten seconds and then re-enable. It that will just refresh your internet connection and now hopefully. When you do start up the game again you'll find. When you go back to the options you'll find. Type to be open in the bottom left-hand corner and this should help. You get better quality games and connect to people.

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